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05 May 2006 description

Abkhaz leader Sergey Bagapsh submitted a peace plan aimed at resolution of the Abkhaz conflict to the breakaway region's Parliament for consideration, Apsnipress news agency reported on May 4.

03 May 2006 description

The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the Georgian side on May 2 of hampering the process of return for internally displaced persons (IDPs) to the Gali district of breakaway Abkhazia.

In an information note, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Georgia rejected to participate in a session of a working group on the return of the IDPs, scheduled in Moscow for May 3-4.

"Issue of refugees and internally displaced persons are of major importance in the context of Georgian-Abkhaz conflict resolution.

29 Apr 2006 description

Abkhaz and South Ossetian leaders Sergey Bagapsh and Eduard Kokoity, respectively, said on April 28 in Sokhumi that cooperation between the two regions is aimed at peace and is not directed against Georgia, the Abkhaz news agency Apsnipress reported.

Kokoity and Bagapsh signed a protocol on the exchange of notes on the ratification of an "Agreement on Friendship and Cooperation between the Abkhaz and South Ossetian Republics" in Sokhumi on April 28.

Kokoity was accompanied on this trip by the breakaway region's Foreign Minister Murad Jioyev, Chief of Security Service …

26 Apr 2006 description

Tbilisi / 2006-04-26 20:09:03 - Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Nogaideli and Foreign Minister Gela Bezhuashvili said on April 26 that improvement of relations with Russia significantly depends on resolution of Abkhaz and South Ossetian conflicts.

Nogaideli and Bezhuashvili were speaking at a news conference which was held jointly by all members of the Georgian cabinet for a large group of Georgian journalists.

"We do not intend to compromise with Russia at the expense of our national interests," Prime Minister Zurab Nogaideli said, adding that the agreement on base pullout …

20 Apr 2006 description

Deputy Chairman of the breakaway South Ossetian government Boris Chochiev criticized Tbilisi's draft law on restitution as "one more PR campaign" of the Georgian authorities, which will fail to become a relief for the refugees and internally displaced persons.

However, Chochiev did not specify exactly which provisions of the draft law are unacceptable for Tskhinvali.

Boris Chochiev made these remarks during the talks with Naveed Hussain, representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to Georgia on April 19 in Tskhinvali, the South Ossetian Press and …

19 Apr 2006 description

Tbilisi / 2006-04-19 16:09:26 - The Georgian Ministry of Defense (MoD) said it has requested the Joint Peacekeeping Forces (JPKF) stationed in the South Ossetian conflict zone to probe into the late night shelling which occurred in the Georgian village of Vanati on April 17.

"There has been no reaction [from the JPKF] to this appeal yet," the Georgian MoD said on April 18.

A mortar shell "fired from the Dmenisi village, which is under the South Ossetian side's control" exploded near the police station in the village, according to the Georgian MoD.

But the …

05 Apr 2006 description

The Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) welcomed the UN Security Council's March 31 resolution on Abkhazia, which reaffirms support for Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The opposition Republican Party condemned the resolution as "a defeat of Georgian diplomacy," as the document does not contain a provision about "the necessity to define the status of Abkhazia within the State of Georgia" as stated in previous resolutions of the UN Security Council.

But the Georgian MFA said the resolution is "a step forward" compared to the …

05 Apr 2006 description

The Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe will discuss a draft resolution on refugees and displaced persons in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia during its spring session on April 13.

"The situation of refugees and displaced persons in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia continues to be an obstacle for the development of these countries in economic, socio-political and health terms...

30 Mar 2006 description

During a session of the Joint Control Commission (JCC) in Vladikavkaz on March 27-28 the sides agreed over setting up a 10-member working group to develop a joint action plan for peaceful resolution of the South Ossetian conflict, press office of the Georgian State Minister for Conflict Resolution Issues reported.

