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27 May 2015 description

What causes tides?

Tides are the daily rise and fall of sea levels, caused mainly by the gravitational pull of the moon as it revolves around the earth. Tides are also affected by the earth’s rotation and the gravitational pull of the sun.

What are spring tides and neap tides?

07 Jan 2015 description
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VOLUME ONE: A Guide to Support Community Understanding of Coastal Erosion and Flooding Issues
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VOLUME TWO: A Guide to Support Community Decision-Making on Coastal Erosion and Flooding Issues

This guide responds to the emerging needs of many communities in the Pacific Islands whose members are expressing concerns about storm damage, sea-level rise, and the frequency and severity of coastal flooding events and shoreline erosion. For the purpose of the guide, the term “coastal zone” refers to the entire area from the upland forest out to the reef edge. On small low-lying islands and atolls, the entire island would be considered the coastal zone.

The term “coastal change” refers to:

12 Nov 2013 description
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Tools for Practitioners
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Toolkit Tools

Pacific Gender and Climate Change Toolkits have been launched and are now available for use as part of a four week review.

The two toolkits are designed to help incorporate a gender perspective in development projects that focus on climate change and renewable energy in the Pacific.

Pacific Island communities are already dealing with climate change-related risks and challenges at the community and national level. Very few of the actions designed to manage these risks but few actively integrate gender.