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08 Oct 2015 description

Nicole Hasham

About 150 asylum seekers on Nauru face being sent home as the island's government works through about 600 remaining refugee claims.

Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald.

29 Apr 2012 description

Seth Berkley

April 29, 2012

THERE has been an unwritten rule that it can take 15 years or longer between the introduction of new life-saving vaccines in rich countries and their widespread use in the poorest nations. That has cost the lives of millions of children.

But national celebrations in Ghana last week to mark the introduction of two new vaccines highlight how this shameful gap is rapidly being closed. It is another exciting chapter in a story of leadership - and partnership - transforming health in the developing world.

27 Apr 2012 description

We're the lucky country - it's about time we let that luck rub off on others. Australians are stingy. Do you believe it? Well, when it comes to international aid, among the world's 23 richest countries, we come in a lowly 13th when aid is measured as a percentage of our income.

Built on the principle of the fair go, the notion of Australians failing to support the underdog may be difficult for many of us to comprehend. Don't we always dig deep when our mates are in need? Yet today Australia is giving just 35¢ in every $100 we earn as a nation.

05 May 2009 description

Matt Wade

IT IS hard to imagine Christine* in combat. But the diminutive 14-year-old with a cheeky smile and dancing eyes knows how to handle a Kalashnikov and detonate grenades.

A Tamil speaker from northern Sri Lanka, Christine says she was abducted by Tamil Tiger cadres in March and forced to undergo military training. She performed drills using dummy weapons in preparation for battle and, as with many female recruits, her hair was cut short.

"I was full of fear when they came and took me," she said.

26 Jul 1997 description

BY RUSSELL SKELTON, Herald Correspondent in Tokyo

Hwang Yun Young stands in the half light of a fading summer sun, her delicate frame revealing the ravages of North
Korea's "silent" famine and the lingering international disbelief about its severity.

The child is tiny for her three years, her frail body is dotted with sores - the telltale signs of malnutrition. According to
the charity, World Vision, she has scabies and almost certainly rickets - the symptoms of starvation. All the children