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20 Apr 2018 description
report Transitions Online

Kyiv and Washington are calling on Ukrainian separatists not to stop the pumps in a mine where a small nuclear bomb was detonated in 1979.

20 April 2018

Ukrainian Ecology Minister Ostap Semerak said the potential existed for a “radiation catastrophe” if plans to flood the Yunkom coal mine go ahead, The Irish Times reports.

03 Mar 2017 description
report Transitions Online

Budapest says the new fence will deter the expected surge in migrant numbers.

Hungary, the first EU country to put up border fences during the migrant crisis, is building a stronger line of defense against migrants, even though their numbers have fallen dramatically.

Work has begun on a new fence parallel to the existing one along the Serbian border. Reuters reports that the fence will be equipped with cameras and motion sensors and will be able to deliver a mild electric shock to anyone trying to get through.

17 Jun 2016 description
report Transitions Online

Bulgarian media are reporting suspension of readmission agreement, but Turkish Embassy denies major change.

Turkey has unilaterally suspended its refugee readmission agreement with Bulgaria, government sources told Bulgarian newspapers 24 Chasa  and Dnevnik.

03 Jun 2016 description
report Transitions Online

Starting this week, EU countries can send back non-EU citizens who enter the bloc from Turkey illegally.

Bulgaria’s preparations for an expected uptick in migrants crossing from Turkey are coming in handy these days.

Migrants who go around or through the almost-finished, 150-kilometer border fence will be sent to a new purpose-built camp.

“This section of the border is getting attention for a reason: the EU-Turkey deal largely cut off the Greece-Macedonia route, so people smugglers have been seeking new routes, or reactivating old ones,” the BBC reports.

06 May 2016 description
report Transitions Online

New EU proposal for asylum reform includes fines for those who do not comply and elicits predictable response from region’s politicians.

5 May 2016

Central European leaders have loudly voiced their dissatisfaction with the EU’s latest draft asylum rules, which were officially proposed on 4 May. The new guidelines, passed by the European Commission, seek to spread the burden now faced by those on the EU’s outlying borders, such as Greece and Italy, The Wall Street Journal reports.

24 Nov 2015 description
report Transitions Online

Last year’s floods were the worst in 30 years, made even more damaging by a combination of institutional inefficiency and changing weather patterns.

by Semir Mujkic

24 November 2015

Rajko Duranovic is one of thousands of homeowners whose lives have been devastated by the floods which hit Bosnia and Herzegovina in May 2014.

13 Nov 2015 description
report Transitions Online

Bosnian town where 8,000 Muslims were massacred should become ‘bridge of cooperation,’ Serbia’s premier says.

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic this week announced that his country would donate 5 million euros ($5.4 million) to Srebrenica, the UN-designated “safe area” where Bosnian Serb forces executed an estimated 8,000 Muslim men and boys in 1995.

03 Jun 2011 description
report Transitions Online

Poverty has long been the main reason people leave, but now there's another incentive.

by Bakyt Ibraimov

3 June 2011

OSH, Kyrgyzstan | Emigration from Kyrgyzstan is nothing new. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million, of the country's residents work abroad, mostly in Russia.

Before the ethnic violence of June 2010, poverty had been the main driving force pushing people out. The average monthly wage in Kyrgyzstan is 7,700 soms ($170), according to the statistics committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

04 Feb 2011 description
report Transitions Online

Yet again in the Caucasus, the internally displaced are being treated as pawns in a game without rules.

by TOL 4 February 2011

Historically, the Caucasus has been a place of displaced people, but that is no reason to pass off the recent protests by internal refugees in Georgia as just another mini-crisis.

On the other hand, neither should the affair over Georgian authorities' decision to move refugees out of Tbilisi into more permanent housing in villages be overblown.

13 Jan 2011 description
report Transitions Online

Ethnic Uzbeks in Osh fear losing their homes and land whether to vigilante posses or legal maneuvers.

by Temir Akmatov

15 Jun 2010 description
report Transitions Online

As the brutality continues in southern Kyrgyzstan, aid workers and firefighters find themselves at risk. From EurasiaNet.

by Alisher Khamidov

15 June 2010

OSH | Not only is southern Kyrgyzstan experiencing a refugee crisis, the region is also facing a humanitarian disaster brought on by deepening shortages of food and medical supplies.

