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13 Oct 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

The Central African Republic has been marred by political instability for decades but the violence peaked in 2013 following a coup d’état in March, led by the predominately Muslim Seleka rebels.

Widespread fighting between the Seleka and predominately Christian anti-Balaka militias led to the deaths of more than 5,000 people and destroyed the already fragile social fabric. It also led to the virtual collapse of the economy and people’s livelihoods.

11 Oct 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

There are now more than 65 million people in the world who have been forced from their homes due to conflict or disaster (UNHCR), many of them struggling to meet their basic needs of food, water, shelter and access to essential services. However, the psychological trauma of their displacement is less visible, and often overlooked.

06 Oct 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

Whilst seeking to meet the urgent needs of over half a million people displaced from the conflict in Myanmar, Islamic Relief is also planning for the long-term.

“Islamic Relief has been responding to the needs of displaced people in Myanmar for years and unfortunately this will be the case for many years to come,” said David Crawford, Head of Islamic Relief’s Humanitarian Department. “It’s a protracted crisis that we need to have a long-term plan for.”

Huge numbers of refugees still arriving in Bangladesh

01 Oct 2017 description
report Islamic Relief
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Annual Report 2016

In 2016, we increased our humanitarian efforts in some of the world’s most challenging environments. As the war in Syria entered its sixth year, our £26.6 million emergency response programme supported over three million vulnerable people living in Syria as well as refugees in three neighbouring countries. In Iraq and Yemen, as the crises continued to shatter lives, we provided life-saving aid, often in areas that other organisations are unable to access.

26 Sep 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

At least 1,267 children are vulnerable to exploitation including human trafficking, sexual abuse, child labour and child marriage after fleeing the violence in Rakhine State, Myanmar.

The emergency situation has resulted in a reported 1,000 plus fatalities and the displacement of hundreds of thousands. According to United Nations estimates, that more than 400,000 men, women and children have fled Myanmar for refuge in Bangladesh over the past month, with thousands more arriving each day.

19 Sep 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief is providing food, shelter and clean water for thousands of people in camps in the western state of Rakhine in Myanmar. We are also gearing up our response to the crisis in south-eastern Bangladesh, where refugees from Myanmar were arriving at the rate of 15,000 a day in the first fortnight of September.

06 Sep 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

Fazila and her family from Dewangonj in Jamalpur District in north west Bangladesh lost everything in the recent floods in early August.

They are not alone. Dewangonj was particularly badly affected by the floods which claimed the lives of 140 people and destroyed more than 600,000 homes.

“I have never seen such floods and water in my whole life,” Fazila said. “The whole family had to leave the house and take shelter in the nearest primary school. 15 days have passed and we are still there.”

03 Sep 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief believes that all children have a right to personal dignity and protection from abuse, and recognises the special responsibility and duty of care it bears to create a safe environment for children within its projects and programmes. This policy is a comprehensive guide for all Islamic Relief staff to ensure that the vulnerable children we work with are protected at all times. It includes sections on recognising signs of abuse; organisation and field office responsibilities; partner organisation responsibilities, and communications about children.

03 Sep 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

This document summarises key lessons from integrating Gender Based Violence and Child Protection activities into humanitarian programmes in Mali, Niger and Pakistan. It documents best practice examples and evaluates strategies that worked best based on the different contexts. It also highlights several case studies and provides recommendations for donors, partner organisations and other stakeholders.

25 Aug 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

By Salem Jaafar Baobaid, Project Coordinator – Emergency Food Assistance, Islamic Relief, Yemen

Yemen has suffered economic instability, political turmoil, civil unrest and conflicts for decades but the beginning of the recent conflict in March 2015 was a stark turning point for the economic, social and humanitarian destiny of this country and for me personally.

25 Aug 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

Ahmed Ghandoor (39) is the hospital director and general surgeon at Al Rahma hospital in Darkoush In Idlib, close to the Syrian border with Turkey.

Islamic Relief has supported the hospital by providing dialysis machines and equipment for dialysis sessions, as well as incubators and x-ray and ultrasound machines.

23 Aug 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

Farmers hugely indebt as crops destroyed and unable to farm on land for next 5 years

“So many people are traumatised at losing their loved ones and millions of people are now living under open skies on the highway, with nothing!”

Urgent funds are needed to deal with the worst flooding in India and Bangladesh for decades, says Islamic Relief staff in both countries.

22 Aug 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief is providing emergency relief for thousands of people affected by some of the worst flooding in India and Bangladesh in nearly a decade.

Heavy monsoon rains submerged whole districts in India

More than 250 people have died and over 13 million people have been severely affected by heavy monsoon rains and landslides in north-eastern India. Whole districts have been submerged and hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate their homes.

22 Aug 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

A complete and utter disaster on an apocalyptic scale could is destined to occur in Afder, the Somali region in the south east of Ethiopia.

According to recent reports from the United Nations before the year is out some 10.5 million people will not have regular access to safe drinking water, 8.5 million people will require emergency food assistance and 376,000 children will become severely acutely malnourished.

21 Aug 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

Prolonged drought and increasing food insecurity in Ethiopia has resulted in internal displacement, particularly in the Afar region which borders Somalia.

In Ethiopia, 8.5 million people are currently food insecure and require urgent assistance.

In the last three months alone this number has increased dramatically from 7.8 million as the situation worsens.

376,000 children aged five or under are severely malnourished.

An acute lack of food and water across the region has led to people fleeing their homes in search of survival.

18 Aug 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief is responding to the emergency in Assam and Bihar as overflowing rivers have left entire districts submerged affecting millions of people.

The emergency provisions include emergency shelter kits and safe drinking water for thousands of the most vulnerable households.

Supporting over 1,500 households in Assam

The Assam region has experienced heavy rainfall since May this year. Thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes – roads, bridges and other essential infrastructure have been destroyed or washed away.

16 Aug 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

In areas where families were heavily reliant on their animals to survive, the loss of livestock has reduced one-time breadwinners to being recipients of aid.

Arid land and undetected diseases continue to threaten the remaining animals and are leaving entire communities in the Afar region of Ethiopia without sufficient food and income to survive.

01 Aug 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief is building good quality shelters for over 3,400 people in Myanmar left homeless by a powerful and destructive storm in late May

Starting in Sri Lanka as torrential rains, then moving across to Bangladesh and Myanmar as a full-scale cyclone producing sustained winds of 65-70 miles per hour, Cyclone Mora left chaos and devastation in its wake.

26 Jul 2017 description


• Les communes de Gossi et Ouinerdène ont subi une mauvaise campagne agro-pastorale 2016 – 2017, caractérisée par une insuffisance des pluies et leur mauvaise répartition dans le temps et dans l’espace. A ces facteurs dégradants s’ajoute, l’installation des éleveurs venus de différent horizons pour la recherche de pâturage et d’eaux.

19 Jul 2017 description
report Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief focusing on clearing debris, food distribution, water supplies and schools

Islamic Relief is on the ground delivering aid to support some of the 827,000 people driven from their homes since operations to retake Mosul began last year, as well as the thousands who have started to return since the city fell to Iraqi forces in mid-July.

With the level of destruction in the city far worse than expected and armed opposition groups still controlling some of the surrounding areas, the safe and dignified return of displaced people is an enormous challenge.