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27 Feb 2015 description

The second batch of Korean aid workers who treated patients infected with the deadly Ebola virus in Sierra Leone have safely returned to Korea after four weeks of humanitarian work.

The second team, consisting of four doctors and five nurses, returned to Korea on February 23. They treated Ebola patients at a clinic in Goderich, a town near Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, working there for nearly one month, since January 26. They also conducted blood tests on their patients, among other procedures.

29 Oct 2014 description

A system of mechanized rice farming has been put in place recently in Cameroon with assistance from the Korean government.

During the opening ceremony for the farm in the Central African nation on October 16, Director Tobie Ondoa Manga from the Cameroonian Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development said, "With the completion of this complex, we will be able to provide automation in farming and it will be used as a venue to educate farmers about how to operate farming machines."

17 Oct 2014 description

Korea will provide an additional USD 2 million in assistance to help rebuild the Gaza Strip, Palestine, following military conflicts between Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic organization, and Israel across the region.

Seoul’s pledge came on October 12 when international leaders gathered in Cairo, Egypt, for the International Donors Conference on Financing the Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.

28 Sep 2011 description

Korea’s fourth peacekeeping contingent is winning recognition overseas for their efforts to help with reconstruction of quake-ravaged Haiti.

Dispatched in Haiti late last month as UN peacekeeping forces, Korean troops have successfully developed a deep well for local residents, the Korean Ministry of National Defense said on September 23.

The unit, named Danbi (welcome rain), began to develop the well in the Léogâne area of Haiti after they were dispatched to the region last month.

22 Apr 2011 description

The Korean government has decided to spend 500 million dollars US over the next five years to help with the reconstruction and stabilization of Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade reported on April 15 that Korean Deputy Minister for Political Affairs Kim Jae-shin announced the support plan at a foreign ministers’ meeting in Berlin on April 14.

The Deputy Minister expressed Korea’s willingness to participate in the reconstruction efforts of the international community for Afghanistan at the meeting.

18 Aug 2010 description

The South Korean government approved a humanitarian group's visit to North Korea for the first time since May, when Seoul banned all exchanges with Pyongyang due to the sinking of a South Korean warship by North Korean forces.

The Ministry of Unification reported on Aug. 16 that it gave approval to two more civilians to visit the North to provide humanitarian assistance. This follows previous approval for three other South Korean civilians on Aug.

25 Nov 2009 description

Korea joined the club of donor nations in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on Wednesday, Nov.

06 May 2009 description

By Han Aran
Korea.net Staff Writer

The government has announced a package of measures to help global reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan.

17 Jul 2008 description

Source: Ministry of National Defense

The nation's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said Thursday (July 17) that Korea would mark the first anniversary of its deployment of troops to Lebanon, where some 12,000 U.N.

30 Jun 2008 description

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Foreign Ministry said Monday (June 30) that Korea opened a hospital in Afghanistan to care for local residents as part of its civilian-led efforts to continue contributions to the war-ravaged country.

Korea withdrew about 50 medics of the Dongui unit and 150 engineers of the Dasan unit from Afghanistan late last year, but has taken part in the Provincial Reconstruction Team to continue efforts to help stabilize the central Asian nation.

Currently, more than 20 medical staff and administrative workers, mostly civilians, have been …

26 Jun 2008 description

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Foreign Ministry spokesman Moon Tae-young said Thursday (June 26) that Korea will provide $300,000 in cash to the Philippines to help it recover from huge typhoon damages.

President Lee Myung-bak has already sent a letter expressing his condolences to his Filipino counterpart Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

The death toll from Typhoon Fengshen which pounded the Philippines last weekend has risen to 622 with nearly 1,000 people still missing, mostly from the capsizing of a passenger ferry, according to the latest news reports.

15 May 2008 description

The Korean military unit in Iraq has provided free medical service to over 80,000 patients as of this week, a feat achieved just 42 months since the unit was deployed there in 2004, the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Thursday (May 15).

The 80,000th patient of the Zaytun unit was a six-year-old boy, Balen Masud, who had been in and out of the unit's hospital since last year for eye treatment, according to the office.

"When Balen first came to the hospital in June 2007, he was cross-eyed and suffering from weak eyesight, but after continuous treatment and operations …

02 May 2008 description

South Korea will provide North Korea with $1.18 million worth of supplies this year to help prevent malaria, an infectious disease commonly associated with poverty, the Unification Ministry said Friday (May 2).

South Korea will purchase the supplies, including preventive drugs and insecticides, from the government-civilian fund for boosting inter-Korean cooperation programs, for delivery to the Pyongyang office of the World Health Organization, the office said.

Seoul has supported malaria-prevention efforts in the North since 2001 with the help of the U.N.

19 Feb 2008 description

South and North Korean officials began conducting a joint on-site survey of a hospital and other medical facilities in North Korea Tuesday (Feb.

14 Dec 2007 description

Soldiers from the Dongui (medical) and Dasan (engineering) units, return home early Friday (Dec. 14). Soldiers from those units have been assisting with reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan for the past six years.

About 200 South Korean troops arrived in Seoul Airport in Seongnam from Afghanistan on Friday (Dec.

13 Dec 2007 description

With Korea's largest oil spill spreading in waves to the south of the already affected areas on the west coast, the government was on alert Thursday (Dec.

14 Nov 2007 description

The South and North Korean prime ministers will meet for three days to discuss follow-up measures to implement the joint agreement reached at the summit of the two Koreas in early October.

06 Nov 2007 description

The two Koreas agreed on a joint pig farming project that can fuel cross-border agricultural exchange, the government said on Monday (Nov.5).The Unification Ministry said that the deal was reached at talks held in the North Korean city of Gaeseong, with both sides willing to expand the project after a trial period of two years.The ministry said the project calls for setting up a pig farm near Pyongyang, with Seoul providing the breeding animals, feed and facilities to successfully raise the livestock."This is not a one-sided aid program with money used to finance the endeavor given to …

10 Sep 2007 description

South Korea Monday (Sept. 10) sent the first batch of its emergency aid to North Korea to help the communist country cope with the damage from flash floods, officials said.

"We sent 30 5-ton trucks to North Korea via the overland route in the morning.

03 Sep 2007 description

South Korea is to endorse the sending of 49.3 billion won ($48 million) worth of emergency aid to North Korea, at a state-run committee meeting on Tuesday, the Unification Ministry said Monday (Sept. 3).

The aid package breaks down to the purchase of materials and equipment valued at 37.4 billion won ($36 million), attendant transportation cost of 10 billion won ($9 million) and $2 million to be delivered to the North via the United Nations.