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21 Nov 2016 description
report medica mondiale

In 2007, medica mondiale started supporting the Ugandan organisation Foundation for Women Affected by Conflict (FOWAC). The organisation works with former child soldiers, young mothers, widows and other survivors, who are all affected by violence and still suffering from the years of civil war. In 2014 a comprehensive project started with the aim of strengthening these women and girls. FOWAC aims to help them to help themselves, for example by means of credit groups and girls’ clubs. Other assistance offered by the organisation includes psychosocial, legal and medical counselling

21 Jun 2016 description
report medica mondiale
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Support of women in Afghanistan has an impact

Stress- and trauma-sensitive counselling in a fragile and insecure social context: “All in all, the evaluation demonstrated that the project activities had a pronounced impact ... .” That is the very positive result of an evaluation of three projects carried out by Medica Afghanistan (MA) between 2012 and 2015. In the Afghan cities of Kabul, Mazar-e Sharif and Herat, Media Afghanistan offers counselling to women who were (or are still) subjected to physical or psychological violence (including wartime violence).

19 Apr 2016 description
report medica mondiale

Evaluation: Medica Gjakova in Kosovo offers survivors of sexualised violence comprehensive support

In Autumn 2015, medica mondiale commissioned two external consultants, Petra Scheuermann and Erinda Bllaca, to visit the women’s rights organisation Medica Gjakova and evaluate the project which had been funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and medica mondiale. Women are provided with psychological and medical assistance, as well as support to claim their right to compensation and help to secure their own livelihood.

14 Dec 2015 description
report medica mondiale

Medica Zenica and medica mondiale conducted a study with 51 survivors of war rape and sexual violence from Bosnia and Herzegovina who had used Medica’s services during and after the war.

The study followed four main research questions focussing on

1) the consequences of war rape and sexual violence on survivors’ lives, health and relationships;
2) the social acknowledgement of survivors of war rape;
3) the coping strategies and sources of resilience in the past 20 years, and finally
4) the impact of Medica Zenica’s support on the survivors’ lives.

09 Jul 2013 description
report medica mondiale

The Afghan "Elimination of Violence Against Women Law" (EVAW Law), which was passed in 2009, is the first law in Afghanistan to criminalise violence against women. This law is a milestone in the fight for Afghan women's and girl's rights. However, since May 18th, 2013 there is reason for concern as the Afghan parliament might weaken or even completely remove the law. A study published by medica mondiale and Medica Afghanistan in June 2013 analyses specific legal cases and thereby illustrates reasons for the slow implementation of the law.

04 Jul 2013 description
report medica mondiale

medica mondiale Liberia: Support is extensive and sustainable

medica mondiale has been actively involved in south east Liberia in a comprehensive program against sexualised violence and for rights of women and girls since 2006. The independent expert Tania Bernath evaluated the project at the end of 2011 for medica mondiale. Her analysis confirmed that the starting point and approach of medica mondiale is sustainable and effective in supporting women.

07 Jun 2013 description
report medica mondiale
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Training for Women’s Empowerment, basic level
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Training for Women’s Empowerment, advanced level

The manual "Training for Women's Empowerment" is a practical manual, informed by the idea of participation, for the training of volunteer helpers and professional counsellors, for example working in the psychosocial, legal or health sectors. It aims at enhancing the skills and the awareness of these women to work for the empowerment of women and girls who have undergone sexualised and other forms of gender-based violence. The manual comprises various modules that can also be used individually, tailored to the respective training groups.