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26 Apr 2018 description

An article by: Arne Siegmund

The three highest mountain ranges on earth meet in northern Pakistan. There are more than 7,000 glaciers here. Many of these are retreating as a result of climate change. This has far-reaching consequences. Dr Parvaiz Naim, KfW’s coordinator for the energy sector in Pakistan, explains how a glacier monitoring system aims to give people early warning of flooding from meltwater and heavy rainfall.

12 Mar 2018 description

Improved protection of urban infrastructure from the consequences of climate change

Ready for take-off: the financing agreement for KfW's first project with the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in Bangladesh was signed on by the Secretary of Economic Relations Division (ERD), Ministry of Finance, of Bangladesh and Roland Siller, Member of the Management Committee, KfW Development Bank, Europe and Asia. This is the starting point for the implementation of jointly funded climate adaptation measures in Bangladesh.

27 Dec 2017 description

New isolation ward protects medical staff and population from infection

As a reaction to the devastating Ebola outbreak in 2014 and 2015, KfW is now helping Liberia to be better prepared for any future epidemics. In cooperation with Welthungerhilfe, nine medical facilities have so far been built or rehabilitated to improve the healthcare system. This includes an isolation ward for a hospital in the southeast of the country that will better protect the medical staff and population from infection in the future.

20 Dec 2017 description

KfW Development Bank provides EUR 10 million to Refugee Response Fund

18 Dec 2017 description

International Migrants Day: KfW supports refugees around the world

13 Dec 2017 description

KfW proceeds with its commitment to stabilising the country

After many years of involvement, KfW Development Bank is moving forwards with its commitment to stabilising Northern Afghanistan: five projects improving social and medical conditions for the population have now been concluded and handed over to the responsible government agencies in Baghlan Province. A total of 16,000 people are now benefiting from a new health station, a training centre for medical staff and three schools.

07 Dec 2017 description

KfW Development Bank is supporting two new development projects to help stabilise the fragile situation in northern Mali. Working on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), it has now committed EUR 10 million to each of the two projects, which are designed to stabilise the situation in the northern regions of Gao and Ménaka and to establish new future prospects for the local population.

08 Dec 2015 description

We the undersigned express our deepest concern at critical and growing shortages of essential and lifesaving medicines and supplies at health care facilities across Nepal, as well as ongoing fuel supply issues that are severely impeding service delivery and the ability to access these services. In recognition of the right to timely access to quality health care services, as enshrined in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and as detailed in the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights General Comment No.

27 Dec 2005 description

Good progress in the reconstruction of homes, schools and health centres

Donation of EUR 1 million from KfW Bankengruppe to be used for vocational training centres in Banda Aceh and fishermen in Sri Lanka

On behalf of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) KfW Entwicklungsbank supports a number of medium to long-term reconstruction projects in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, the countries most severely affected by the devastating tsunami in southeast Asia.

06 Jan 2005 description

Reconstruction Aid of the German Federal Government hailed

KfW Bankengruppe is donating EUR 1 million for emergency social measures following the disastrous underwater earthquake in Southeast Asia.

31 Mar 2004 description

Better living conditions are the cornerstone of democracy and peace

KfW Entwicklungsbank (KfW development bank) has been financing the reconstruction of Afghanistan on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) since December 2001. Its commitment focuses on relieving the serious hardships that the people are facing and on improving their living conditions. At the same time, it is concentrating on initiating the long-term reconstruction of the country.

28 Jan 2003 description

Progress is visible, but the road is long

07 Nov 2002 description

Microentrepreneurs and homebuilders obtain access to credit through partner banks

KfW, the German federal government and other bilateral and multilateral donors have taken an innovative path in order to help form and rebuild Southeast Europe's financial landscape. Important innovations supported by development cooperation include micro-credit banks and modern refinancing instruments for banks and non-governmental organizations.

The goal of a symposium organized jointly by KfW and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) with Ingrid …

18 Oct 2002 description

On the Occasion of today's Ibero-America Conference with Central American Heads of State in Bonn

On the fringes of today's Ibero-America Conference, for which five heads of state from Central America have travelled to Bonn, member of KfW's Board of Managing Directors Wolfgang Kroh and the Salvadorian Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Eugenia Brizoela de Avila have signed two agreements for new projects under German Financial Cooperation with El Salvador for a total amount of EUR 10.3 million.The first project involves a financial contribution in the amount of EUR 6 million …

02 Aug 2002 description

EUR 10 million for District Heating in Serbia, EUR 5 million in Emergency Aid for Power in Kosovo

Today a financing agreement amounting to EUR 10 million was concluded in Belgrade between KfW, the Serb government and the suppliers of district heating in Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad.

14 Mar 2002 description

Hamid Karsai, leader of the interim government of Afghanistan, will visit KfW during his official visit to Berlin: Tomorrow, Friday, Hamid Karsai and his delegation will visit KW's Berlin Branch for talks with Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, and Wolfgang Kroh, member of KfW's board of managing directors. KfW has been present in Kabul since the beginning of January to support the Afghan interim government in the reconstruction of the country.

11 Feb 2002 description

One year ago, on 13th February 2001, El Salvador was shaken by a strong earthquake with an intensitiy of 6.6 on the Richter scale. It wars the second earthquake within four weeks. Both earthquakes claimed over 1000 lives and left more than 8000 people wounded in El Salvador. Around 1.5 million people, one-fifth of the entire population, lost their homes. Particularly in the poor rural regions of El Salvador, people lost everything to the earthquakes.