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25 May 2010 description

The Asian Development Bank's Board of Directors have approved the administration of two additional cofinancing grants from the Australian and New Zealand Governments to help restore essential transport links between Honiara and West Guadalcanal.

The grants from Australia ($A300, 000), and from New Zealand ($NZ500, 000) will be used to reconnect communities in West Guadalcanal to clinics, schools, and markets in Honiara.

Severe weather and a series of floods earlier this year damaged roads and bridges in the west and severely disrupted transport services.

The assistance will be …

17 Mar 2010 description

Solomon Islands disaster officials say damage reports are coming in, but communication is down in many areas as cyclone Ului is battering the country.

The category four cyclone has been nearly stationary in recent hours and is about 360 kilometres southwest of Rennell.

A gale warning remains in force for Rennell and Bellona, and southern Guadalcanal, and a strong wind warning for Malaita, Western Russell and Makira.

Earlier reports from Rennell and Bellona said up to ten homes had been destroyed and up to 20 damaged.

The disaster management office's director, Loti Yates, …

16 Mar 2010 description

A resident of West Hograno is calling on responsible authorities to respond to food shortages in the West Hograno area following the area being declared a disaster area earlier this year.

Mr Applose Manegere is making the call on behalf of chiefs, men, women and children of West Hograno in their anticipation for relief food supplies.

Following heavy torrential rain in January this year which either washed away food gardens or caused them to rot, assessment teams have visited the area and declared it a disaster zone. However, following their visits, no relief supplies have reached the …

16 Mar 2010 description

Latest reports say more than 10 dwelling houses in different villages on Rennell Island have either been destroyed or damaged by cyclone Ului.

However, NDMO says the number is expected to increase as Bellona also reported damages to houses but yet to give figures.

Several kitchens have also been damaged on the two islands, as well as on the weather coasts of Makira and Guadalcanal.

NDMO says some reports on the Weather coast of Guadalcanal also reported a few houses and gardens washed away by waves.

No casualties or injuries have been reported by all the Provinces.

The NDMO …

16 Mar 2010 description

The Solomon Islands National Disaster Management Office says a plane will be sent to the worst hit province of Rennell and Bellona as soon as the weather improves.

Early reports from there say up to ten homes have been destroyed and up to another twenty have suffered some sort of damaged.

A spokesperson for the office, Julian Makaa, says Rennell and Bellona will be the priority as crops have been severely damaged.

But he says apart from the eastern most province of Temotu, most other areas are being hit by strong gusts and big waves.

Mr Makaa says they are still trying to get …

08 Mar 2010 description

Water problems is making life for Students of Pamua school very diffucult.

26 Jan 2010 description

Of the bridges damaged by heavy downpour last week to the west of Honiara, three have temporarily being fixed. The Tamboko bridge linking the larger North West and West Guadalcanal access to Honiara remains to be usable.

This has caused great difficulties to farmers further west of the bridge in moving their farm produces to be sold in Honiara.

Urged, however, by the will to have their produce sold, farmers have had to endure with crossing the flooding river with their baskets and bags to get to the other side.

26 Jan 2010 description

SIBC's North West Guadalcanal correspondent John Toki has described damages caused by the recent heavy rain and flooding as devastating.

He says with bridges and parts of road west and eastwards side of Honiara remain damaged people are badly affected.

Mr Toki says those who want to sell their garden products cannot pass through damaged bridges.

He says parents who need to pay for their children's school fees are finding it difficult since they cannot earn money from their garden products.

Mr Toki calls on Guadalcanal provincial government, parliament members and other …

25 Jan 2010 description

Some parts of Western Province have also been affected by heavy rains, floods, and landslides, police in the province say.

Still recovering from the two major earthquakes a few weeks ago, police in the province reported that Munda, Rendova and Roviana were the three areas that were affected by the latest heavy rain and flooding.

Head of Munda Police Allanson Tiazy confirmed to the Solomon Star that Munda has been hit by flooding over the last few days.

"Flooding has occurred since last week but there are no major damages, only a few food gardens washed away," he …

22 Jan 2010 description

The National Disaster Management Office has received reports from various part of the country about effects of the recent heavy rain.

Reports have been received from Guadalcanal, Malaita and Isabel.

Landslides have been reported at at Kusumba, Tangarare, west Guadalcanal and a woman has been injured.

Some landslides has been also reported at Avu Avu, south Guadalcanal, threatening the clinic in the area.

Meanwhile, the Poha and Tambo bridges have been partly washed away and not usable by vehicles.

In Babanakira, south Guadalcanal one house has fallen down and 50 houses …

22 Jan 2010 description

The National Disaster Management Office, N-D-M-O, has sent assessment teams to areas affected by the heavy rain and flooding in the past few days.

