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22 Jun 2018 description
infographic Myanmar Peace Monitor

Peace Process highlights

  • Peace Commission led by U Thein Zaw meets SSPP/SSA leaders

  • Myanmar Army launched heavy military operation in Kachin State and Shan State

  • 20 Killed including 3 Chinese nationals in attack on border gate of Muse by TNLA

  • Government authorities evacuates more than 130 civilians trapped in fighting Kachin State

  • Clashes have displaced 6,800 people from 6 different townships across Kachin State

  • Beijing urges ceasefire after deadly Myanmar border clashes

17 May 2018 description
infographic Myanmar Peace Monitor

Peace Process highlights

  • KNU Still Wants Talks with Military to Settle Standoff After Meeting Postponed

  • Myanmar Agrees to UN Agency Plan For Repatriating Rohingya Refugees

  • Myanmar Mine Risk Working Group (MRWG) Urge Action as Casualties Continue to Rise

  • KIA Raids Tatmadaw Base, Claims to Detain More than a Dozen Troops

  • Humanitarian aid worker's death brings plea for government to protect aid workers

07 Feb 2018 description
infographic Myanmar Peace Monitor

Peace Process highlights

  • Six Tatmadaw soldiers have been given a ten-year sentence for killing villagers

  • The third session of 21st Century Panglong Conference - Union Peace Conference had been postponed to February

  • Heavy fighting occurred along Ledo road in Kachin State

  • New Mon State Party and the Lahu Democratic Union agreed to sign the National Ceasefire Agreement (NCA)

  • Over 3,000 residents and minders trapped in Kachin State due to battles continue with air strikes

25 Jan 2018 description

Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) spokesman Maj. Tak Aik Kyaw confirmed to Mizzima that troops of Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) and TNLA have been fighting near Kaik Tai village (also known among local people as Kyet Thay village) between Namsan and Kyaukme Townships in northern Shan State.

“We have been fighting since January 18. We had fighting yesterday with them and this afternoon too (20 January). They retreated and then advanced again and fired on us,” Maj. Tak Aik Kyaw said.

18 Jan 2018 description
infographic Myanmar Peace Monitor

Peace Process highlights

1) Due to battles between the KIA and the Tatmadaw in Tanai and Mansai townships, Kachin Peace-talk Creation Group (PCG) could not work for negotiating

2) Kachin IDP camps are in urgent need of repair, but due to a lack of funds cannot carry out the necessary assistance

3) Shan national-level political dialogue arranged for Langkho put off indefinitely due to the Tatmadaw's various obstructions

28 Aug 2017 description
infographic Myanmar Peace Monitor

Peace Process highlights and International Aids

  1. Ongoing Armed clashes escalated in Kachin and Northern Shan State - both Myanmar Army and EAOs — (Non-NCA), Myanmar Army and RCSS (NCA-S)

  2. The third session of Union Peace Conference - 21st Century Panglong scheduled in late November or early December 2017.

  3. Chairman of UNFC calls for dialogues to be simplified to three essential parties: the government, the political parties and the ethnic armed organizations.

01 Aug 2017 description
infographic Myanmar Peace Monitor

Peace Process highlights

  1. Tatmadaw ordered residents and workers to leave from gold and amber mines in Danai Township. Also another ordered to villiagers to avoid any activities 50.00m away from Ledo road between Danai and Kamaing town claiming that Tatmadaw will exercise military operation.

  2. IDPs from Danai township facing relocation and 28 groups of Kachin CSOs condemn the blockage of humanitarian access for local and international aid groups to IDPs by authorities.

11 Jul 2017 description

In a letter sent to the Chin State chief minister this month, a group of Chin youth slammed the Tatmadaw and the Arakan Army for allegedly perpetrating human rights abuses like forcibly recruiting villagers and using civilians as human shields.

The five Chin youth – including representatives from the Chin National Democratic, the Chin Students’ Union, Myanmar and the Chinland Post – visited Paletwa township from June 17 to 26. While on the trip, residents from the township’s ten villages told them about regular abuses they reportedly have suffered at the hands of soldiers.

08 Jun 2017 description

Over 100 families from Namtu township returned to their village on May 30 after they fled an outbreak of fighting between the Tatmadaw and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) earlier the same month.

The displaced villagers began arrived at the Shwe Myin Thar Monastery in Namtu township on May 11.

28 Apr 2017 description

Around 100 Burmese military vehicles full of soldiers and weapons have arrived in the northern Shan State on 22 April, according to local residents.

Clashes frequently break out between the Burma Army and the Northern Alliance in the northern Shan State.

Around 50 military vehicles left for Namkham at the Kachin State’s border via Muse and over 40 military vehicles were headed towards Mong Ko in the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) Regiment 6 territory via 105 Mile Trade Zone, local residents told K.N.G.

28 Apr 2017 description

Shan State politicians and ethnic armed organizations are furious that preparations for the state’s political dialogue were left to the last minute. With less than a week’s advance notice provided, the groups said that they did not have enough time to properly prepare.

24 Mar 2017 description

Urgent medical attention is needed at the Ee Tu Hta displaced persons camp in Kayin State amid an outbreak of diarrhea among children and the elderly, camp officials have said.

The outbreak began on February 20 and has so far affected around 30 internally displaced persons (IDPs). Camp officials are calling for emergency aid, including medicine, to be provided in order to prevent dehydration fatalities as well as to stop the spread of any infection. The Hpapun township camp is home to some 3,000 displaced persons.

10 Feb 2017 description

Over 7,000 internally displaced persons who fled from Mae Tha Wor area, Hlaingbwe Township, Karen State, due to the outbreaks of fighting in September, 2016, are facing the food shortages.

The displaced people fled from Mae Tha Wor area about five months ago, as a result of the fighting in the area between a splinter group of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA), a joint force of Tatmadaw and its allied Border Guard Force (BGF).