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29 Oct 2013 description

Una intensa sequía que comenzó en 2012 ya fue declarada como desastre y emergencia nacional por el Gobierno boliviano.

El equipo de respuesta ante desastres de la WSPA, viajó al distrito de Pelechuco en la provincia de La Paz, Bolivia para apoyar 50.000 animales y 500 familias de las comunidades más afectadas.

09 Nov 2011 description

Background and Context

Central America recently experienced one of the worst floods in recent years, product of cyclone activity during the month of October, with over 500,000 people affected and more than 100 fatalities caused by the torrential rains in the region. The emergency was caused by three different storm systems, including Hurricane Jova, Tropical Storm Irwin and Tropical Depression 12E. The governments of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua declared states of emergency.

19 Jan 2011 description

Name of Disaster/Crisis: Brazilian, Rio de Janeiro floods/slides

Date: January 19th, 2011


A cold front stationed above Rio de Janeiro has caused heaviest rainfall in over 40 years, which caused landslides and floods.

19 Feb 2010 description

The mobile veterinary clinic donated by the Human Society of Antigua and Barbuda finally arrived in Port au Prince, after more than a week dealing with red tape to bring it in from the Dominican Republic. It crossed the border around five o'clock in the morning with a WSPA team directed by Sergio Vasquez, our disaster management officer from Costa Rica.

Today was also the first day of work for the local vet team hired by ARCH. We treated 189 animals in Lilavois in Port au Prince; mainly dogs and goats, but also pigs, chickens, cows, ducks and cats.

16 Nov 2009 description

Glide Number: TS-2009-000211-IDN

Date of Work : 4th October 2009 to 13th October 2009

Project Summary

This WSPA intervention with its member societies has offered immediate veterinary health care for the animals which are affected by the earthquake in Padang, Pariaman and Padang Pariaman districts of West Sumatra province.

This operation was facilitated with the livestock department of West Sumatra and the respective district livestock authorities at local level in the earthquake area.

This gave the opportunity for the staff trained in disaster response from the member …

14 May 2009 description

Project Summary


Project Code: N/A



Project Dates and Duration: N/A

Key Statement

Eleven states in the North Eastern Region of Brazil (with Maranhao being the worst affected) have been flooded since the end of March 2009 (Source: Brazilian Red Cross).

The main and most immediate concern is the loss of pastures for livestock, equines, goats and sheep.

09 Jan 2009 description


On January 8th, 2009, a 6.2 Richter scale seismic event stroke the Northern region of the Central Valley of Costa Rica, causing considerable destruction to households and several kilometres or roads were damaged and more than 14 Km were totally destroyed, impeding to access the worst affected areas (San Rafael and La Cinchona). Assessment of these areas is pending until secure and safe access is granted by authorities. Please see below for information on the impact.

24 Dec 2008 description

Author: Diego Hernandez - DSVO - WSPA Andean Region


This report covers the WSPA response actions during December 2008 to carry out the feed delivery in four affected areas impacted by heavy storms in Colombia during the second rainy season in 2008.


Colombia has been severely affected by floods and landslides caused by extreme rainfall which began in mid- September and increased in intensity over the following two weeks.

30 Nov 2008 description


According to CNE (Spanish acronym for National Emergency Commission of CR), floods and high winds associated with low pressure centers generated strong winds and daily heavy rains at the Caribbean region, Northern and Central Valley of Costa Rica.

The interaction between the two atmospheric events, followed by a cold front produced an unprecedented amount of rain leading to floods, especially over the Caribbean region.

10,000 acres of banana crops were destroyed with 1,300 producers suffered this loss.


The Costa Rican Caribbean region on the province of …

22 Mar 2007 description



Intense rain in Central and Southern South America has caused flooding to occur in Argentina, particularly in Tucuman (North West) and Santa Fe Provinces (North East).

08 Mar 2007 description


1. Heavy rains beginning in December 2006 have caused major rivers to overflow in Bolivia, affecting communities in eight of the country's nine departments. Flooding has resulted in landslides and obstructed roads, isolating some rural communities. Floodwaters have destroyed crops, killed livestock, led to the deaths of 40 people and has displaced at least 25,000 people. According to the Government of the Republic of Bolivia (GOB), the disaster has affected about 340,000 people, causing major human and material damage; the disaster continues to expand.

18 Oct 2006 description

One year on from the devastating earthquake in Pakistan, WSPA is in the final stages of a long-term recovery programme aimed at helping to rebuild the country's crippled veterinary infrastructure.

The impact of the earthquake

As well as killing 82,000 people and displacing a further 3.2 million, the earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter Scale, also killed more than 30% of the livestock in Northern Pakistan that are crucial for much of the population's liveliehoods.

WSPA intervention

Immediately after the quake, WSPA sent in five teams of vets to save surviving animals …

16 Aug 2006 description

WSPA is supporting its Member Society the Animal Help Foundation (AHF) to bring emergency relief to livestock in the flood stricken provinces of West India.

WSPA has stepped in to help AHF by providing financial support that will enable two teams of vets to treat around 20,000 animals over 20 days.

WSPA intervention

Tonya Stokes, WSPA's Disaster Relief Veterinary Technical Advisor, said:

''Each team of 12 vets hope to reach around 500 animals a day.

28 Apr 2006 description

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is helping the disaster relief effort in flooded South East Europe by funding groups delivering animal aid to the worst hit areas.

17 Mar 2006 description

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is continuing to provide funding and practical help to Pakistan as part of the continued Recovery Phase after the devastation caused by the massive earthquake in October 2005.

Emergency veterinary packs that include specialist provision for working equines and comprising essential instruments, equipment and drugs and medicines have been supplied to the Provincial Governments of North West Frontier Province (NWFP) and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) in order to restock the veterinary clinics that were damaged or destroyed during the …

09 Mar 2006 description

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is providing funding and practical help to Kenya to manage the major catastrophe facing the country's livestock due to the current drought.

Emergency veterinary supplies are being provided to enable local vets to treat thousands of cattle and goats who are suffering from diseases brought on by dehydration and starvation.

WSPA Regional Director for Africa Nigel Wilson said:"By working with local vets we aim to sustain some of the livestock through the drought.

03 Jan 2006 description

Subfreezing temperatures are to bring further troubled times to the survivors of the Pakistan earthquake as the Himalayan winter closes in. WSPA is in Pakistan providing veterinary support, building clinics and ensuring the welfare of livestock.