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31 Mar 2017 description

Edward B. Rackley
31 March 2017

Executive Summary

  • Nigeria-origin radical Islamist group Boko Haram extended armed attacks into northern Cameroon in 2014 but was substantially beaten back by joint Cameroonian, Chadian and Nigerian armed forces in early 2015; thereafter, it has waged an asymmetric campaign of bombings, largely targeting civilians in urban areas.

12 Nov 2016 description

by Outi Keranen

The 2011 Libyan intervention and the anarchy which ensued has highlighted an aspect of the responsibility to protect principle that has, to date, been overshadowed by the debates on the use of force; the responsibility to rebuild.

09 Nov 2016 description

Ginny Hill and Baraa Shiban
9 November 2016

Authors’ note

Research for this paper was conducted during June, July and August 2016.

Updates and amendments

24 Jul 2014 description
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London, 24th July – A new report published today finds that despite Afghanistan being the most heavily drone-bombed country in the world, the reporting of air strikes is far less comprehensive than in other theatres.

16 Jun 2014 description

New report: Drones in Pakistan relocating terrorists, not eliminating them

US drone strikes in the tribal areas of Pakistan have caused large numbers of terrorists to relocate to other areas of the country causing an increase in violence across Pakistan, finds a new report commissioned by the Remote Control project. Published today, the report follows the major attacks on Karachi International Airport last week that killed at least 34 people and comes days after the US resumed drone strikes in Pakistan following a five month pause.

12 May 2014 description

The Syrian War is now in its fourth year and the indications are that the regime will survive and consolidate its position in 2014. This is radically different from early last year when many analysts thought it was under serious pressure, and it should be recalled that in mid-2011, a few months into the war, the prevailing view was that the regime would not last to the end of that year. The costs have been huge, with around 140,000 killed, twice that number injured and more than a third of the population displace, millions of them refugees in other countries.

16 Apr 2014 description

Jacob Beswick and Elizabeth Minor

This report from the Every Casualty programme explores the current state of casualty recording practice, and use of information about casualties, within the UN.

It concludes that when the UN systematically records the direct civilian casualties of violent conflict, and acts effectively on this information, this can help save civilian lives. However, casualty recording is not currently a widespread practice within the UN system.

16 Apr 2014 description

Systematically Recording the Casualties of Armed Violence Can Help Save Lives

LONDON, 16 APRIL - Recording and analysing data on the casualties of conflict and armed violence can improve the protection of civilians and save lives. This is the conclusion of two reports released today by Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) and the Oxford Research Group (ORG).

11 Dec 2013 description


  • The Central African Republic (CAR) has been unstable throughout its 53 years of independence. In 2013 it is experiencing an acute escalation of conflict across the country that has displaced at least 460,000 and risks mass atrocities as deadly violence divides communities.

27 Nov 2013 description

The recent announcement that the so-called Geneva II conference would finally convene on 22 January 2014 is overdue but good news. What are the chances of it bringing peace? All wars end, sooner or later. With an interim deal signed on Iran’s nuclear programme, the great powers, Middle Eastern diplomats and the mediators of Geneva are returning their attention to ending the war in Syria. As figures released by Oxford Research Group (ORG) on 24 November reveal, at least 113,735 Syrians had been killed by August, one-in-ten of them children. No conflict is currently deadlier.

24 Nov 2013 description

New report shows 11,420 children killed in Syrian conflict

London, 24 November 2013

Releasing new figures based on an analysis of 11,420 recorded child deaths in Syria, the Oxford Research Group (ORG) published a new report highlighting the major ways in which boys and girls across all age groups are being killed in the conflict.

01 Jul 2013 description

The recent military intervention in Mali has highlighted the growing links between marginalisation and the potential for large-scale political violence in West Africa. Over the past year, we have been warning about the danger of thinking that what is a fundamentally political problem in Mali can be solved by military means.

05 Mar 2013 description

The war in Syria is currently in a particularly complex phase with conflicting reports of rebel progress. Jihadist militias are growing in strength and capability, making it probable that they will have considerable influence and even power in a post-Assad Syria. At the same time, there are indications that elements supporting the Assad regime, including the Iranian government, recognise this and are planning for the aftermath with their own militias.