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12 Jan 2018 description


Establishment of Pacific Shelter Cluster: 2012, Fiji: 2012, Solomon Islands: 2014, Vanuatu: 2014, Tonga, Samoa, Marshall Islands: in process Recent activations: Feb 2016 TC Winston in Fiji, March 2015 TC Pam in Vanuatu.

Recent national responses with regional support and number of people reached with emergency shelter:

Dec 2016
Makira EQ/tsunami in Solomon Islands 5,004

May 2017
TC Donna in Vanuatu 2,564

12 Jan 2018 description

This bulletin is being issued for information only and reflects the current situation and details available at this time. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is not seeking funding or other assistance from donors for this operation. The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) will, however, accept direct assistance to provide support to the affected population.

The situation

12 Jan 2018 description

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

The remote Kadovar Island volcano became active on 5 January 2018 with mild volcanic activity on the south-eastern side of the island. The Governor’s office conducted an aerial assessment and observed lava flow on the island with an estimated 50-60 per cent of the island covered in lava. The entire population has been relocated to Blup Blup Island, which is an island of about 800 people.

10 Jan 2018 description

This Emergency Appeal seeks 1,996,294 Swiss francs to support the Democratic Republic of Congo Red Cross (DRC RC) to assist some 244,300 people for 9 months in Lomami province, which is concomitantly affected by population movement and a cholera outbreak. While a multi-sector needs assessment carried out in three provinces impacted by the Kasaï crisis (Lomami, Sankuru and Kwilu) suggested a wide range of priorities, given the operational challenges, the proposed approach under this Emergency Appeal is to start with a community health response to the cholera outbreak in Lomami.

10 Jan 2018 description

By Francis Markus, IFRC

Before the latest influx of hundreds of thousands of people from Myanmar’s Rakhine state began in August last year, Laila Begum says the area close to her house was nothing but forest, with elephants roaming through the vegetation.

“Now it’s much better, we have a hospital and a learning center for the children,” says the 30-year-old Bangladeshi woman, whose home is close to a camp for new arrivals from Myanmar about 90 minutes’ drive from the town of Cox’s Bazar.

09 Jan 2018 description

Yaoundé/Nairobi/Geneva, 9 January 2018— The insidious spread of cholera in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)—including to parts of the country where it is rarely seen—threatens to dramatically worsen what is already one of the world’s largest humanitarian crises.

More than 1,000 people have died as a result of the outbreak that first started in January 2017. More than 53,000 cases have been reported. This health emergency comes alongside the forced displacement of more than 1.4 million people in the province of Kasai; the result of escalating violence.

09 Jan 2018 description

This bulletin is being issued for information only and reflects the current situation and details available at this time. The Papua New Guinea Red Cross Society (PNGRC), with the support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is assessing the evolving situation for a potential DREF request to assist the residents of Kadovar Island following a volcanic eruption.

The Situation

08 Jan 2018 description

Summary of main revisions made to the Emergency Plan of Action (EPOA)

The current political climate in the country has played a negative role in the respect of timeline for implementation of activities at country level. Since August 19, 2017 that the country has been going through a socio-political crisis that paralyzed all activities. Since then, there has been no week or without a planned political demonstration. Apart from being violent events, some of these, while being peaceful hinder the normal course of any professional, commercial day to day businesses.

08 Jan 2018 description

This revised Emergency Appeal seeks 1,149,014 Swiss francs (reduced from 1,674,188 Swiss francs) to enable the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to support the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) to deliver assistance and support to 50,000 people (reduced from 80,000 people) affected by both Tropical Cyclone Mora and landslides for twelve months with a focus on the following sectors: health, water, sanitation and hygiene promotion (WASH); shelter, food security and livelihoods; disaster risk reduction (DRR) and National Society capacity building.

04 Jan 2018 description

Antananarivo, 4 January 2018 – Madagascar is on high alert as Tropical Cyclone Ava moves towards the island. Red Cross disaster response teams are readying response plans in anticipation of the cyclone’s landfall.

“*Right now, our major concern is flooding as a result of the expected heavy rains. We’ve activated our national disaster response team, and Red Cross volunteers in all the districts are on high alert*,” said Izaka Harizaka, acting Secretary General, Malagasy Red Cross.

04 Jan 2018 description

Francis Markus, IFRC

Rashida hasn’t heard any news of her husband since the family’s house was set ablaze, he was taken away and she and her children fled from Myanmar’s Rakhine State to safety in Bangladesh. She says she is sure he must be dead, otherwise he too would have joined them.

“I had to tell the children the truth because otherwise they just kept asking and asking about their father,” she says.

Pain and uncertainty

Living with such pain and uncertainty takes a huge toll on her emotional state.

04 Jan 2018 description

A. Situation analysis

Description of the crisis

Tropical cyclone Mora made landfall on the coast of Bangladesh between Cox's Bazaar and the city of Chittagong on 30 May 2017. Myanmar’s Rakhine state was severely hit, particularly in the northern areas of the state, and the states/regions of Chin, Ayeyarwady, Magway and Sagaing. MRCS conducted a rapid assessment in the affected townships to assess the needs of the affected population.

31 Dec 2017 description

A. Situation Analysis

Description of the Situation

In November 2015, a group of more than 1,000 Cuban nationals were reported in the border area between Costa Rica and Panama in the community of Paso Canoas, Corredores Canton. Since these people did not meet the migration requirements to enter Costa Rica, a significant build-up of migrants occurred on the Panamanian side of the border as they began to settle in the streets, waiting on a solution to their legal immigration status.