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24 Jan 2017 description

International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation has been running a field hospital in the city of Kilis since 2013 with the addition of a rehabilitation clinic in 2016. Operating with a referral system with Kilis state hospital; IBC field hospital and clinic provide relief and rehabilitation to their patients, namely Syrian refugees, once emergency medical response has been performed by state doctors.

13 Dec 2016 description

International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation has been operating a community center in downtown Kilis since September 2012, in partnership with Malteser International and GIZ. The center has been offering courses suitable to Syrian refugees of a wide range of backgrounds and age groups, constantly enlarging its diverse spectrum of courses.

02 Dec 2016 description

In the past 6 years, since its outset in March 2011, the Syrian civil war has caused 11 million Syrians to flee their homes and seek refuge either internally or in neighboring countries.

02 Dec 2016 description

Islahiye, Turkey – International Blue Crescent, IBC, operates a women solidarity center in Islahiye to help Syrian refugee women come to terms with displacement. Not only is this the only center in the region targeting to help women but IBC is the only NGO currently operating in the district.

To an outsider, the three story building with its small, colorful playground outside might not mean much but the testimonies of those inside tell a whole different story.

08 Mar 2010 description

International Blue Crescent (IBC)has launched a campaign to respond to the emergency needs of earthquake victims in Elazig-Eastern Turkey.

25 Jun 2008 description

IBC - International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation (IBC) started its operation in Syria, dealing with various core problems related to the Iraqi refugees. IBC also has received its official work permission in Syria, being the fourth INGO to receive this permit. Following this, for the best running of its project, IBC signed an agreement with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC).

Although no census has yet been completed for the Iraqi refugees, UNHCR estimates that 1.5 million Iraqis are currently in Syria.

27 Jul 2007 description

General Situation

Since 2003 Middle East region witnesses the biggest exodus from Iraq to its neigbrouring countries especially Syria.Other countries get Iraqi refugees are Jordan Lebanon Egypt Turkey and Iran.

Syria was the most affected country because entrance of Arabs to this country is easy.Syria doesn't ask for visa for Arabs and allocates residenc permits for one year easily.In addition they permit Iraqi children to their schools without any restriction.

Syrian authorities are estimating the number lof the registered Iraqi refugees around to 1.4 millions but because of …

26 Apr 2005 description

The children in Bam never lost their smiles

At the end of January 2005, IBC Turkey has transferred its project run in the 5 Turkish container camps (Children's Social Centers and Laundries) to the newly established Blue Crescent Bam, an official, community based organization in Bam, having as active members all IBC former staff who worked directly in the projects during IBC's operation to support the victims of the earthquake in 2003.

Blue Crescent Bam was empowered by IBC to continue working in the 5 camps, until the reconstruction of the city will be complete and the people …

17 Apr 2005 description

IBC-International Blue Crescent team has implemented two assessment and one program visit to Aceh hit by the disasterous tsunami in December 2004 and contact with the local authorities and people who live there, and assessed that the most urgent need of the state is sheltering.

It is observed that relief organizations mostly preferred to work in Banda Aceh regarding of it's being the center of the state, easy to communicate and establish logistics etc...

Because of that IBC targeted to reach places where the relief is not received easily, communication is not established and …

20 Mar 2005 description

IBC was one of the first responding international relief agencies to Zarand earthquake/Iran. Trocaire and UMCOR have contributed to IBC relief campaign in Zarand..

The earthquake hit scores of villages in Zarand region caused the death of 627 people and injured more than 2000. More than 20 villages affected and two of them Daghuye and Gethukiye are totally destroyed.

IBC relief packages were containing food for a family of five persons per month,heaters,ovens and blankets.

26 Jan 2005 description

International Blue Crescent Humanitarian Relief and Development Foundation emergency relief and rehabilitation team composed by the President Recep Uker, Project coordinator Elif Tas, Emergency Coordinator Fatih Evren and Search and Rescue Organization AKA respresentative T.Pulan has started an assesment visit to Banda Aceh..

