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04 May 2015 description

Compact Study of the Academic Peace Orchestra Middle East by Bernd W. Kubbig and Christian Weidlich

Peace Research Institute Frankfurt

31 Dec 2014 description

Latest PRIF Report evaluates the reparations program conducted after the civil war in Sierra Leone

10 Jan 2014 description

In PRIF Report No. 123, Evgeniya Bakalova and Hans-Joachim Spanger analyze Russia's development policy

More than 20 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union Russia returns to the stage of international development aid.

27 Sep 2013 description

In PRIF Report No. 122, Sofie Dreef and Wolfgang Wagner analyze how elections should be designed in conflict-prone societies like South Sudan

29 Nov 2012 description

Partners or competitors?

In PRIF Report No. 115 Matthias Dembinski, Jörg Krempel and Berenike Schott analyse African and European actors in peacekeeping and peacebuilding

15 May 2012 description


The next elections in Kenya will probably be held in December of 2012, and they are already casting an ominous shadow. Will these elections again be accompanied by an escalation of violence as in 2007?