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13 May 2010 description

As depositary of the Geneva Conventions, the government of Switzerland has called a conference of High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention to meet in Geneva on 5 December 2001 to discuss ways of ensuring Israel's respect for the Convention in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).

25 Jan 2004 description

Early Sunday morning, January 25, 2004 Israeli troops positioned at a watchtower and a gate near the Palestinian village of al Nabi Saleh raided the village and forced its 500 residents out of their homes and held them in cold weather for more than two hours. Al Nabi Saleh is 20 kilometers west of Ramallah; the gate near al Nabi Saleh is the only way out for al Nabi Saleh and a number of surrounding villages such as Beit Reema, Qarawa, Dir Ghasani, and Kufur Ain.

14 Jan 2004 description

Palestinian residents in Beit Oar al Fuqa received with much detestation news of the Israeli arbitrary decision to confiscate approximately 10 acres of their agricultural land for the building of the Israeli apartheid wall (so-called separation fence). Nabeel Samara, member of the Committee against the Apartheid Wall in Beit Oar al Fuqa told Law Society that the building of the wall will deprive 400 students from the village of going to school in nearby al Tira. Moreover, the wall will isolate 8 Palestinian families from the rest of the village.

24 Apr 2003 description

Today, Thursday, April 24, 2003, Israeli troops raided Qarawat Bani Zeid High School in Qarawat Bani Zeid in Ramallah district, killed a schoolchild and a taxi driver and wounded a schoolchild. The killed are: Fakir Arar (18) and Osama Arar (22). Mahdi Ez al-Deen (16) was critically wounded in the chest and abdomen.

18 Mar 2003 description

In these nervous few hours before a war is announced on Iraq, LAW looks to the Occupied Palestinian Territories and fears more of the same human rights violations will be carried out by Israel as attention turns to Iraq.

19 Feb 2003 description

Israel's military commander for the West Bank, Moshe Kaplinski on Monday (February 17) issued a military directive to annex 14 dunums of land, including 40 homes, in Bethlehem for Israel's Apartheid wall.
The lands are being seized to build an 8-meter high wall in the Bethlehem district which shall effectively annex Rachel's tomb, in Area C, to the greater Jerusalem district.

30 Jan 2003 description

Israel's Orwellian 'Civil Administration,' which deals with zoning and planning laws in Area C, covering 73% of the West Bank, tends to sit side-by-side with the municipal borders of Palestinian villages and cities. Neighborhoods that have grown outside of strictly defined Israeli municipal boundaries often lie in Area C.

30 Jan 2003 description

Jamal Shamasni has delicate Ottoman papers over a hundred years old, proving that his grandfather's family owned a field of olives near his village of Qatlana in the Ramallah district.

26 Jan 2003 description

According to information gathered by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza (PCHR), at around 10:20pm on Saturday, Israeli forces covered by helicopters, entered Hayy al-Zaytoun, south of Gaza City. Heavy indiscriminate firing took place, particularly from the helicopters. After taking complete control of the area, Israeli forces spread out into the streets and began to place explosives inside seventeen workshops. They were imploded this morning, Sunday January 26, completely destroying the workshops and two homes. Another 25 other homes were also severely damaged.

15 Jan 2003 description

Israeli military forces yesterday evening (Tuesday, January 14) issued a military order to close two educational institutions in Hebron, Hebron University, and the Palestinian Polytechnic for fourteen days, renewable for up to six months, for 'security' reasons.

15 Jan 2003 description

Two youths from Tulkarem and a mentally disabled man from Qabatiyya were killed today. A home was demolished in Qabatiyya; another in Jerusalem and three others sealed in Silwan.
Tulkarem - Child killed while throwing a stone At around 3am today (Wednesday), Israeli forces besieged Tulkarem and its refugee camp from four sides, and took control of the area. Curfew was imposed, and Israeli troops fired at homes.

19 Dec 2002 description

LAW today received a decision on an appeal filed on September 12 on behalf of four residents of Kufr Aqab in East Jerusalem to temporarily halt construction of a 3.8 km section of Israel's 'security wall,' running between Kufr Aqab and the Ofer military detention center, separating Kufr Aqab from Jerusalem. The wall shall be built near homes and built-up residential areas.

15 Dec 2002 description

The ever-present Israeli planning and building administration, belonging to the Israeli Civil Administration (which oversees the Israeli occupation of the 1967 West Bank Occupied Territories) has given notice to 18 Palestinians from Barta'a al-Sharqiyya in Jenin for 8 homes and 17 stores to be evacuated, as they shall be demolished.

24 Nov 2002 description

On Friday (November 22) Israeli forces attacked Jenin refugee camp, killed a Palestinian child and British engineer Ian Hook (50).

13 Nov 2002 description

On 23 June 2002, the Israeli government authorized a plan to build a ‘security wall’ running the full length of the West Bank, expected to be completed by June 2003. The apartheid wall shall have three parts: a northern section, a section for Jerusalem and a southern section. Israel’s apartheid wall is projected to run the whole 360-km length of the West Bank, near Salem, a village west of Jenin to the Hebron area in the South. The wall shall include electric fences, trenches and security patrols.

31 Oct 2002 description

Today, Thursday October 31, at around 2:40 am, Israeli forces surrounded the houses of four families from the Jenin refugee camp. Without giving them any opportunity to gather their belongings, Israeli troops forced them to leave their houses.

22 Oct 2002 description

The Israeli army today issued a new directive forbidding Palestinians from picking olives in the West Bank. October and November are the main months for olive harvesting.

18 Oct 2002 description

In a failed assassination attempt targeting Riyad 'Abd al-Ghani (30) from Saida village in Tulkarem yesterday, Sunday November 17, 'Abd al-Ghani's brother Mohammad was killed instead.

27 Sep 2002 description

Yesterday, Thursday September 26, Israeli forces attempted to assassinate Mohammad Dayf (36), who Israel claims is one of their most wanted men. The Israeli assault killed 'Abd al-Rahim Hamdan (40) and 'Issa Barakeh (35) and wounded forty Palestinians, including fifteen children.