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28 Feb 2006 description


1 Operation 'Winter Race' continued unabated throughout the period under report: the 'winterisation' of tents occupied by the homeless in the camps for internally displaced people, and the provision of shelters/self-build kits enabling the habitation of 'one warm room' for those families, particularly in the rural mountain areas, still living adjacent to their demolished dwellings. These interventions were accompanied by the supply of 'winter warmth' items, namely: quilts; mattresses; stoves; clothing; shoes; hot water bottles.

12 Jan 2006 description


A severe weather system over Northern Pakistan at the turn of the year produced more than 10 feet of snow in the mountains. Elsewhere sleet and heavy rain enveloped the affected area for 2-3 days; the realities of the conditions being experienced by the homeless are at variance with official assurances that all is well. In the wake of the system temperatures are forecast to fall far below zero, with accompanying wind chill factor.

12 Dec 2005 description


Early Arrival of Winter

Following the heavy snowfall in the last week of November there are reports of increasing cases of pneumonia, intestinal and acute respiratory tract infections in the earthquake affected areas, plus disputed reports of the first fatalities as a result of hypothermia. It is widely accepted that up to 90% of the tents provided to the homeless are inadequate to meet the rigours of winter occupancy. Hence the urgent need to provide more robust winter shelters, particularly for those still living above 5,000 feet.

10 Nov 2005 description

earthquake do not want to leave their homes and move to tentage villages, according to preliminary findings of Pattan's survey to study mobility patterns of the earthquake victims.

15 Oct 2005 description

In the follow-up to the deadly earthquake on October 8, 2005, Pattan Development Organization rushed three teams to the affected areas in Mansehra district and Azad Jammu and Kashmir for survey and reconnaissance. The four-day survey covered the following geographical areas:

Team 1: Garhi Habibullah to Muzaffarbad (October 10 to 12, 2005)

Team 2: Garhi Habibullah to Balokot (October 8 to 10, 2005)

Team 3: Boogarhmung Valley, Buttal and Batagram (October 10 to 12, 2005)

The purpose of the survey was to study:

1. Scope and nature of damage

2. Need assessment


04 Jul 2000 description

Conducted on May 13th-16th, and, June, 5th-15th
Brief Purpose

1. Identify drought-affected population and their needs.
2. Assess capacity of local CBOs and NGOs.
3. Analyze government and NGO’s assistance to affected people, and,
4. Determine Pattan’s intervention.

Locations visited

Kohistan and Kachhoo areas of: