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13 Aug 2017 description

Student brings dialogue experience at university back home during vacation

A Sudanese University student Fatah Elalim brought back lessons to his community in Sudan’s Western Kordofan State, about dialogue as a way to transform local conflicts non-violently.

07 May 2017 description


  1. Editor's Note

  2. ICT4Peace in the Horn of Africa?

  3. Mollifying the Web in Ethiopia: Matching Practice to Policy

  4. Social Media, Community Policing and the ‘Digitisation’ of public participation in Kenya

  5. Webs of peace and conflict: diasporic engagement in South Sudan

  6. Internet shutdowns as major constraints for digital political activism in the Horn of Africa


05 Mar 2017 description


  1. Editor's Note

  2. Somali elections online: View from Mogadishu

  3. Somalia under Farmaajo: Fresh start or another false dawn?

  4. Somalia’s recent election gives Somali women a glimmer of hope

  5. ‘Regional’ representation and resistance: Is there a relationship between 2017 elections in Somalia and Somaliland?

  6. Money and drought: Beyond the politico-security sustainability of elections in Somalia and Somaliland


26 Jan 2017 description


  1. Editor's Note
  2. Gender, peace, and security at 16: Some entry points for enhanced thought and leadership
  3. Financing for women, peace and security
  4. Reaching higher: Women liberators and gender
  5. Beyond numbers: Gender and UN peacekeeping
  6. Comment garantir la paix à travers la réduction des inégalités ?

Editor's Note

19 Sep 2016 description


  1. Editor's Note
  2. Extractives in the Horn of Africa: Regional potential and challenges
  3. Oil in Somalia: Renewed interest in Somali oil
  4. Avoiding the local resource curse in Turkana, Kenya
  5. "Development by dispossession?" A reappraisal of the Adola Gold Mine in southern Ethiopia
14 Jul 2016 description

This report is the result of a nine-month qualitative research project, designed and conducted by the Life & Peace Institute in partnership with the Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations in Eastleigh. The uniqueness of this research project owes to the fact that it was inherently designed and implemented as a peacebuilding process in itself, by creating space for dialogue between individuals from different ethnic, religious and gender backgrounds. The report sheds light on community perspectives of peace and security related issues in urban settlements in Kenya.

14 Jul 2016 description


Why don’t states in the Horn of Africa join the ATT?

The text of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) which came into force in December 2014, has been hailed as a milestone in facilitating the regulation of international arms transfers. Africa countries where instrumental in the process; forty seven African states voted yes and Kenya codrafted the text of the Treaty.

10 May 2016 description

Reconciling the Irreconcilable? Peace-building, Humanitarianism & Development


  1. Editor's Note
  2. The nexus of peace building, development and humanitarianism in conflict affected contexts: A respect for boundaries
  3. The evolution of NGO peacebuilding in complex emergencies: A theoretical analysis
  4. Intersectionality, sexual and gender-based violence and humanitarian intervention
  5. Hitting two birds with one stone?
03 Dec 2014 description

02 December 2014

Dear Special Envoy,

Following your visit to Goma, DRC, the non-governmental organizations signatory to this letter welcome you to your post, and expresses support of your mission in DRC. As organizations operational in the Kivus, we recognize the challenges in front of you and look forward to working with you and your office towards ensuring effective humanitarian assistance to those in need, whilst addressing key structural and longer-term needs to enable the effective transition from conflict to stability, and to sustainable development.

07 Sep 2012 description

Policy options discussed by decision makers inside and outside Somalia are based primarily on global and regional security concerns. They tend to overlook the local complexities and the potential for nonviolent conflict transformation that exist in the context. In particular, the black listing of al-Shaabab prevents one of the main stakeholders to participate in the mainstream political process and discourages interest in dialogue from all sides.

09 Jul 2012 description


  • Somalia: Let us get it right this time
  • Transitional justice mechanism: A model for Somalia
  • Peace and nation building in Kenya – seizing the opportunities offered by the reform processes
  • Focus on conflict rapid response funds in Kenya
03 Jul 2011 description


► Kenya and ICC prosecution
► Emerging trends in Somalia: an analysis of ‘regional administrations’
► What ails Muslims? Islam and Political Islam in the Horn
► Rethinking the security discourse in South Sudan

31 May 2011 description


► Child soldiers in the Horn – cause to remain at attention!
► Kenya and the International Criminal Court
Role and protection of human rights defenders
► Privatization of security in Somalia
Implications for the Horn of Africa

24 Feb 2011 description


? Successes and lessons from mediation in the Horn of Africa

? Transitioning to statehood: Challenges and opportunities for South Sudan

? Peace education in East Africa and the Horn: The Young Peace Ambassador Program

News and events


Successes and lessons from mediation in the Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa has witnessed a number of mediation processes. Some of these mediation processes were successful while others failed.

31 Dec 2010 description

Protracted conflicts

Can you get used to living with war? Probably, in the same way that you can somehow get used to living with physical pain, with constant stress, with disturbing noises. You get used to it, you bear with it in silence, because you have no other choice. You don't know of any alternative.

One thing is for sure: the surrounding world can "get used" to protracted conflict. The international community, the media, the aid organisations - they can all turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to suffering that does not have any news value.

01 Dec 2010 description

- The ICC intervention in Kenya A challenge of delivering justice and peace

- The South Sudan referendum Domestic & regional security implications

- Anxieties and hopes in the Sudan

The ICC intervention in Kenya A challenge of delivering justice and peace