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02 Jun 2016 description


At IRT, our mission and focus is to alleviate human suffering by aiding victims of disasters and building healthy communities. In times of disasters, we rely on partnerships with other international organizations to achieve maximum impact with your donations. In this way, we establish clear and appropriate roles, avoid duplication of efforts, and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our response.

31 Dec 2014 description


I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you!

Your generosity and compassion this past year helped alleviate suering for thousands of families, both here and abroad. rough your support, we restored homes, and more importantly, the hope and spirit of low-income and elderly victims of Superstorm Sandy in New Jersey – families who cannot recover on their own. Our work there will continue throughout 2015.

31 Dec 2013 description

Message from the Executive Director

I am very pleased to report that International Relief Teams has just celebrated its silver anniversary, having now provided 25 years of service to victims of disaster, poverty, and neglect both here and abroad.

25 Jan 2012 description

Message from the Executive Director

I am very pleased to report that International Relief Teams just completed its 23rd year of service to victims of disaster, poverty, and neglect by providing more than $32 million in medicines, supplies and volunteer services to thousands in need both here and abroad.

18 Aug 2011 description

Legacy of Care - 20 years of Medical Training in Emerging Nations

27 Oct 2010 description

IRT is procuring intravenous fluids, antibiotics, and other medicines to combat the cholera outbreak in Haiti . IRT has already made a commitment to acquire more than $1.3 million in urgently needed medicines to be sent immediately to Haiti for use by in-country partners treating cholera victims. To help us purchase critically needed medicines, please click here.

19 Oct 2010 description

Restoring Sight in Uganda

"The people had a deep sense of appreciation which touched the very core of my being" - IRT Volunteer Charles Narh, O.T.

In 1992 IRT began addressing the critical issues of eye disease, cataracts and vision loss through its surgical and clinical programs that have now been conducted in nine countries.

31 Mar 2010 description

Catastrophic Earthquake in Haiti

Death toll reaches 230,000 - Hundreds of thousands left homeless

On January 12th, the worst earthquake in Haiti in 200 years - 7.0 in magnitude - struck less than ten miles from Port-au-Prince reducing much of the capital to rubble. Six weeks after the earthquake, the Haitian government reports that the death toll in Haiti could exceed 230,000.

22 Jan 2010 description

IRT's Emergency Medical Team

Monday, January 18, 2010:

The team arrived in Port-au-Prince and began working at the General Hospital (HUEH).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010:

The team is mostly working on wound care and amputations. They hope to do more surgeries today. The initial medical "surge" of patients seems to be easing.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010:

The team was roused from their sleep before dawn by the 6.1 aftershock.

16 Jan 2010 description

On Saturday, Jan 16th, International Relief Teams (IRT) deployed its initial emergency medical team, consisting of 4 ER physicians and 1 ER nurse, which arrived in the Dominican Republic on Sunday.The team carried with them more than 15 large suitcases of medicines and supplies essential for treating injuries of earthquake victims.

01 Sep 2009 description

Our top domestic priorities continued to be disaster recovery. 2009 marked IRT's fourth year of deploying bi-monthly construction teams to repair the homes of elderly and low-income families damaged by Hurricane Katrina. IRT also provided financial assistance for the unmet needs of California fire victims, and assembled storage sheds as a first step in helping these families rebuild their homes and their lives.

11 May 2009 description

Intense fighting between militant groups and the Pakistani forces in and around the Swat Valley have forced thousands of families to flee their homes and find refuge in makeshift camps. The number of displaced persons is expected to reach 800,000 in the coming days. IRT is working collaboratively with its local partners to provide emergency medicines, medical supplies, and health services to families fleeing the violence.

26 Apr 2009 description


IRT Updates


- IRT sent skilled construction volunteers to Mississippi to repair the homes of poor and elderly Hurricane Katrina victims.

- IRT shipped medicines and medical supplies worth more than $52,000 to aid the civilian victims in Gaza.


- IRT sent a shipment of vital medicines and medical supplies to Jamaica to alleviate shortages caused by recent hurricanes.


- IRT medical trainers continued Project "Healthy Baby" in Viet Nam with neonatal resuscitation instructor training (NRP) for local physicians and nurses.

- …

22 Dec 2008 description



- Bolivia & Guatemala: IRT shipped nearly $1 million of relief supplies to aid flood victims in Bolivia and delivered 75 metric tons of emergency food to villagers in Guatemala who suffered crop failures from recent hurricanes.

- Louisiana: IRT sent 2 shipments of medicines and supplies worth more $66,400 to aid victims of Hurricane Ike.

16 Dec 2007 description



During the past year, IRT deployed 38 teams, involving 171 medical and construction specialists.

06 Sep 2006 description

International Relief Teams' medical volunteers recently returned to San Diego after a two-week assignment on board the USNS Mercy in Indonesia. The team consisted of ten medical personnel who provided clinical and surgical services to hundreds of people residing on previously earthquake damaged Nias Island and the tsunami ravaged area of Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

This is the first time that Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have been invited to work collaboratively with the USNS Mercy in a joint humanitarian mission.

01 Aug 2006 description

IRT responds to suffering in Darfur

"Still the worst Humanitarian Crisis in the World Today" ...United Nations

After three years of brutality and human rights violations in Sudan, three million people have been displaced and hundreds of thousands have died.

03 Jun 2006 description

Since February 2003, the Darfur region of western Sudan has been devastated by ongoing conflict that has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people and forced approximately two million people to abandon their homes and livelihoods. Survivors remain vulnerable to attacks by militias that operate on the outskirts of camps and villages, as well as to the ravages of starvation, dehydration and disease as a result of extreme isolation in one of Africa's harshest environments.

01 Jun 2006 description

IRT is accepting donations to provide emergency response to the survivors of the recent earthquake on the island of Java in Indonesia.