The normal supply chains and distribution methods for goods and services have collapsed amid the inter-ethnic violence that has engulfed the Osh and Jalal-abad regions.

14 Jun 2010 description
report Transitions Online

by Hamid Toursunov

The violence in southern Kyrgyzstan that took more than 100 lives over the past week has been widely described as ethnic clashes, with gangs of young Kyrgyz men targeting members of the country's Uzbek minority. Uzbeks make up about 14 percent of the country's 5 million population and are concentrated largely in the south. Layered on top of that issue is a north-south divide in the country, although some commentators say neither of these explanations holds water.

29 Apr 2010 description
report Transitions Online

After 10 years, many Romani refugees from the Kosovo conflict can neither return to their old homes nor build new ones abroad.

by Michael J. Jordan and Shejla Fidani

SHUTO ORIZARI, Macedonia, and POMAZATIN, Kosovo | The anguish is etched on Nedzmije Selimi's face even before she starts talking.

In a gray-and-white headscarf and threadbare vest, she lets loose with her lament. First, she lost her husband to a brain aneurysm, which left her to raise their son alone in Kosovo, a society on the brink of war.

25 Mar 2010 description
report Transitions Online

Kyrgyzstan's ethnic Russians, isolated and increasingly powerless, are heading to the Motherland in droves.

by Hamid Toursunov

25 March 2010

OSH, Kyrgyzstan | Natasha Antonova was born 37 years ago in Osh and has lived here ever since. "It's my hometown, but I'm planning to leave Kyrgyzstan," she said recently.

25 Feb 2010 description
report Transitions Online

by Ivana Howard

25 February 2010

Civil society needs to stand up to Bosnia's new hate-speech demagogues.

As Bosnia lurches toward a train wreck of political confrontation prior to the October general elections, the blare of intolerance, misogyny, and hate speech heard in Sarajevo over the last few weeks has failed to stir the country's slumbering civil society. Nongovernmental organizations seem to have shut their ears, even as hate speech reaches the highest decibel levels in recent years.

19 Nov 2008 description
report Transitions Online

by Donald Rayfield

Both sides are guilty of lies and miscalculations, but a mix of vision and realism could still help stabilize the region.

The Georgia-Russia war of 8-12 August 2008 has left a host of issues unresolved. The future of the contested territories of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the resettlement of the expelled and displaced, the fate of Georgia's aspiration to join NATO, and the ambitions of an emboldened Russia are just a few.

13 Oct 2008 description
report Transitions Online

by Molly Corso

Georgian villagers are slowly returning home in the wake of the Russian army's withdrawal from checkpoints in the so-called "buffer zone" outside breakaway South Ossetia.

03 Sep 2008 description
report Transitions Online

by Leah Kohlenberg

For many refugees of the Caucasus war, homelessness is an all-too-familiar story.

TBILISI - Hunched over a makeshift ironing board crafted from a school teacher's desk, 36-year-old Kristina Mysuradze experienced a frightening sense of déjà vu.

For nearly 15 years, she and her family lived in an abandoned school building in Gori, much like the kindergarten classroom she now occupies.

03 Sep 2008 description
report Transitions Online

by Liza Valieva

Residents of the war zone emerge from their hiding places and start to rebuild.

[Nearly two weeks after fighting broke out between Georgia and Russia over South Ossetia, journalist Liza Valieva traveled from her home in the Russian republic of North Ossetia into South Ossetia. She, her husband, and a friend were taking food and other supplies to relatives in the disputed region. They met people thankful to be alive and thankful to Russia for its intervention.

21 Aug 2008 description
report Transitions Online

by Anneke Smit

It's not too early to plan for the return and resettlement of those displaced by the latest Caucasus conflict.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that nearly 160,000 people have fled their homes since fighting broke out in the Georgian breakaway region of South Ossetia.