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16 Dec 2004 description

Routine quadripartite talks between the Georgian and Abkhaz sides, which include the participation of representative of the Russian peacekeeping force deployed in the conflict zone and UN observers, were resumed on december 16 in the village of Chuburkhinji, in Abkhazia's Gali district.

The Abkhaz side pulled out from these talks six months ago, after the Georgian coast guard opened fire on a Turkish ship en-route to breakaway Abkhazia.

Before this incident talks were held once a week to discuss the ongoing developments in the conflict zone.

The Georgian side will be …

14 Dec 2004 description

Two-day, UN-sponsored talks on the Georgian-Abkhazian peace process were launched in Geneva on December 13 with the participation of UN Secretary General's Group of Friends for Georgia, including France, Germany, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and the United States; however neither Georgian nor the Abkhaz delegations are participating in the talks.

The Abkhaz side refused to participate in the talks because of current political turbulence that still persits in the breakaway region, following nearly three months of turmoil that ensued after a disputed presidential election took …

09 Dec 2004 description

The Georgian Ministry for Refugees and Accommodation, with the support of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), started registration of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in order to find out the exact number of those persons who were forced to flee breakaway Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

According to approximate figures, more than 250,000 IDPs currently live in Georgian.

12 Nov 2004 description

Opposition leader Sergey Bagapsh's supporters captured all the governmental building in breakaway Abkhazia's capital Sokhumi, including the Governmental Office, Parliament and the President's Administration, Russian news agencies reported.

Russian state RTR television reported that shoots were heard, as a guard tried in vain to prevent opposition protesters from breaking into the Governmental Office.

11 Nov 2004 description

Head of the Shida Kartli Police Aleksandre Sukhitashvili said that the South Ossetian side opened fire again overnight on November 11 on the Georgian villages of Tamarasheni and Kurta in the conflict zone. No casualties were reported.

27 Oct 2004 description

Giorgi Sepashvili, Civil Georgia

Overnight shootouts and shellings followed by Tbilisi's and Tskhinvali's mutual accusations of opening fire are the topics that prevail in reports that have been coming from the South Ossetian conflict zone over the past week.

No casualties have been reported yet; however, the recent developments very much resemble those of July-August, when sporadic overnight shootings grew into armed clashes between South Ossetian and Georgian forces in early August.

"Shooting takes place there every night...

12 Oct 2004 description

One Ossetian peacekeeper died and two others were wounded in the South Ossetian conflict area on October 12, after the truck transporting the unit of the Ossetian Battalion of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces was attacked by unknown armed men, the Press and Information Committee of the South Ossetian unrecognized republic reported.

The Georgian side has also confirmed the report; however no official statement was made so far.

12 Oct 2004 description

The UN General Assembly passed a resolution on October 11 over restoration of Georgia's right to vote at the UN until 30 June 2005, the Georgian Foreign Ministry reported on October 12.

Recently the Fifth Committee of the UN, which deals with budgetary and administrative issues, submitted this recommendation to the UN General Assembly.

Georgia was deprived of the right to vote at the UN on June 30 due to membership fee arrears. Georgia must annually transfer USD 766,299 to the UN budget between 2004-2013 to cover the existing debt.

06 Sep 2004 description

North Ossetian section of the Georgian-Russian border remains closed by the Russian authorities, following the terrorist act in North Ossetian town of Beslan.

"The border is closed from the Russian side and movement across the border is impossible. It is also unclear yet how long the borders will be closed," Shalva Londaridze, a spokesman for the Georgian Border Guard Department told Civil Georgia on September 6.

06 Sep 2004 description

2,650 Chechen refugees underwent registration carried out in Georgia's Akhmeta district and the villages of Pankisi gorge in August, According to the Georgian Ministry for Refugees and Accommodations (MRA).

3,700 Chechen refugees were registered in Pankisi gorge last year.

Additional registration procedures will be carried out till September 26, mainly for those refugees who live in the Georgian capital Tbilisi.

22 Aug 2004 description

Georgian authorities sent convoy of humanitarian aid to the Georgian villages of the conflict zone for the first time in last few weeks.

