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31 Aug 2016 description


Uganda is home to more than 665,000 refugees, the third-largest refugee-hosting country in Africa. The country has progressive refugee and asylum policies, that support refugees and accord them the same access to social services as nationals, in addition to the allocation of land to support self-reliance within refugee settlements.

08 Jan 2013 description

Given the increasingly important role social media play as sources of information during man-made and natural disasters, START researchers recently set out to find what is known and yet to be determined about social media use in that context. In the new literature review, “Social Media Use during Disasters,” the researchers provide detailed information about the public’s use of social media, both generally and during disasters, and address what prompts the public to use social media during disasters as well as what deters such consumption.

25 Apr 2012 description

Peace and Conflict is a biennial publication that provides key data and documents trends in national and international conflicts ranging from isolated acts of terrorism to internal civil strife to full-fledged inter-country war. A major trend it tracks is the incidence of wars beyond the protracted conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For 2012, Peace & Conflict focuses on the theme of policy guidance for preventing conflict. It covers special topics with original contributions that focus on mediation, economic recovery, and the impact of elections.