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16 Aug 2017 description

Governments have recently affirmed the right and commitment to quality and inclusive Education for All in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and in the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants. What must be done to ensure that their promises don't ring hollow? This is a particularly pressing question in countries of the Global South where, today, over 18 million international migrants under the age of 20 live. Neither the call for inclusive education nor its application to migrant and youth populations is new.

02 Mar 2017 description

En la actualidad, el mundo se ve afectado por la proliferación de guerras civiles en varias regiones, lo que hace pertinente investigar las formas en que los países que ya las han sufrido han podido reconstruir sus economías y sus tejidos sociales después de los conflictos. ¿Qué podemos aprender de las experiencias de los países a los que esto les ha ocurrido? En esta problemática, el tema del desarrollo y la reconciliación en áreas rurales es muy importante puesto que a menudo las guerras civiles se concentran allí.

20 Dec 2016 description

This Issue Brief introduces readers to the human rights-based approach to sanitation. Access to sanitation may reduce vulnerability, a key focus of social protection. This briefing paper makes the case for an increased focus on sanitation as a human right, explores current approaches to address this right, and provides ideas on the key directions needed to turn the tide on this critical issue.

15 Sep 2016 description

This Issue Brief introduces readers to the human rights-based approach to social protection. It highlights the fundamental principles of this approach, which are explored in detail at socialprotection-humanrights.org, and directs readers to the key human rights instruments and other tools that are available to help policy makers and practitioners advocate for and operationalize a rights-based approach to social protection.

26 Jul 2016 description

This paper presents the key findings of a research project that investigated women’s and men’s vulnerability to drought in Fedis woreda, a district located in Eastern Ethiopia. It focuses on the gendered impacts of drought on rural livelihoods in dryland areas. The research used a comparative assessment of both men’s and women’s susceptibility and coping capacities.

20 Oct 2015 description
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This paper examines prospects for enhanced regional migration governance and protection of migrants’ rights in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Migration in this region is substantial in scale and diverse in nature, incorporating economic, political and mixed migration flows. In addition to movements between countries within the region, migrants also come from across the African continent and even further afield. At its foundation in 1992, SADC as an institution initially embraced a vision of intra-regional free movement, but this has not become a reality.

20 Mar 2014 description

This paper is the first of a series of papers exploring the political and institutional contexts of resource mobilization and social spending for social development in Uganda. We provide the historical context of, and trends in, resource mobilization (domestic and external revenue) and social spending in post-independence Uganda. After years of civil war, mismanagement and general decline, Uganda turned a page in 1986 when NRM (National Resistance Movement) came to power.

18 Feb 2014 description

The current Ethiopian government originated in a Marxist revolutionary movement, which early in its struggle against the Derg regime recognized the widespread discrimination against women in Ethiopian society and placed gender emancipation at the centre of its revolutionary strategy. While political expediency and confrontation with patriarchal Ethiopian society has at times challenged its commitment to women, the EPRDF has, nevertheless, introduced a number of reforms which aim to promote gender equality.

11 Jul 2012 description

Though it is difficult to assess whether the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have contributed to poverty trends across the world, their impact on the discourse on international development has been powerful and unexpected.

06 Mar 2012 description

Farida Shaheed is a sociologist with over 25 years’ research experience on women’s issues (including rural development, women and labour and legal rights), especially in Pakistan and South Asia. She is a long-time UNRISD collaborator, and joins us with an interview on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Her article on politics, religion and gender in Pakistan has been published in a special issue of Cahier du Genre entitled “Religion et politique: Les femmes prises au piège”.

25 Oct 2011 description

Nine months after the overthrow of the former president, Tunisia has voted in the first open and fair election in the region. The Islamist party al-Nahda has claimed victory by a fairly large margin, assuring the party a strong say in future political processes. What will this victory mean for Tunisia’s historical legacy of women’s rights?

In a three-part article published on openDemocracy, UNRISD Research Analyst Kristine Goulding examines the transformation of gender relations from the Arab Spring, throughout the Islamist summer, and into the feminist fall.

16 Feb 1999 description

Released February 1999 by the United Nations Research Institute on Social Development
by Yusuf Bangura