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30 Mar 2007 description

The United Nations has called Darfur the world's worst humanitarian conflict. It is estimated that 2.2 million people have been displaced by the violence.

Sudan - For the first time in 20 months, Medical Teams International will send a volunteer to Darfur, Sudan. The tenuous security situation and increased violence over the past two years have severely hampered attempts from the humanitarian community to reach millions of displaced individuals. But recently, violence has decreased and the Sudanese government has permitted foreign aid workers into the country on a limited basis.

30 Mar 2007 description

Grant will fund long-term health care programs for women, children

(Portland, Ore.-March 30, 2007) Medical Teams International has received a $485,732 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support an 18-month program to improve the health of impoverished women and children in northern Uganda.

The grant will train 232 Ugandan health care workers, refurbish two critically-needed medical clinics and implement sanitation services for more than 40,000 people living in Uganda's Lira District.

22 Mar 2007 description

Medical Teams International receives first grant ever from a foreign government

(PORTLAND, ORE. - March 22, 2007) Every day, thousands of Ugandan families wait in makeshift camps for medical help- help that often never arrives.

07 Feb 2007 description

(PORTLAND, ORE. - Feb. 7, 2007) More than 400,000 people are reported homeless after days of torrential rains hammered Indonesia's capital city, submerging homes and businesses under eight feet of water. An estimated 50 Indonesians have died in the Jakarta floods.

Responding to the disaster, Northwest Medical Teams is asking for contributions to help displaced families in Jakarta, where crowded shelters quickly become breeding grounds for cholera and typhoid.

31 Jan 2007 description

by Jocelyn Stein

Fourteen months ago, a 7.6 earthquake directed worldwide attention to northern Pakistan. More than 3 million people lost their homes. More than 73,000 people lost their lives. More than a year later, many people still live in tents and temporary shelters that provide little warmth through the winter months in these small towns high in the Himalayas.

Since the earthquake struck, Northwest Medical Teams has partnered with various organizations to aid in relief efforts.

22 Dec 2006 description

(PORTLAND, ORE - Dec. 22, 2006) Two years ago, one of the worst tsunamis in history devastated the lives of millions of people in Southeast Asia.

15 Dec 2006 description

(Portland, Ore.-Dec. 15, 2006) Donnie Woodyard is working to bring pre-hospital emergency medicine to Sri Lanka-one EMT class at a time. When the tsunami hit Sri Lanka's shores nearly two years ago, the country did not have any emergency medical services available. Now, with Woodyard's leadership, Northwest Medical Teams has established a comprehensive EMS education program.

08 Dec 2006 description

(PORTLAND, ORE - Dec. 8, 2006) Liberia's first woman president, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, warmly thanked Northwest Medical Teams and the United States yesterday at a celebratory launch of the relief agency's $1.25 million child survival grant in the country.

27 Nov 2006 description

(PORTLAND, ORE. - Nov. 27, 2006) Northwest Medical Teams, in partnership with The Darfur Relief Collaboration, has received a $1 million grant to help thousands of families fleeing the violence in Sudan.

The grant was awarded by the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance and will support displaced families living in West Darfur. The United Nations, which calls Darfur the world's worst humanitarian crisis, estimates that 2.2 million people in the region are without access to adequate food, water and health care.

20 Oct 2006 description

(PORTLAND, ORE. - Oct. 20, 2006) Kathy Holmgren, a nurse with Northwest Medical Teams, and daughter Dr. Calla Holmgren, an obstetrician/gynecologist from Salt Lake City, depart this Monday, Oct. 23, for Rwanda.

The two volunteers will help train local doctors in obstetric ultrasound, management of cardiac failure in pregnancy and other current medical protocols. They will spend nearly three weeks at Nyamata Hospital in Bugesera, the district most affected by the 1994 genocide. Nyamata Hospital is the only referral medical facility for more than 300,000 people.

05 Oct 2006 description

(PORTLAND, ORE-Oct. 5, 2006) Airline passengers can now bring hope and healing to hurting people living worlds away. Thanks to Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, travelers can donate their accumulated Mileage Plan miles to Northwest Medical Teams. These gifts of air miles will help send critically needed medical volunteers and medicines around the globe.

The Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air Charity Miles program encourages airline customers to make a difference in the lives of the world's impoverished families by donating their Mileage Plan miles online at alaskaair.com .

11 Aug 2006 description

(PORTLAND, ORE-August 11, 2006) With transportation routes confirmed, Northwest Medical Teams emergency supplies will soon reach thousands of Lebanese families who have fled ongoing violence in the Middle East.

Nearly $100,000 in antibiotics, surgical supplies and other critically needed medicines will be airlifted from Holland this Sunday, landing in Damascus, Syria, where they will be loaded on trucks for the 61-mile road trip to Beirut.

21 Jul 2006 description

(PORTLAND, ORE-July 21, 2006) As injuries and fatalities mount in the Middle East, Northwest Medical Teams is sending critically needed medical supplies to help thousands of families fleeing heavy violence in the region.

05 Jul 2006 description

Fred Hesser, a physician's assistant, tells of the tetanus emergency--& how Northwest Medical Teams helped

by Kimberly Felton

No disaster response trip is routine. Expecting the unexpected becomes an art of flexibility.

Fred Hesser, a physician's assistant, continued perfecting that art on his recent trip to Java, Indonesia, as a volunteer with Northwest Medical Teams. He found the country had more help than expected, less immunizations than needed...& then there was the matter of the volcano.

Fred, accompanied by Ann Johnson, a nurse, and pediatrician Dr.

06 Jun 2006 description

Northwest Medical Teams' disaster response team has landed in Indonesia.

02 Jun 2006 description

(PORTLAND, ORE. - June 2, 2006) Navigating heavy rain and sizeable debris, Northwest Medical Teams' volunteers are on the road today, headed to remote Indonesian villages where families await desperately needed medical care after last week's earthquake in Java.

01 Jun 2006 description

Volunteer disaster team hits the ground running in Indonesia Team brings critically needed medicines & care to quake survivors

30 May 2006 description

Team to bring critically needed medicines to quake zone

28 May 2006 description

(Portland, Ore.-May 28, 2006; 8 p.m. PST) In a race to help care for thousands of Indonesians injured in Saturday's massive earthquake, Northwest Medical Teams is sending medical volunteers and urgently needed medicines. A physician and three nurses depart Tuesday for Jakarta where they will make a four-hour trip to the earthquake region near Yogyakarta. They will carry $40,000 in critically needed antibiotics, surgical kits and bandages to care for 40,000 people.