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19 Dec 2018 description

(December 4, 2018 – New York) Bolivia has become the 82nd country to endorse the Safe Schools Declaration, an inter-governmental commitment to better protect students, teachers, schools, and universities during armed conflict, said the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack today.

05 Nov 2018 description

Indiscriminate shelling and targeted artillery attacks damaged or destroyed more than 740 schools in Ukraine, and both sides of the conflict used schools and universities as bases and barracks. Artillery fire, other explosions, and—early in the reporting period— air strikes occurred near schools, killing and injuring students and other civilians. Fear of such attacks caused many parents to keep their children out of school. Similar attacks also sporadically targeted higher education infrastructure and personnel.

17 Oct 2018 description

At least 10 people have been killed and many more wounded in a bomb explosion at a college in Crimea that one witness told local television also involved an attack by armed gunmen.

The Russian national anti-terrorism committee, a government body, said the explosion at a polytechnic was caused by an “unidentified explosive device”, according to Russia’s Tass state news agency.

The bomb blast took place in the city of Kerch, which is the entry point for a new 19km bridge linking Crimea to mainland Russia.

11 Oct 2018 description


The Government of Nigeria has been embroiled since 2009 in an armed conflict with the Islamist insurgency group Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’Awati Wal-Jihad, popularly known as Boko Haram. Boko Haram has committed serious acts of violence. It has killed an estimated 20,000 and displaced over 2.2 million in the wider Lake Chad region.

11 Sep 2018 description

(September 10, 2018 – New York) The Republic of Cameroon has announced its endorsement of the Safe Schools Declaration, said the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) today. Cameroon is the 81st country worldwide and the 22nd African Union member to join this international political agreement to protect education during armed conflict.

31 Jul 2018 description

(July 31, 2018 – New York) The Principality of Monaco has announced its endorsement of the Safe Schools Declaration, becoming the 80th country to commit to safeguarding education during armed conflict, said the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) today.

25 May 2018 description

(May 24, 2018 – New York) Ambassador Ulrich Seidenberger of Germany announced his government’s endorsement of the Safe Schools Declaration on May 22, at a reception in Geneva hosted by Ambassador Brattskar of Norway and Ambassador Foradori of Argentina, to mark three years since their governments launched the political commitment to protect education in armed conflict, said the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack.  

16 May 2018 description

Estudio global de las amenazas o instancias de uso deliberado o indiscriminado de la fuerza contra estudiantes, docentes, académicos, personal auxiliar educativo y de transporte o funcionarios de educación, y contra escuelas, universidades y otras instituciones educativas, perpetradas con fines políticos, militares, ideológicos, sectarios, étnicos o religiosos entre 2013 y 2017.

Ataques a la educación y uso militar de escuelas y universidades en los países analizados, 2013-2017

Países muy gravemente afectados

16 May 2018 description

Une étude globale des menaces ou de l'usage de la force, délibérée ou non, contre les élèves, les enseignants, les universitaires, le personnel scolaire et des transports ou les agents de l'éducation; et contre les écoles, les universités et autres institutions éducatives, menées pour des raisons politiques, militaires, idéologiques, sectaires, ethniques ou religieuses de 2013 à 2017.

Attaques contre l'éducation et utilisation militaire des écoles et des universités dans les pays ciblés, 2013-2017

Très lourdement affectés

10 May 2018 description
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Executive Summary - English version
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Executive Summary - Arabic version

In countries across the globe from Afghanistan to Colombia to India to Mali to Turkey to Yemen and on, students, teachers, and educational facilities are under siege. Targeted killings, rape, abduction, child recruitment, intimidation, threats, military occupation, and destruction of property are just some of the ways in which education is being attacked.

04 Apr 2018 description

Originally posted in The Japan Times

Children across Japan are returning to school this week for the new semester, but elsewhere in the world as many as 263 million children won’t be so lucky. Of these out-of-school children, 27 million live in conflict zones.

13 Mar 2018 description

(March 5, 2018 - New York) The governments of the Dominican Republic and Mali have endorsed the Safe Schools Declaration, becoming the 72nd and 73rd countries to commit to safeguarding education during armed conflict, the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) said today.

12 Sep 2017 description

(New York, September 12, 2017) – Burkina Faso has become the 69th country to endorse the Safe Schools Declaration, a move which is warmly welcomed by the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA).

By endorsing the Declaration, which is an intergovernmental commitment to protect schools, universities, students, and teachers from attack in armed conflict, the government of Burkina Faso has joined 18 of its fellow African Union member states.

01 Sep 2017 description

New York – The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, Ms. Virginia Gamba, released today her annual report to the General Assembly. The 16-page document outlines immediate priorities as well as a longer-term vision for improving the protection of children affected by armed conflict, with a reflection on the achievements of the children and armed conflict agenda over the past two decades.

07 Aug 2017 description

By Riley Bunch

SEATTLE — According to UNICEF, conflict zones around the world are preventing 25 million young students from getting access to education. Schools being targets for attacks, military use and occupation by armed forces has caused global concern surrounding protection of education under attack in conflict zones.