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10 Jan 2018 description
report Malteser

Cologne/Idlib. The civil war in of Syria seemed to be in its final stages after the recapture of Aleppo by regime forces, but civilians are still suffering staggering violence as fighting intensifies in other embattled areas.

27 Sep 2017 description

Humanitarian Organizations call for immediate humanitarian access to those in need:

One month since the 25 August attacks and subsequent security response, INGOs in Myanmar are increasingly concerned about severe restrictions on humanitarian access and impediments to the delivery of critically needed humanitarian assistance throughout Rakhine State.

21 Sep 2017 description
report Malteser

Cologne/Mexico City. Malteser International is prepared to support relief efforts in Mexico following the devastating earthquake that struck on September 19. A team of volunteers from the local aid service of the Order of Malta has been dispatched to Mexico City to provide urgent rescue and first-aid measures. The magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit central and southern Mexico, killing over 240 people and destroying many buildings, including the headquarters of the Mexican Association of the Order of Malta as well as a school run by its aid service in the country.

08 Aug 2017 description
report Malteser

Cologne. The civil war in South Sudan has taken its toll on neighboring country Uganda. The number of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda has now reached the million mark. Many of these refugees make the journey across the border, not just because of the Uganda’s proximity, but also as a result of the country’s welcoming approach to hosting refugees. “Uganda has provided a true and outstanding neighborly aid”, said Alexander Tacke-Köster, Program Coordination for Malteser International in Uganda.

19 Jun 2017 description
report Malteser

Malteser International starts distribution of life-saving Non-Food-Item kits to newly displaced persons in Tal Afar district

02 Jun 2017 description
report Malteser

Cologne. Malteser International is appealing to the general public to make donations for the needy in Africa. Around 24 million people on the continent are currently facing starvation and their situation is becoming increasingly critical. “Climate change is not solely responsible for the current hunger crisis. Violent conflict, unequal distribution, and poor governance are also contributing factors.” said Sid Peruvemba, Vice-Secretary General of Malteser International.

18 May 2017 description
report Malteser

Cologne. Two years after the Ebola epidemic claimed more than 10,000 lives in West Africa, a renewed outbreak of the disease has been reported in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Three people have died after contracting the deadly virus in the country’s north-eastern province of Bas-Uélé. Very few aid organizations are active in Bas- Uélé, which makes rapid international aid very difficult. Just like the World Health Organization, Malteser International now supports local health facilities in the province to prevent further spread of the virus and loss of lives.

22 Feb 2017 description
report Malteser

Malteser International helps children in Kenya and South Sudan

31 Jan 2017 description
report Malteser

This report aims to share good practices and stories of change from Rakhine State in Myanmar with regard to disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA). The stories were collected from villages participating in a project implemented jointly by Malteser International and the Community Empowerment and Resilience Association (CERA) in Rakhine State. The study was conducted to support and inspire action, create discussion and promote further cooperation.

13 Dec 2016 description
report Malteser

Malteser International distributes tents and blankets in Idlib

17 Nov 2016 description
report Malteser

Renewed air attacks on besieged city’s last pediatric hospital

18 Oct 2016 description
report Malteser

International organizations fear more than one million people could be affected

Cologne: It is feared that the ongoing Coalition military offensive against ISIS in Mosul will have enormous consequences for civilians displaced from their homes and caught in the crossfire. Malteser International is expanding its emergency relief efforts at what are anticipated to be among the first arrival points for people fleeing from Mosul and surrounding areas.

10 Oct 2016 description
report Malteser

Flooding leads to concerns of potential epidemic

05 Oct 2016 description
report Malteser

Staff on the ground mobilize aid to help people affected by severe flooding

Cologne/Miami: Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti at around 7am local time on Tuesday, unleashing widespread destruction and flooding. Malteser International staff on the ground are mobilizing aid in order to help those affected.

21 Sep 2016 description
report Malteser

Malteser International condemns bombing of aid workers and civilians

Cologne: The situation for civilians in Syria is set to worsen after an attack on an aid convoy of 31 trucks on Monday evening led to a complete cessation of UN aid deliveries in the country. The convoy was clearly marked as an aid shipment, and was intended for around 78,000 people in Uram al-Kubra. Eighteen of the trucks were damaged or destroyed in the attack, in which twenty people lost their lives.

09 Sep 2016 description
report Malteser

Malteser International delivers quick emergency relief

Cologne. The ongoing unrest in South Sudan is responsible for a continued flight to already poverty-stricken and financially strained neighboring countries. Around 800,000 South Sudanese people have already left their home of origin. Even in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country itself dependent on international aid, more than 27,000 refugees from South Sudan have fled across the border. At the same time thousands of Congolese are returning to their homeland from South Sudan.

22 Aug 2016 description
report Malteser

“Our colleagues have observed increased refugee movement in the Mosul area. This indicates an imminent offensive to free the city of Mosul.” says Sid Peruvemba, Programme Director of Malteser International. In order to help people, Malteser International is increasing medical emergency relief for refugees in Makhmur.

Since the Iraqi government began an offensive against ISIS to free the occupied city of Mosul and some of the surrounding villages have already been retaken, around 35,000 more people from this area have arrived in the independent region Kurdistan.

17 Aug 2016 description
report Malteser

According to new UN figures, six million people – or more than half of the total population – are in need of humanitarian aid in South Sudan, the world’s newest independent country. Unrest returned to the country as it celebrated five years of independence at the beginning of July, almost a year since the conclusion of a tentative ceasefire that put a hold on years of bloody civil war. Since then, persistent outbreaks of violence have kept South Sudan and the international community on edge.

11 Aug 2016 description
report Malteser

Without political solutions humanitarian aid leads nowhere

03 Aug 2016 description
report Malteser

Staff remain to help sick and wounded in besieged city

Cologne: The Malteser International supported children’s hospital in Aleppo, Syria, has moved its operations into the cellar in order to give staff and patients as much safety as possible. The decision to move the facility was made after a newborn baby was killed during an attack last week when the oxygen supply to its incubator was interrupted. Outpatient care is now limited to only the most serious emergencies.