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23 Mar 2017 description

The undersigned international and national NGOs and respective NGO coordination fora welcome the fact that the international community, under the impetus of the EU, is convening in Brussels to address and respond to the Syria crisis.

24 Jan 2017 description

Monday 23rd January 2017: statement by 97 Syrian and international NGOs on the Astana talks

As peace talks commence today between the Syrian government and opposition groups in Astana, Kazakhstan, at least 700,000 people inside Syria – 300,000 of them children – are trapped in besieged areas without the most basic provisions to sustain their lives, according to the United Nations. Some groups put the number at one million. 

25 Oct 2016 description
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(New York) – The United Nations General Assembly will select new members for the Human Rights Council in elections to be held in New York on October 28. Russia is running against Hungary and Croatia for a chance to represent the Eastern European group at the world’s foremost human rights body.

28 Sep 2016 description

A statement by over 100 Syrian, regional and international humanitarian and human rights organisations on Monday’s attack on a humanitarian convoy in Aleppo

Monday’s direct attack on a humanitarian convoy delivering life-saving aid to Aleppo marks a descent to new depths of inhumanity. As world leaders gather this week in New York, the world’s eyes are on them and history will judge their response to this criminal act.

17 Sep 2016 description

Syria Cessation of Hostilities Welcome: Humanitarian Aid Desperately Needed

A statement from 101 Syrian, regional and international humanitarian and human rights organisations on Syria's Cessation of Hostilities

This week's cessation of hostilities agreement negotiated by Russia and the US could be an important and welcome step forward for the future of Syria. Countless lives are saved each day this cessation holds.

14 Apr 2016 description

It has been 60 days since the U.S. and Russia signed the Munich agreement, calling for increased attention to address the dire humanitarian conditions inside Syria. In this time the Humanitarian Task Force (HTF)—established by the 23-member International Syria Support Group (ISSG)—has helped push for UN convoys to enter 31 communities designated by the UN as besieged and hard-to-reach areas delivering short-term supplies for 400,000 people since the beginning of the year, less than 10 percent of people in need in those areas.

11 Mar 2016 description
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The fifth year of the Syria conflict was the worst yet for people as warring parties have continued to wreak havoc, increasingly blocked aid and placed more communities under siege. Russia, the United States, France and the United Kingdom must now safeguard the glimmer of hope that the cease-fire has brought to civilians, rather than “adding fuel to the fire”, warn 30 aid agencies in a new report.

22 Oct 2014 description
report Bahar Organization

2. Summary of Findings

  • Military situation in Kobani has become worse with ISIS advances towards the town.

  • The situation around the border is tense, and conflict has spilt onto the Turkish side on a number of occasions.

  • Almost the entire civilian population of Kobani region has crossed the border into Turkey.

  • Many of the displaced have moved to other cities (Urfa, Gaziantep, Birecik etc.), though a large population remain in the border-town of Suruc.

12 Aug 2014 description
report Bahar Organization

The seventh round of the ‘End Polio in Syria’ vaccination campaign in Efrin region has ended after six consecutive days. This resulted in the vaccination of 35881 children from 5 centres: Efrin city, rural Efrin area, Rajjo, Maabatli/Sharan and Jandaris. This campaign was supervised by Bihar Relief Organisation.

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10 Aug 2014 description
report Bahar Organization

Bihar Relief Organisation started the seventh round of the vaccination campaign called ‘Ending Polio in Syria’. A team of volunteers started the administration of the campaign in Afrin region that will include seven sub-districts of Arin, in Aleppo Governorate.

On the first day of the campaign, a team from Bihar visited the three sub-districts; Afrin city, Maabatli and Jandaris, vaccinating a total of 2831 children. Cross-checking records showed that 57 children have missed vaccination in these areas, due to different reasons.