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15 Jan 2010 description

Haiti Emergency Appeal - Fri, 15 Jan 10

A major earthquake struck the capital of Haiti on Tuesday 13 January, toppling many buildings and burying thousands of people under the rubble. The strongest earthquake in more than 200 years collapsed a hospital where people screamed for help. People throughout the capital are crying out for help from under debris.

Within hours of the earthquake striking Haiti our partners were on the ground in the country.

02 Oct 2009 description

Case 1: Indonesia - West Sumatra Earthquake

(Compiled by MAA from reports by MA Indonesia, Indonesian newspapers & international NGOs)

On Wednesday 30 September 2009, a powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of West Sumatra in Indonesia. A second 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck the day after.

The coastal city of Padang is among the hardest hit areas. Hundreds of houses have been damaged in Padang. Officials say that power had been cut in the city.

13 May 2009 description

UN says 1 million internal refugees on the move.

16 Jan 2009 description

The second phase of the war with Gaza is now taking place. Over 1,000 Palestinians have died since the conflict began two weeks ago,over 4,700 have been injured and thousands more people have been internally displaced as they flee the bombings and gunfire.

With the battles intensifying and no end in sight, the figures of dead and injured are rising rapidly. The threat of a humanitarian crisis is worsening, as the Gaza strip- home to more than 1.5 million people- suffers shortages of food, water, electricity and fuel.

14 Jan 2009 description

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all our donors who have helped us hit the halfway mark of our =A32 million emergency appeal. =A31,00,000 was raised in only 12 days which is a fantastic response to our campaign. A big thank you as well to our amazing volunteers who braved the cold last weekend and raised money through street collections-thanks to your commitment and dedication, we have reached the half way mark sooner than expected!

07 Jan 2009 description

Through local partners, Muslim Aid is working with those most affected, having allocated an initial amount of $500,000. More than 800 food parcels have already been distributed, with each pack feeding a family for up to a month.

30 Oct 2008 description

A two-day torrential rain and storm on Oct 24th and 25th has caused severe flooding in the eastern part of Yemen. Two governorates - Hadramout and Al-Mahra - were declared as disaster areas.


- 560 houses totally damaged in the districts of Tarim, Sah, Shibam, Qatun and Wadi Al-Ayen

- 48 people reported missing

- 60% electricity supply has been cut off


- At least 10 persons killed

- 487 houses damaged

- 280 farms damaged

- 447 fishermen lost

- 31 small fishing boats lost at sea

On 26th Oct, heavy rain also swept through six other …

20 Oct 2008 description

Muslim Aid Sri Lanka (MASL) focused on the themes of escalating food prices and fighting food scarcity during its Ramadan programmes this year.

In 2008, the world was rocked by spiralling food prices brought on by a variety of reasons including high energy prices, climate change, bio fuel production and declining agricultural production in the face of increasing demand.

The poor are the hardest hit, with no means to cushion themselves from the rise in prices. In Sri Lanka, for example, the cost of rice has more than doubled in the past year, sharply increasing food budgets.

16 May 2008 description

Just as the world is waking up to the looming disaster in cyclone-hit Myanmar, it is hit by another equally devastating news. This time, it's from China where a powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck the southwest region on Monday (May 12) at about 2.40pm local time. As of today (May 15), more than 14,500 have been reported killed, tens of thousands still buried and thousands more injured.

01 Feb 2008 description

Since September 2007 employment, education and healthcare have been badly affected. The blockade has left homes, hospitals and factories without electricity. The lack of fuel has crippled Gaza's water supply and sewage system. Rivers of untreated sewage flow through the streets.

21 Nov 2007 description

Yogyakarta, Indonesia - 18 months after the deadly earthquake hit the island of Java, Indonesia, last May 27, 2006, The Government of Indonesia together with Local and International NGOs are now focusing on the assistance for earthquake victims on Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Preparedness Issue following the completion of emergency and recovery phase.

18 Nov 2007 description

A catastrophic cyclone tore through Southern Bangladesh at 9pm on the 15th of November, inflicting heavy damage to properties and infrastructure.

Over 2,000 people have been killed by Cyclone Sidr, with the number rising steadily.

08 Nov 2005 description


A total of $9,491.50 was raised for the Muslim Aid Australia's South Asia Quake Appeal Fund at the Auburn Bowling Club on Friday (Oct 28) evening.

08 Nov 2005 description


On September 12 to 14, 300 bags (30 metric tonnes) of millet were distributed to famine victims in two villages in the Zinder Region, Republic of Niger. A total of 2,811 people from 625 families benefited from this distribution.

The food supply is part of Muslim Aid Australia's Niger Famine Appeal with the Islamic Education Trust of Nigeria as the local NGO partner.

Millet was chosen as it is the most nutritious grain and will help reduce nutritional problems.

To date, Muslim Aid Australia has collected over $80,000 for the Niger Famine Appeal.

15 Oct 2005 description

Muslim Aid Australia, together with sister organizations Muslim Aid UK and Muslim Aid Pakistan, established a 100 tent village in Sawat (120 km north of Islamabad) to accommodate quake survivors who spent their first nights after the disaster in the open air and now torrential rain. Survivors were also provided with warm clothing, food, and water.

08 Jun 2005 description

A delegation of six from Muslim Aid UK, Muslim Aid Australia, Muslim Aid Asia, Yayasan Amal Malaysia and Global Peace spent six days in Aceh visiting centres of devastation from Bandar Aceh to Meulaboh; meeting Government agencies; relief agencies involved in habitat and livelihood recovery; United Nations agencies; Indonesian and international NGO's. For nearly five months the victims have been in temporary shelters.

22 Feb 2005 description

On Boxing day in 2003, the ancient city of Bam was totally destroyed by an earthquake killing over 30,000 people. At the time Muslim Aid trucked in tents and blankets from Pakistan to Bam for distribution amongst the victims of the earthquake.

Only last week Muslim Aid's Secretary, Tanzeem Wasti and the Chief Executive Officer, Ebrahimsa Mohamed returned from a field visit to Iran after laying the foundation of Muslim Aid's Healthcare Centre in the city of Bam.

04 Aug 2004 description


According to reports a million people have fled their homes and some 10 -30,000 have been killed since the conflict started last year. The displaced have fled their destroyed villages for camps in Darfur's main towns but there is not enough food, water or medicine. Many have also crossed the border into neighbouring Chad who is struggling to help the scores of refugees. With the recent onset of heavy rains food, water and medicines are running low in the refugee camps. More relief goods and medical supplies have to be airlifted to the affected area.

07 Nov 2002 description

65 + orphans supported

  • 3 schools funded for boys and girls
  • Mother and child health centre funded
In the last six months the Afghanistan Orphan Aid program has grown to support 65 orphans -- but there are still thousands more that need our support.

All these orphans now attend Muslim Aid Australia (MAA) funded schools near Kandahar and in the remote Penshar Valley. Apart from construction, donors are also funding teacher's wages, pencils, notebooks, and textbooks.

Spin Boldak is also home to a new mother and child health clinic.

07 Nov 2002 description

125 + funded orphans in Gaza

  • 33,500 tins of free corned mutton for refugees
  • 1 emergency ambulance to go to Gaza
Since the beginning of the Intifada in September 2000, Muslim Aid Australia has been helping donors to support orphans in Palestine.

There are now 125 orphans in Al-Nuseirat Refugee Camp in the Gaza supported by the Orphan Aid program.