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17 Oct 2011 description
report Rights & Democracy


Almost a billion people around the world experience hunger every day. This is more than before the food price crisis of 2008 and significantly higher than when hunger-reduction targets were set during the World Food Summit in 1996. Those targets envisioned a reduction, by half, in the number of hungry people by 2015.
Not only is the international community failing to achieve its modest goal, it is now confronting a setback that compels us to ask where we have gone wrong.

18 Dec 2009 description
report Rights & Democracy

Goma et Londres, le 18 décembre 2009 - Dans une déclaration émise hier, des organismes de la société civile qui travaillent avec les victimes de violences sexuelles en République démocratique du Congo ont appelé à la réévaluation urgente et critique des efforts nationaux et internationaux déployés à ce jour pour réagir à l'augmentation du recours à la violence sexuelle comme arme de guerre contre les femmes et les filles dans la région.

Conjointement avec leurs partenaires congolais SOFEPADI et la Coalition congolaise pour la justice transitionnelle, Droits et Démocratie et REDRESS …

31 May 2008 description
report Rights & Democracy

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI - May 31, 2008 - An international fact-finding mission on the human right to food said today that hunger and malnutrition are pervasive in Haiti, in both rural areas and urban centers. Insufficient access to food is a chronic problem and risks escalating into a humanitarian crisis. The current situation results from structural weaknesses of the state and failure of the international community to support agricultural development in Haiti.

31 May 2008 description
report Rights & Democracy

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI - Mai 31, 2008- Une mission d'observation sur le droit à l'alimentation constate que la faim et la malnutrition sont endémiques en Haïti, tant dans les zones rurales que dans les centres urbains. L'accès insuffisant à la nourriture est un problème chronique qui risque de dégénérer en une crise humanitaire. La situation actuelle est le résultat des faiblesses structurelles de l'Etat ainsi que de l'absence de soutien de la part de la communauté internationale au développement agricole en Haïti.

29 May 2008 description
report Rights & Democracy

MONTREAL - An international fact-finding mission organized by Rights & Democracy in collaboration with Le Groupe de Recherche et d'Appui en Milieu Rural (GRAMIR), arrives in Haiti next week. The mission will address the causes of chronic hunger in Haiti and investigate the circumstances that produced the current food crisis.

This is the third in a series of fact-finding missions on the human right to food undertaken by Rights & Democracy (Malawi 2006 and Nepal 2007).

26 Feb 2008 description
report Rights & Democracy

Rights & Democracy and the Coalition for Women's Human Rights in Conflict Situations are proud to support the Congolese Women's Campaign Against Sexual Violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Located at www.drcsexualviolence.org, the petition is intended for members of the International community

The scope of sexual violence in the DRC is a terrible reality that has been documented by media, NGOs, international institutions and States.

27 Sep 2007 description
report Rights & Democracy


Nepal is a small landlocked country situated between Tibet to the north and India on the other three sides. It lies on the southern slopes of the Himalayas and has a population of approximately 27 million (7). For administrative and developmental purposes, the country is divided into five regions: eastern, central, western, mid-western and far-western. There are 75 districts comprising approximately 4,000 Village Development Committees (VDC).

Nepal is classified as a least-developed country (LDC) and ranks 138 out of 177 in UNDP's Human Development Report 2006.

14 Dec 2006 description
report Rights & Democracy

MONTREAL, Dec. 14, 2006 - Rights & Democracy strongly condemns yesterday's kidnapping of school children by illegal armed groups in Port-au-Prince and the escalation in gang violence in Haiti's capital since local elections were held on Dec. 3.

Yesterday's kidnappings are the latest in a series of violent incidents linked to street gangs that have resulted in numerous innocent victims. The increasing bloodshed, however, has not discouraged the Haitian government from adhering to its policy of dialogue with violent gangs.

22 Sep 2006 description
report Rights & Democracy

MONTREAL - Sept. 22, 2006 - Rights & Democracy welcomes the opportunity to discuss the role of Canadian civil society organizations in Afghanistan's reconstruction with senior members of Afghanistan's Cabinet and the Hon. Josée Verner, Canada's Minister for International Cooperation.

13 Oct 2005 description
report Rights & Democracy

MONTREAL- Oct. 13, 2005 - Rights & Democracy was in Haiti this week to launch a project designed to foster greater civil society participation in the Haiti 's national political process.

The $415,000 project, which is funded by the Canadian International Development Agency and Rights & Democracy, will support Haitian civil society organizations in their efforts to identify and initiate strategies for ensuring Haiti 's democratic development takes their interests into account.

07 Apr 2005 description
report Rights & Democracy

Montreal, April 7, 2005 - Rights & Democracy is awarding more than 16 million FCFA ($40,000) to support the efforts of the Concertation nationale de la société civile togolaise to deploy thousands of national observers for Togo's elections on April 24, 2005. This amount is in addition to more than 4 million FCFA ($10,000) awarded in early February to support efforts to restore constitutional law in the country.

08 Feb 2005 description
report Rights & Democracy
A presentation by journalists Alison Armstrong and Levon Sevunts

On Tuesday, February 8, 2005, Rights & Democracy welcomed journalists Alison Armstrong and Levon Sevunts to talk about their experiences in Zimbabwe and Sudan respectively. They discussed the role of the media in countries that violate human rights and restrict international media access.

The Crisis in Sudan

Mr. Sevunts began with a brief overview of the current situation in Sudan, particularly in Darfur .

06 Jan 2005 description
report Rights & Democracy

An ad hoc coalition of major Canadian civil society and aid organizations is demanding that the Indonesian government immediately cease all non-aid related military operations in Aceh in the aftermath of the tsunami disaster.

01 May 1997 description
report Rights & Democracy
This bibliography contains references on the question of women and conflict situations. It includes documents on the issue in general as well as documents on related aspects, including women as participants, women as victims and women in the peace processes.

It covers the period from 1990 to 1997 and includes monographs, reports, articles and conference reports published by NGOs or international organisations in English, French and Spanish.