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21 Jun 1998 description

5th phase of the research (30 Sep 1997 - 19 May 1998)
Republished from original website at http://blue.nownuri.net/~kbsm/eng/frame.htm


Testimonial of Support

An Appeal for Help

1. Overview

1.1 Objectives

06 Mar 1998 description

Refugees estimate the North Korean death rate to be about 29 percent in the last two years
Washington, DC (ISR, March 6, 1998) - The following is a Special Report prepared by the Korean Buddhist Sharing Movement on the Field Research on North Korean Refugees Interviewed in China. A news conference on the research findings was held on Wednesday, February 25, at 1:00 p.m., in the US Capitol, Room HC-6. The survey findings are available at:


30 Dec 1997 description

Korean American Sharing Movement
National Office
Tel/301 570 3948
FAX/301 585 7564
50,000 Korean Americans Sent 5,589 tons of Corn to North Korea in Food Emergency
Korean Americans Donated $ 1.2 million to Send the Humanitarian Food Aid to North Korea

17 Dec 1997 description

KASM National Office, Tel/301 588 0703 FAX/301 585 7564
National Press Club, Washington, DC
Korean Buddhist Sharing Movement
Korean Sharing Movement
The One Heart and One Body Movement (Catholic NGO)
Korea Evangelical Fellowship (Protestant NGO)
National Campaign to Support Northern Bretheren
Women Making Peace
Won Buddhism

29 Jul 1997 description

Korean Americans are Leading the NGO Efforts to Help Feed Starving North Koreans

28 Apr 1997 description

Washington, D.C., April 28 (KASM) Famine would soon strike North Korea's 23 million people . We strongly encourage you to participate in a nationwide Reconciliation Aid Program (RAP), a North Korea relief aid project developed by the Korean American Sharing Movement (KASM), a non-profit non-governmental organization established by Korean Americans. You may participate in one of the ten regional chapters of KASM: LA, SF-Washington State, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas-Houston, Washington-Baltimore, Atlanta, NY, Boston, and Hawaii.

26 Mar 1997 description

Korean Americans' Nationwide Campaign Kickoff for Humanitarian Aid to North Korea
Nat'l Kickoff Conference to be held in May
Appeal for $5 Million with 5,000 Members by December
Washington-Baltimore Chapter has already raised about $85,000 in 6 weeks