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02 May 2000 description

NAIROBI MAY 2, 2000 - THE NSCC People to People Peace East Bank Nilotics Reconciliation Conference will be launched at the end of this week on May 8th.

20 Mar 2000 description

Date: 3/18/00 2:52:29 AM Eastern Standard Time
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05 Jan 2000 description

Highlight was the Lou Peace & Governance meeting held in Waat Nov 1-7 which produce the Waat Lou Nuer Covenant Nov 6th 1999.

12 Nov 1999 description

After six months of intensive work facilitated by the New Sudan Council of Churches, the Lou Nuer of Upper Nile have reconciled in a seven day Peace and Governance Conference in Waat, Sudan. The Lou area, including the towns of Waat, Akobo, Yuai, and Langkein, has been wracked by conflict as military forces under three commands have battled each other. Frequently, the White Army youth militia groups, which number in the thousands, joined various groups and entered the conflict. As a result, almost all UN and NGO humanitarian groups had withdrawn from the area and near anarchy had reigned.

24 Aug 1999 description

Nairobi, Kenya. The New Sudan Council of Churches announced a major breakthrough in the People-to-People peace process in southern Sudan. Three opposing military forces among the Lou Nuer on the East Bank of the Nile River have agreed to cease all hostilities, move toward uniting and coordinating their military forces and defining a future common political agenda, reestablish proper civil administration and freedom of movement for all people in the area, and support the work of Non-Government Organizations and the United Nations Operation Lifeline Sudan in services to the people.

29 Jun 1999 description

At the end of these five days (11th to 15th June inclusive) workshop in which our facilitator Dr. Agnes Aboum of TAABCO and our organizer Mrs. Anna Kima of NSCC, took us through the training of the process of reconciliation and conflict resolution;

15 Apr 1998 description

Leaders of the Great Lakes region and Horn of Africa church councils ended their two-day consultative meeting on Sudan with a rallying cry for an end to the bloodletting in Sudan. The meeting which began from 7-8 April in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, expressed concern over the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Southern Sudan, and appealed to the warring parties to hold 'peace discussions without pre-conditions, based on the IGAD and Declaration of Principles'.

11 Mar 1998 description

Yei town was bombed again on 5th March 1998. Fifteen people were killed and another forty were seriously injured, some of who are still in critical conditions. Since the start of 1998, this is the third severe aerial bombardment from Government of Sudan high altitude Russian made Antonov on Yei. According to the report from one of NSCC consultants who was there the plane dropped seven shells. All fell in the hospital compound. All fifteen people killed were working in the hospital. It was reported that the operation room was hit and its equipment was completely destroyed.

26 Feb 1998 description

NAIROBI, February 25th, 1998: While we welcome the decision of the Government of Sudan (GOS) to lift its flight ban to Bahr el Ghazal, we still appeal to the international community to continue with the diplomatic pressure against Khartoum in order to bring about a comprehensive and lasting peace in Sudan.

05 Feb 1998 description

A major humanitarian disaster is unfolding in the Southern Sudan region of Bahr el Ghazal and we are appealing to the international community to put pressure on the Government of Sudan (GOS) to allow Operation Lifeline Sudan (OLS) and other NGOs to fly in food aid to that region. We believe the decision of the GOS to ban all relief flights to Bahr el Ghazal on 4th February is unjustified and is in violation of international law and other Geneva Conventions relating to the rights of civilians to humanitarian assistance.

29 Jul 1997 description

RE-AFFIRMATION of their commitment to the liberation of the peoples of Southern Sudan and the marginalized areas was made last week at a week-long Dialogue between the New Sudan Council of Churches and the SPLM/A.