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28 Jun 2003 description

Palestine Medical Relief denounces the Israeli prevention of a Medical Delegation from Belgium and Holland, to enter Israel with the purpose of investigating the Health Services in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

16 Jul 2002 description

For nearly a month, two million residents of the West Bank have been under almost constant curfew. This deliberate policy by the Israeli government has created a humanitarian disaster throughout the West Bank. Hospitals, schools, universities as well as civil and governmental institutions have been completely paralyzed. Furthermore, the Israeli-imposed curfew has decimated the economy leaving a considerable percentage of Palestinians under the poverty line and nearing levels of starvation.

22 Jun 2002 description

The Israeli army has launched a massive military operation against Nablus City, including its four refugee camps. For the fourth time in three months Israeli troops have reinvaded the city and suburbs under the pretext of fighting terrorism. However according to the Israelis, this time the invasion will be for a longer period of time. The one hundred and fifty thousand residents of Nablus are forced to remain inside their homes as a strict 24-hour military curfew has been imposed over the city.

12 Jun 2002 description

Israeli forces, in what appears to be a repeat of the March invasions, have again re-invaded Ramallah and Tulkarem with hundreds of tanks and troops, instituting a strict 24-hour curfew, preventing the cities' civilian residents from leaving their homes for any reason.

18 Apr 2002 description

The Palestine Monitor, A PNGO Information Clearinghouse Information Update

12 Mar 2002 description

The 'Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees' and 'Physicians for Human Rights - Israel' jointly appeal for an end to the humanitarian nightmare in the Palestinian territories.

04 Mar 2002 description

In Jenin today, the Israeli army opened fire on a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance, killing the Head of Emergency Services, Dr Khalil Suleiman, and injuring two ambulance workers. The army also opened fire on another ambulance, hitting it with three live bullets and injuring the driver.

01 Sep 2001 description

The Community Based Rehabilitation program in UPMRC is considered one of the leading rehabilitation programs in the country. The program aims foremost at achieving full social integration of disabled persons into their own communities by maximum utilization of existing community resources. The concept is based on providing opportunities for disabled people at equal footing with other community members.

03 Aug 2001 description

This Friday morning, Israeli soldiers and border police arrested sixteen young UPMRC First Aid workers on their way to Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque, where they regularly offer First Aid services during large gatherings for prayers on Fridays and religious holidays. The First Aid workers, who are all young residents of Jerusalem, were stopped by Israeli police at the entrance to the mosque compound, arrested, and taken to the police headquarters in Al-Qishleh, where they are currently being detained and interrogated.

10 Jul 2001 description

Despite the Israeli government's claim of having lifted the siege, closures remain strictly enforced on Palestinian towns and villages further isolating communities from each other and strictly limiting freedom of movement throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories. This situation has led to a national health emergency as closures prevent Palestinians from accessing health services, and approximately 70% of the population is cut off from hospital care for weeks and months on end.