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19 Nov 1999 description

This is a near verbatim transcript of the press conference given by Sergio Vieira de Mello, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Ian Martin, the outgoing Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Mr. Xanana Gusmao, President of the CNRT.

12 Nov 1999 description

Indonesian army officials today informed the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) that they would deploy troops at one of the agency's camps to allow staff to begin repatriation of some 7,000 refugees.

23 Sep 1999 description

Transcript of opening remarks of the press conference by Mr. Ian Martin, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for East Timor

23 Sep 1999 description

23 September -- As the situation in East Timor grew tense after shots were fired near a multinational force patrol travelling in UN vehicles, the United Nations mission in the territory said it had found wide devastation in several East Timorese towns.

22 Sep 1999 description

An inter-agency mission left for Dili at noon today on a World Food Programme chartered passenger aircraft. (Agencies include UNICEF, UNHCR, WFP, WHO, OCHA, MSF, CARE, Interaction, IOM, UNDP, CIDA, Caritas and World Vision). The delegation will meet with the donor mission (see below) to present a preliminary appeal for East Timor. They are expected to return later today along with Mr. Kevin Kennedy, the Director of the Emergency Liaison branch in OCHA. (A press conference on humanitarian issues is scheduled to take place at the airport today between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m.).

21 Sep 1999 description

Ross Mountain, the humanitarian coordinator appointed by the Secretary-General and the World Food Program made another assessment yesterday in Dili of the warehouses where they have rice stored. They found that recent looting has reduced the rice stock from 8000 tons to 2000 tons. That area is not yet secured but we expect it to happen today and Mr. Mountain is also scheduled to meet today with Major General Kiki Syanakri who is the commander of TNI forces in East Timor.

20 Sep 1999 description

Good afternoon. I'm glad to see fewer cameras here. I hope that means there are more over there. As you know the United Nations sent a flight into Dili today. It left at approximately 2:00 this afternoon I think. It should be there by now. It's carrying 11 United Nations staff members. Some are humanitarian assistance experts. Some were logistics.

16 Sep 1999 description

Press conference with David Wimhurst
Darwin, 16 September 1999

I'll start with the humanitarian aid program. You probably heard this morning - the Australian briefing - food drops could be planned for later today. This is Oz Aid and the Australian Air Force. I think this is subject to final approval from the Indonesians.

15 Sep 1999 description

Press conference with David Wimhurst
Darwin, 15 September 1999, 12:00PM

I had hoped to persuade Mr. Martin to come and talk to you this morning but unfortunately he's up to his neck in work. He asks to be excused and sends his apologies. I'll just give you the small amount of information that I have.

03 Sep 1999 description

UNAMET Spokesman David Wimhurst informed correspondents that last night in Maliana militia surrounded UNAMET regional headquarters at around 6:30 p.m. Two houses belonging to local staff were burnt down and two local staff [drivers] were killed. Brimob eventually disbursed the militia in front of the regional headquarters. The militia rampaged through Maliana all night, the Spokesman said. By this morning, at least 20 houses are reported to be burning in Maliana and all UNAMET staff, amounting to about 30, are inside the local police station for protection.

02 Sep 1999 description

Briefing by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Mr. Ian Martin Thursday, 2 September 1999