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03 Jan 2019 description


• Health cluster partners provided consultation services to 537,7261 individuals in 334 health facilities (including 10 mobile health units). Of this, 261,748 were reached through funds received from the humanitarian appeal process.

• No new case of circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus (cVDPV) were discovered in November; with twelve (12) cases3 since January 2018.

• 8,7524 suspected cases of measles were reported during 2018 up until 2 December. Overall, surveillance is showing a decrease in the cases of measles.

31 Dec 2018 description


Syrian Arab Republic, Deir-ez-Zor governorate, Al Buserah town controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces, 50 km southeast of Deir-ez-Zor city

HF Name & Type

Al Buserah private hospital


  • On 02 October 2018, an IED reportedly planted below an ambulance near Al Buserah hospital in Al Buserah town went off, which caused minor damages to the ambulance

  • No casualties were reportedly

Prior Health Facility Condition

27 Dec 2018 description


  • The polio outbreak of circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2) detected in 2017 in Syria has been successfully stopped, with no international spread, according to experts.

  • In northwest Syria, a total of 837 renal failure patients are receiving lifesaving hemodialysis services through 20 specialized facilities (6,575 sessions on a monthly basis).

27 Dec 2018 description
  • 90% of the active health partners reported [45/50].

  • 67 of the sub districts reached in six governorates (Idleb, Aleppo, Hama, Lattakia,Ar-Raqqa and Al-Hasakeh).

  • Near 882 K outpatient consultations provided by the health partners, showing a decrease of 12% as compared to previous month, 14% of the total provided by mobile services.

  • Near 902 K medical procedures provided. 8% of the total served in hard to reach areas.

26 Dec 2018 description


Cholera is endemic in Iraq, with periodic outbreaks recorded since 1966. Outbreaks typically follow seasonal increase in water contamination starting from July, with an increase in acute diarrhea (AD) and reach the peak in September. While the most notable large-scale outbreaks in Iraq are reported in the table below, it is important to underscore the endemic nature of cholera throughout the country before, during, and after the outbreaks mentioned in the table.

21 Dec 2018 description

1. Highlights

  • From 4 to the 17 December, seven Palestinians have been killed and 1,032 injured. From this total, 444 were referred to hospitals for emergency acute care. The breakdown per region is as follows:

    o In the West Bank, six Palestinians were killed, including one child (4 years old) and 454 Palestinians injured, 83 cases were referred to hospitals, according to the Ministry of Health (MoH).

19 Dec 2018 description


  • Although the number of attacks appear to be decreasing, the casualities and losses in resources is rising. The nature of the attacks has significantly changed and the effects of the attacks are becoming more severe;

  • An alarming number of Health Personnel has been attacked. Health Personnel are constantly being harassed, detained, kidnapped or the worst happens and they get killed. A total number of 17 Health Personnel were killed during multiple attacks this year;

18 Dec 2018 description

14 December 2018, Gaziantep, Turkey - There has been an increase in attacks on health workers in Syrian Arab Republic, according to the humanitarian health organizations operating in northern parts of the country. In particular, reports from the field have shown that kidnapping of health workers, once a rarity at the beginning of the year, has become systematic after the summer of 2018, with an attack reported almost every month. There have been 9 such attacks this year. It is likely other attacks go unreported, as the victims prefer to keep silent for security reasons.

17 Dec 2018 description


  • 3.3 M people face severe food insecure due to ongoing drought. 280,000 people have already been displaced because of drought. Health status of those displaced and at places of origin are compromised by malnutrition, lack of maternal healthcare and potential disease outbreaks (AWD, respiratory infections, CCHF).

12 Dec 2018 description

Points saillants

  • La détérioration de la situation sécuritaire dans plusieurs localités du pays réduit l’accès humanitaire et l’offre des services de santé aux populations.

  • L’OMS a déployé des modules malaria en réponse à une augmentation anormale du nombre de cas de paludisme dans la sous- préfecture de santé de Kaga Bandoro.

  • Les partenaires du cluster santé appuient le Ministère de la santé dans la réponse à une alerte de cas suspects de Fièvre Hémorragique Virales (FHV) à Mboki dans le district sanitaire de Haut Mbomou

11 Dec 2018 description


  • 490 Palestinians were injured by Israeli forces during this reporting period from 18 November to 3 December .

  • Since 30 March, 246 people have been killed and a total of 25,461 people injured. 11,982 were treated and discharged from the Trauma Stabilization Points (TSPs) and the remaining 13,479 casualties were transferred to MoH and NGO hospitals. 6,068 people have live ammunition gunshot wounds, of which 5,264 (87%) present limb gunshot wounds2 .

06 Dec 2018 description

The Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Working Group (MHPSS SWG) is supporting the Borno State Ministry of Health with coordination, capacity building activities and provision of technical support to MHPSS partners in North East Nigeria.