In an information note issued on March 29 the Russian Foreign Ministry outlined those three major issues on which the sides agreed during the JCC session:


29 Mar 2006 description

Georgian Ambassador to the UN Revaz Adamia called on the Security Council to maintain the principle of Georgia's territorial integrity in a resolution on Abkhazia, which is scheduled to be formally approved on March 30.

"It happened to be impossible to achieve a consensual language on a draft resolution and subsequently the roll-over resolution was adopted [in January]. Now, due to intense negotiations held by Group of Friends of Secretary General in Geneva and Berlin the text of new draft is almost agreed.

22 Mar 2006 description

Irakli Alasania, the President's aide for Abkhaz issues, said at a news briefing on March 22 that the government launched development of the national strategy on Abkhaz conflict resolution.

15 Mar 2006 description

Russian Foreign Ministry's special envoy Mikheil Bocharnikov, who is in charge for the Abkhaz conflict issues, held talks with the officials from the Georgian Foreign Ministry on March 14 over peaceful resolution of the Abkhaz conflict.

08 Mar 2006 description

Minister of breakaway Abkhazia Sergey Shamba described Tbilisi's calls for demilitarization of conflict zones in both South Ossetia and Abkhazia as "absurd."

"It would have been naive to think that Abkhazia and South Ossetia will demilitarize, while Georgia is reinforcing its armed forces. On the contrary, we should spare no efforts to adequately respond to ...

07 Mar 2006 description

Georgian Minister for Refugees Giorgi Kheviashvili said at a news conference on March 7 that the Georgian side launches inventory of property owned by the Georgian internally displaced persons in breakaway Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

He called on the leadership of the breakaway regions to cooperate with Tbilisi in this process.

"But these measures will be implemented, even if Sokhumi [Abkhaz capital] and Tskhinvali [S.Ossetian capital] refuse to cooperate," the Minister said.

He also said satellite photos will also be used that during the property registration …

27 Feb 2006 description

In a letter sent to the command of the Russian peacekeeping forces stationed in the Abkhaz conflict zone, the Georgian Military Police have warned that the peacekeepers must obtain Georgian visas before March 10, Chief of the Military Police Aleksandre Sukhitashvili told Civil Georgia on Monday.

Georgian Foreign Minister Gela Bezhuashvili called on the Russian side on February 21 to launch consultations to solve the issues related to visas for the Russian peacekeepers stationed in both the Abkhaz and South Ossetian conflict zones.

"Until there is an appropriate legal base, they …

26 Feb 2006 description

President Saakashvili told Russian Echo Moskvy radio stationed on February 25 that Tbilisi will try to solve South Ossetian conflict solely through "dialogue and consultations."
Saakashvili said he will not order to carry out military operation in the region. "I do not want people to die," the Georgian President said.

25 Feb 2006 description

The Georgian government has ordered slaughter of all domestic poultry kept at homes in a 3-km radius of the site of outbreak of bird flu in Adjara Autonomous Republic.

23 Feb 2006 description

The Georgian Foreign Ministry began issuing visas to Russian soldiers serving in Georgia, Foreign Minister Gela Bezhuashvili told reporters on February 22.

"There are over 1500 servicemen and members of their families [who need visas]... We launched this process [of issuing visas] yesterday [on February 21]... The issuing of visas for Russian servicemen is being carried out without any delays," Bezhuashvili said.

"We have already settled the existing problems...

20 Feb 2006 description

Paata Bedianashvili, commander of the Georgian peacekeeping battalion, said on February 20 that the Georgian peacekeeping battalion passed via Tskhinvali and deployed on the checkpoint located near the Georgian village of Achabeti.

19 Feb 2006 description

Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Nogaideli said on February 18 that the Georgian Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili is ready to hold talks with Interior Minister of breakaway South Ossetian Mikhail Mindzaev either in Tbilisi, or Tskhinvali.

PM Nogaideli, who was speaking after a session of the Georgian government's coordination council on S.Ossetia, said that Tbilisi's aims at "protection of human rights in the conflict zone and we will undertake all the possible measures for this reason."

Leadership of the breakaway South Ossetian has been calling for meeting between …