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28 Jun 2003 description

(Tbilisi, June 28, 2003, Civil Georgia) - According to the preliminary results of the census of Chechen refugees, over 3,600 Chechens live in Pankisi gorge at the moment, Governor of the Akhmeta District Nukri Alavidze told Civil Georgia.

He said final results of the census would officially be published on July 1.

Registration of Chechen refugees in the Pankisi gorge was launched on June 9 by the Georgian Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation, with the support of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

According to the census held in April 2002 there were up to 4,200 …

20 Jun 2003 description

(Tbilisi, June 20, 2003, Civil Georgia) - The Parliamentary session today planned to discuss issue of Abkhaz conflict settlement however MPs expressed protest regarding the absence of high-ranking officials from the executive government at the discussion.

14 Jun 2003 description

(Tbilisi, June 14 2003, Civil Georgia) - Georgian Special Affairs Minister Malkhaz Kakabadze and Deputy Foreign Minister Merab Antadze left for Moscow today to discuss with the Russian authorities implementation of the Sochi agreement.

The March 7 agreement between Eduard Shevardnadze and Vladimir Putin was signed implies safe return of IDPs to Abkhazia, restoration of the Russian-Georgian railway link via Abkhazia and rehabilitation of power facilities in the breakaway region.

According to the Georgian Foreign Ministry it is unknown so far, whether the representatives of …

12 Jun 2003 description

Despite Russian authorities' vows to provide security guarantees to Chechen returnees, refugees living in Georgia's Pankisi gorge prefer to stay in the gorge, fearing that recent statements of the Russian officials on improved security situation are mere propaganda.

11 Jun 2003 description

(Tbilisi, June 11 2003, Civil Georgia) - The four UN employees, who were abducted on June 5 by unidentified armed group from Kodori gorge, were brought to Tbilisi in helicopter today.

At a special press conference in the Foreign Ministry of Georgia Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General to Georgia Heidi Tagliavini thanked President Shevardnadze, who, according to her, personally supervised the search operation from the very beginning.

Tagliavini said, the President informed her that the hostages were released without using force, that was the most important.

The …

10 Jun 2003 description

(Tbilisi, June 10 2003, Civil Georgia) - The part of Chechen refugees living in Georgia's Pankisi gorge are strongly against repatriation in Chechnya, while another part demands security guarantees in case of return.

Chechen refugees expressed concerns regarding the possible repatriation during the meeting with the delegation of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations today in Pankisi gorge.

"Russia is ready to provide living conditions for you in Chechnya.

10 Jun 2003 description

(Tbilisi, June 10 2003, 15:17, Civil Georgia) - Reports say gunmen released today three UN observers and their interpreter who had been kidnapped in Kodori gorge, breakaway Abkhazia. Authorities say no ransom has been paid.

The kidnappers released the personal of the UN Observers Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG) after the talks with the Georgian authorities, which agreed to provide security guarantees to the kidnappers, thus none of the eight hostage-takers are captured.

09 Jun 2003 description

(Tbilisi, June 9 2003, Civil Georgia) - Russian delegation, led by the Deputy Minister for Emergency Situations Yuri Brazhnikov arrived today in Tbilisi to discuss with the Georgian authorities issue of repatriation Chechen refugees living in Georgia's Pankisi gorge.

05 Jun 2003 description

Kidnapping of the UN observers in Kodori gorge in Georgia's breakaway region of Abkhazia increases fears in Tbilisi over anticipated destabilization in this troubled gorge.

Three employees of the UN Observers Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG) and one Georgian interpreter were abducted in Kodori gorge this morning, while patrolling the gorge.

"The UN observers mission, which was conducting the regular patrol of Kodori gorge this morning, was ambushed by the unknown armed group.

02 Jun 2003 description

(Tbilisi, June 2, 2003, Civil Georgia) - Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov speaking at the news briefing in St.-Petersburg on June 1 said that issue of Russian peacekeepers' mandate deployed in Abkhazian conflict zone under the auspices of the CIS will be decided in 14 days.

He said that the leaders of the CIS countries agreed at the summit in St.-Petersburg to continue talks in order "to reach mutual acceptable agreement over the Russian peacekeepers in Abkhazia."

The misunderstanding over the peacekeepers' issue broke after the statement of the Ukrainian …