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18 Dec 2017 description


• Presentamos los resultados del seguimiento y análisis del estado efectivo de la implementación del Acuerdo Final de Colombia realizado por el Instituto Kroc en respuesta a la invitación recibida y la responsabilidad asignada al Instituto por el Gobierno de Colombia y las FARC-EP en el epígrafe 6.3.2 del Acuerdo Final.

07 Sep 2012 description

Policy options discussed by decision makers inside and outside Somalia are based primarily on global and regional security concerns. They tend to overlook the local complexities and the potential for nonviolent conflict transformation that exist in the context. In particular, the black listing of al-Shaabab prevents one of the main stakeholders to participate in the mainstream political process and discourages interest in dialogue from all sides.

11 May 2005 description

7th Public Appeal from the Nepalese Human Rights Community

May 11, 2005 - In response to the ongoing violations of human rights in Nepal after the King's invocation of Article 27-C to usurp all state power, which is a fraud on the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal - 1990, we, the members of the Nepalese human rights community, issue this 7 th public appeal to the international community to continue their actions against the new regime in order to establish democracy, freedom and political rights in Nepal.

01 May 2005 description

May 1, 2005, Kathmandu - We are convinced that the basic principles of human rights and rule of law continue to be undermined even after the April 29, 2005 end of the "state of emergency," which had been declared when King Gyanendra usurped all executive powers on February 1, 2005.

04 Mar 2005 description

Since the King's invocation of Article 27-C to usurp all state power and declare the "State of Emergency" on February 1, the people of the Kingdom of Nepal have had to endure severe suppression of their civil and political rights.

Since February 1st more than 530 political activists and human rights defenders have been detained. While some have been released, the detentions continue and many others have been prohibited from moving freely.

10 Feb 2005 description

Nepal, an exquisitely beautiful, small nation situated among giants, is in grave danger. The country that never fell to colonial rule, that is known for its lofty peaks and fighting Gurkhas, and that became a destination for mountain climbers and soul-searchers, has been shrouded in manmade clouds of fear.

30 Mar 1999 description

Jointly published by the Fourth Freesom Forum and the Joan B. Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame

Summary of General Findings