14 Aug 2004 description

The Georgian and South Ossetian sides agreed on August 13 to a cease-fire after three nights of gun and mortar fire in Georgia's breakaway region of South Ossetia.

The agreement, which called for the cease-fire to take affect at midnight Friday, was signed by Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania and South Ossetian de facto President Eduard Kokeov.

Meanwhile, the Georgian Parliament called for suspending the mandate of Russian peacekeepers in the region, accusing Russia of supporting the South Ossetian separatists.

Hours before the truce was reached, a convoy carrying Georgian …

28 Jul 2004 description

In his letter to the UN Security Council, Georgian Ambassador to the United Nations Revaz Adamia calls on the Security Council for taking "firm position" and "decisive actions" in order to foster conflict in Georgia's breakaway Abkhazia.

"We would like to reiterate that Georgia is committed to the peaceful resolution of the frozen conflict in Abkhazia, Georgia, despite what one might hear regarding the alleged aggressiveness of the new Government," Georgian Ambassador to the UN says in a letter dated July 26.

Ambassador Adamia underlines the …

24 Jul 2004 description

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan says in his latest report on the situation in Georgia's breakaway region of Abkhazia that "despite some practical cooperation between the two sides [Georgian and Abkhaz], there has been no substantive dialogue on key issues and human rights in the area remain in peril."

Kofi Annan welcomes the discussions on security guarantees and the return of refugees, but cautions that without a comprehensive political settlement, "the situation in the conflict zone will continue to be unsettled and prone to destabilization."

The …

22 Jul 2004 description

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said on July 21 that the UN is closely watching the developments in Georgia's breakaway South Ossetia. The Secretary General added, however, that the UN has no plans to deploy a mission to that part of Georgia.

"I would hope that discussions between the Russian Federation and the Georgian Government will help calm the situation. When I was in Moscow myself in April... we [Kofi Annan and Russian President Putin] had a frank discussion about developments in Georgia.

20 Jul 2004 description

Giorgi Sepashvili, Civil Georgia

Tensions flared up again in Georgia's breakaway South Ossetia on July 20, after Russia moved armored vehicles into the restive region, explaining the move as a scheduled rotation of the armament for the Russian peacekeeping troops stationed in the conflict zone.

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, who refused to pull out Georgian troops from the conflict zone and threatened to withdraw from decade-old peace agreements, convened a session of the National Security Council on July 20 to discuss the recent developments in breakaway South Ossetia.

20 Jul 2004 description

Georgian State Minister for Conflict Resolution Issues Goga Khaindrava said after talks in Tskhinvali on July 19, "no serious progress will be made while the three Georgian soldiers remain detained by the South Ossetian side."

Three Georgian peacekeepers, arrested by the South Ossetian militias on July 8, still remain in the custody of the de facto South Ossetian authorities.

15 Jul 2004 description

Georgian authorities unexpectedly announced on July 15 that the Georgian side will pay customs dues for the cargo delivered in the breakaway South Ossetia from Russia.

Georgian police stopped seven trucks of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations on July 13 in the South Ossetian conflict zone, loaded by humanitarian aid for the population of the breakaway region.

The Georgian side explained the cargo was neither duly cleared at customs, nor it possessed clearance as a humanitarian assistance.

13 Jul 2004 description

Civil Georgia, Tbilisi - The Georgian side has blocked a convoy of trucks from the Russian Emergency Ministry carrying humanitarian aid on July 13.

12 Jul 2004 description

Civil Georgia, Tbilisi - Georgia's central authorities delivered on July 12 a truck of humanitarian aid to the Georgian village of Tamarasheni in breakaway South Ossetia, including flour and vegetable oil.

The Ossetian side has not obstructed the delivery of the aid to the region.

However, on July 11 the Ossetian militias seized the humanitarian freight which was accompanied by the Russian peacekeepers. But as a result of negotiations between the Russian peacekeepers and the South Ossetian militias the aid was returned and delivered to the Georgian villages.