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27 Apr 2006 description

This report is based on information obtained by the DPPI SEE Secretariat as of April 26, 2006 and reflects the situation and the information available at this time.

01 Dec 2005 description

2005 was a significant turning point in the history of the Stability Pact, as the Stability Pact Office launched a "regional ownership" process in an effort to strengthen the participation of South and Eastern European governments in initiatives launched under the Stability Pact umbrella. Given that the Stability Pact had been created as a temporary instrument, the stakeholder governments and organisations welcomed this step, and considered it crucial in consolidating the successes that have been built up to date.

18 Jun 2004 description

Article Location: Brussels
Article nr: PR2004/001

28 Jan 2004 description

Brussels - Supporting the SEE countries on their path towards European integration is a core task of the Stability Pact. The Macedonian EU membership application is thus, in the eyes of Special Co-ordinator Erhard Busek, another indication of the determination of the countries of the region to further integrate into Europe. However, it must also mean that FYR Macedonia not only remains committed to the reform process but also increases its scope.

23 Jun 2003 description

Brussels, 23 Jun 2003 - The EU Thessaloniki Summit stressed the importance of migration related issues in Southeastern Europe and into the European Union. Against this background, the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe launched a Regional Programme of Action aiming at a better management of, and sustainable solutions to the problems of migration, asylum and refugee return in the Western Balkans.

22 Oct 2002 description

Brussels, 22 Oct 2002

Improved Situation in South Eastern Europe as Free Trade Dawns, Refugees Return in Record Numbers - Activity Report of the Stability Pact 2002 to EU Ministers

A free trade area with 55 million consumers as of next year, over 125'000 returned refugees in 2002 and a mechanism in place to collect small arms in illicit private possession are the major achievements of the Stability Pact this year. This progress report was presented in writing to the EU Foreign Ministers Council in Luxembourg, by Stability Pact Special Co-ordinator Erhard Busek on 21 October.

16 Sep 2002 description


Brussels, 16 September 2002 - "Yesterday's peaceful elections in fYR Macedonia is the kind of signals Southeast Europe needs more of" according to Erhard Busek. While it is up to the OSCE-led monitors to assess the quality of the election process, Busek made clear that Macedonia has managed the election day in a fashion, which is perceived as an example for the many elections to come in SEE this autumn. These are days, when international attention is focused on SEE.

15 Jul 2002 description

Brussels, 15 Jul 2002 - Since the creation of the Stability Pact (June 1999), fYR Macedonia has been a full and active participant in the three Stability Pact Working Tables, aiming at long-term stabilisation through enhancing democratic consolidation, economic prosperity and security

Working towards the fullest possible integration of the countries of Southeastern Europe into the Euro-Atlantic and European political and economic mainstream, the Stability Pact is committed to complement the Stabilisation and Association Process (SAP) as the European Union's strategy towards this …

27 Jun 2002 description

Brussels - UNHCR High Commissioner Ruud Lubbers, Special Co-ordinator of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe Erhard Busek and Refugee Return Initiative Chairman Soeren Jessen-Petersen, together with high level representatives from SEE countries decided today in Geneva, that refugee issues, the fate of displaced persons and the international communities support for democratic and economic development of the region ought to be interwoven, and that the time for emergency aid was over.

Such aid was much needed in the first years after the Dayton Accords were signed in 1995, and has …

26 Jun 2002 description
Geneva, 26th of June 2002

1. Opening Statements

Mr. Hubert Eisele, representing the Government of Switzerland, hosting the 9th Steering Committee of the Regional Return Initiative (RRI) welcomed the participants. Having received, compared to others, Europe's largest refugee population, the question of timely preventive measures against population movements and stabilization of the region were important to Switzerland.

07 May 2002 description


Brussels, 7 May 2002 - Today, Special Co-ordinator Erhard Busek appointed former UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner Soeren Jessen-Petersen as new Chairman of the Steering Committee on Refugee Matters. Upon his appointment, Jessen-Petersen stated that "the returns exceeding 100'000, which we have seen in 2001, is a very promising trend, but 1.2 million refugees or displaced persons are still awaiting a solution and a betterment of their situation.

05 Apr 2002 description

Steering Committee on Refugee Matters

Brussels, April 5, 2001

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to give a brief update on the activities of the Regional Return Initiative and its' Secretariat as we unfortunately did not have the opportunity to meet in the New Year as yet. This delay in scheduling a Steering Committee meeting is due to the unforeseen delays in identification and appointment of a new chairman since the retirement of Hans Koschnick in December 2001.

26 Mar 2002 description

Special Co-ordinator of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe


Brussels, 26 Mar 2002 - Kosovo is administrated by the international community through UNMIK. UNMIK is representing Kosovo within the Stability Pact framework and is partaking in its activities. As soon as Kosovo has formed a Government, the Stability Pact is welcoming an enhanced Kosovar participation in its working structure, particularly in those areas which will be in the competence of the new Government.

07 Mar 2002 description

By Special Co-ordinator Erhard Busek at G17, Belgrade, 7 March 2002

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am delighted to be with you today. I very much welcome this initiative taken by the G17 to give me an opportunity to outline our vision on the future strategy of the Stability Pact for SEE. . I am glad to be able to present and discuss my ideas to this distinguished audience first in a SEE country. . Next week, on 11 March 2002, I will report to the EU Foreign Ministers on my proposals.

19 Feb 2002 description

The agencies engaged in the Property Law Implementation Plan (PLIP) welcome the sustained progress in property law implementation during 2001. As of the end of last year, 102 609 property claims in Bosnia and Herzegovina have resulted in repossession (41% of the total).

10 Jun 1999 description