10 Jan 2005 description

As a follow-up to the "Community based disaster management training course" held by IBC - International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation in Turkey during the month of October 2004, on the 4 th of January 2005, IBC's representatives in Bam / Iran organized an one day seminar forward to disseminate the information to other members of the local authorities from Bam and Kerman.

The seminar took place in Parastoo Hall in Arg-e Jadid (Bam) and more than 100 people attended it.

06 Jan 2005 description

International Blue Crescent Humanitarian Relief and Development Foundation(IBC) has launched a campaign to help the Tsunami victims in SE Asia

In this frame priority has been given to emergency releif and rehabilitation activities.

IBC will deal with the psycosocial rehabilitation of children and communities in Indonesia and Sri Lanka and establish rehabilitation centers .

On the other hand a team led by Professor Ahmet Mete Isikara will provide training for the NGO s of both countries on disaster preparedness and management in their countries..They will be brought to Turkey to …

17 Dec 2004 description

One of the projects run by IBC in Bam is psycho-social intervention in 8 Children's Social Centers (16 classes), in the camps Qom1, Qom2, Isfahan1, Isfahan2 and Shehrdari (Municipality), the work in this Centers being lead by 2 psychologists, 16 teachers and one art instructor.

IBC - International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation started this project in April 2004 which will continue under the name of IBC up to the end of January 2005.

15 Dec 2004 description

In its efforts of reducing the effects of the disaster caused by the earthquake in Bam / the Islamic Republic of Iran, IBC - International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation, has introduced a safe building technology, as an alternative option in the reconstruction of the city. During the project, 2 Indian specialists in earthen technologies and locks machines were broth from India , for the training of masons, blocks production and the construction of 2 demo houses, one at the Exhibition Site of the Housing Foundation in Bam and one in a neighborhood in the city of Bam .

01 Dec 2004 description

After the last needs assessment done by the IBC rehabilitation team in the neighborhood placed along Khayam Street in Bam, it resulted that the most pending need for the cold season (even if the days are worm, the desert winter nights are very cold) was the heating. The people in the neighborhood, the ones left aside from camps or who refused to leave their lands, are still living in containers, small prefabs or tents.

Therefore, on the 25 th of November 2004 , IBC team distributed electrical heaters to 185 families in need in the area.

11 Oct 2004 description

International Blue Crescent Humanitarian Relief and Development Foundation(IBC)has organised a disaster management training course for 28 Iranian officials and NGO representatives between 03-13 October 2004.The training organised in I.stanbul has been provided by Asian Disaster Preparedness Center APDC trainers under the supervision of Profesor Doctor Ahmet Mete Isikara.

Between the trainees were the Governor and subgovernor of Kerman state(Iran),governor and mayors of Bam-the city hit by earthquake in 25th December 2004 and lost 40.000 people,leaders of the crisis centers and community …

20 Sep 2004 description

Along with other rehabilitation projects run in Bam, since the month of May 2004, IBC is running a Safe Building Project which consists in the introduction of the compressed interlocking earthen blocks, building technology used successfully by IBC partner - CRS - for the construction of 3.000 houses for the victims of the earthquake in Gujarat / India. During the project there were trained 29 masons, for working with Aureka special blocks machines (broth from India to Bam), under the supervision of 2 Indian specialists (Architect Mehul Savla and Engineer Kiran Joshi).

13 Sep 2004 description

IBC is intensifying its community rehabilitation activities in earthquake hit city of Bam-Iran..In addition to the Children Social Centers and Laudry services IBC's Community Rehabilitation and Safe Building Project gets general support from the community itself .

30 Jul 2004 description

International experience has shown that a wide variety of building construction technologies is often introduced into post-disaster reconstruction activities. While some of these technologies may meet the requirement of rapid delivery and high earthquake resistance, many will not lend themselves to easy replication and integration into the local construction industry because they do not correspond to the needs and lifestyles of the affected people.