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15 Oct 2010 description

15 October 2010

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) today expressed its concern at a recent series of attacks on lawyers in Kyrgyzstan, and called on the government of Kyrgyzstan to take urgent steps to ensure the security of lawyers, defendants and other participants in criminal proceedings. The ICJ urged the authorities to ensure prompt investigation of the attacks and to hold the perpetrators accountable.

The attacks have been directed at ethnic Uzbek defendants in criminal trials related to the ethnic violence of June 2010, and at the lawyers who defend them.

30 Sep 2010 description


This report addresses human rights concerns arising from what may be the largest mass administrative detention anywhere in the world. The Government of Sri Lanka is currently holding approximately eight thousand individuals under administrative detention without charge or trial. They are alleged former associates of the LTTE and therefore required to undergo 'rehabilitation' under Sri Lanka's 2005 emergency regulations. Hundreds of others have been screened and held separately for criminal prosecution.

22 Sep 2010 description

The ICJ urges the Security Council to take concrete measuresto ensure accountability for human rights violations and breaches of international humanitarian law committed by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Palestinian armed groups during Operation Cast Lead, December 2008 - January 2009. Israeli investigations have failed to meet international standards of effectiveness, independence and impartiality. The Hamas administration in Gaza has also failed to provide any concrete evidence of investigating violations committed by Palestinian armed groups during this period.

18 Jan 2010 description

Executive Summary

Enforced disappearances and unlawful killings shock the conscience of the community and demand a public accounting by the state to its citizens and to victims (meaning, all those harmed by the violation). As with all human rights violations, victims have a right to an independent inquiry and an appropriate remedy.