The Office says areas of interest are those between Poha and Kohimarama on west Guadalcanal.

NDMO says teams will need to do quick run through and assess affected sectors and how far on each side river floods went.

It says priorities for rapid assessment teams are food, water and health.

The National Disaster Council met yesterday to discuss about the emergency following the floods and reports as well as look at the Rendova Recovery …

22 Jan 2010 description

More than 60 people have been evacuated from areas east of Honiara and are now at the Rove Police Club.

Acting Police Commissioner Edmund Sikua says this followed the flooding of those areas as the result of the heavy rain in the past 24 hours.

"Sixty-two people which we evacuated from east of Honiara early this morning are now at the Rove Police Club. We are taking care of them now and we hope other organisations will help us look after them. There is no reports of landslides yet, but our teams are going out.

22 Jan 2010 description

The Royal Solomon Islands Police are mounting up search operations for two children who went missing around the upper Betikama area since yesterday.

Acting Police Commissioner, Edmund Sikua said the two, a one year old and a two years old children as are at large since yesterday.

He said a team comprising members of the participating police and their local colleagues is searching the for children.

18 Jan 2010 description

The National Disaster Council has thanked Our Telekom for supporting its Munda-based Emergency Operations Centre with free communication facilities.

Our Telekom last Thursday installed a telephone and fax line at the office.

Our Telekom's Manager for Western Province Robertson Szetu has confirmed the support is its contribution to the operations and 'all charges are to be waived'.

"The telephone and fax lines are a 'donation' to assist in the earthquake disaster in the area," he told NDMO in an email today from Gizo.

He added the lines will assist …

14 Jan 2010 description

Taiwan Embassy says the Taiwanese government is to donate 300-thousand dollars to help victims of the recent earthquakes in the Western Province.

The Embassy says the donation ceremony will be hosted Ambassador George Chan after he finishes his personal leave and comes back from Taiwan this weekend.

Charge D'affaires of Taiwan Embassy, Ben Wang last week paid a courtesy call Prime Minister Derek Sikua and extended the people and government of Taiwan deepest condolences and sympathy to the people and families in the affected areas by the earthquakes.

Mr Wang says that the pain …

05 Jan 2010 description

Emergency and aid teams have now reached isolated village areas near Gizo after a third quake hit the area last night.

Thousands of villagers in the Western Province were frightened into running to higher ground .

The Director of the National Disaster Management office, Loti Yates confirmed the 3rd quake registered 6-point-1 on the Richter scale and was at a sea depth of 35 kilometres.

Mr Loti says disaster officers reports coming out of the west confirm that some villages have been inundated with sea water to over two metres.

So far no deaths have been reported

Mr Loti …

25 Nov 2009 description

Honiara - The Australian High Commission has announced its support for 28 community projects in Solomon Islands.

The projects will cost 600-thousand Solomon Islands dollars.

The High Commission office in Honiara says the projects were funded under the Australia's Direct Aid Program D-A-P.

D-A-P is a small grants program designed to help community groups improve their living standards in direct and practical ways.

High Commissioner, Frank Ingruber, says Australia was pleased to assist community groups and organisations from all over Solomon Islands to enhance their skills, …

02 Oct 2009 description

Relief workers have reached the remote Nuiatoputapu island in the north of Tonga and are reporting that most of the buildings have been washed away.

Nine people died in Tonga after three big waves moved about 600 metres inland.

Alfred Soakai from Tonga's National Disaster office says about 1300 to 1600 people live on Nuiatoputapu island and locals are now experiencing some relief.

"There's a lot of scared people there at the moment but they are slowly being counselled by the staff that went up on the patrol boat."

Alfred Soakai says people have enough food, …

13 May 2009 description

Post disaster assistance to communities suffering from recent strong wind damages to communities in South Malaita and East Central Guadalcanal has been temporarily halted awaiting government funding.

The National Disaster Council (NDC) has completed official procedure to address the needs of the affected communities.

A statement from the National Disaster Management Office said the delay is due mainly to current financial difficulties experienced by the government.

"The government has recently cut all ministerial budgets by ten percent and therefore this has affected all …

11 Apr 2009 description

The National Disaster Management Office, NDMO, has completed the food relief distribution of rice supplies on Savo island,Central Province Thursday.

NDMO says that Savo island was affected during the same time as the recent flooding that affected Guadalcanal on February.

It says unlike Northwest Guadalcanal, heavy rains mainly affected food gardens as a result of flash flooding and landslides.

NDMO says the food relief distribution was based on an assessment by the Central province's Disaster Coordinator Brian Tom.

The Food supplies were taken onboard the Police Patrol Boat …