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04 Oct 2017 description

Four-year project in Siem Reap builds on success of previous Water for Life projects, augments Cambodian government’s goals and global efforts to provide universal access to safe drinking water.

25 Mar 2015 description

The culmination of a decade of collaboration between Singapore and Myanmar educators & experts - a resource book containing insights and knowledge exchanged over the years in early childhood education - was launched on 25 March 2015.

06 Nov 2007 description

Singapore, 6 November 2007 -- There is now a new integrated boarding school in Banda Aceh, thanks to the generous donations that Singaporeans made in the aftermath of the 2004 Asian tsunami.

A collaboration between the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) and Yayasan Fajar Hidayah (YFH), the Fajar Hidayah Integrated Boarding School (FHIBS) was constructed at a cost of S$5.3 million, funded mostly from the Tidal Waves Asia Fund (TWAF), which is managed by the Tsunami Reconstruction Facilitation Committee (TRFC), headed by the Singapore Red Cross (SRC).

29 Mar 2007 description

A project in collaboration with Ayer Rajah-West Coast Citizens Consultative Committee

Source: Grace Ng Lai See, Chairperson

The Singapore International Foundation (SIF) has been an active partner with the non-government organisation (NGO) Muhammadiyah in Indonesia since 2000. During the needs assessment by the SIF to Banda Aceh, Jakarta and Malang in January 2005, the Muhammadiyah Management had conveyed the need to rebuild the kindergartens affected by the tsunami.

17 Oct 2005 description

Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

Reconstruction in Sri Lanka

250 youth volunteers have gone to Sri Lanka in September and October to follow up on existing projects. In addition, they are helping to develop sustainable income generation projects, establish a nutrition programme for lactating mothers and set-up study centres for after-school programmes.

From April to June 2005, SIF's Youth Expedition Programme (YEP) sent 32 teams to Matara, Hambantota and Galle districts in Sri Lanka.

12 Aug 2005 description

Singapore, 12 August 2005 -- Volunteers have packed some 320 aids, including wheelchairs, commodes, crutches and walking frames, to be shipped to Banda Aceh for victims of the tsunami disaster.

A team of 15 volunteers will leave for Banda Aceh on 20 August to hand over the aids and conduct 'Training-of-Trainers' workshops.

25 May 2005 description

Singapore, 25 May 2005 - Singapore International Foundation (SIF) has embarked on two projects that aim to bring about much-needed help to tsunami-stricken communities in Sri Lanka. In all, SIF will send 35 teams under the Youth Expedition Project (YEP) to the Matara, Hambantota and Galle districts in Southern Sri Lanka in order to implement and facilitate the School Refurbishment and Community Rehabilitation projects. The two projects are supported by the Singapore Red Cross' Tidal Waves Asia Fund and approved by the Tsunami Reconstruction Facilitation Committee.

05 Jan 2005 description

In the aftermath of the Asian tsunami disaster, the Singapore International Foundation is embarking on the rehabilitation and re-construction process to support efforts to restore a measure of normalcy to the lives of those affected. The re-building work will continue for many months and even years after though the destruction was swift.

Through the capacity-building work that we have done in the region with host partners, NGOs and agencies, we have been able to quickly identify some areas of need.

15 Sep 2003 description

In late May, Southern Sri Lanka was inundated by floods. It was the country's first major flood disaster in 50 years. There were more then 235 deaths and over 108,000 families affected by the floods.

11 Jun 2003 description

"Operation H2O to Sri Lanka" mission facilitated by Singapore International Foundation (SIF) with support from Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation

21 Mar 2003 description

SINGAPORE, 21 MARCH 2003 - Following the breakout of war in Iraq and in anticipation of a humanitarian crisis, the Singapore Red Cross and its partners launched an appeal to raise funds for victims of the war in Iraq.

25 Mar 2002 description

Singapore, 25 March 2002 -- Singaporean volunteer, Dr Wong Mun Yew: "I treated a man with severe diabetes whose leg had been through a series of amputations when he was brought to us in a rusty wheel barrow. The amputation was up to the level of the hip with a huge, irregular raw wound about 30 cm in diameter, wrapped with dirty rags and flies flying around. The smell was already incredible. Upon taking off the rag, there were maggots crawling in the wound ... We knew that he did not have long to live.

22 Mar 2002 description

Singapore, 22 March 2002 -- The Singapore Afghan Refugee Relief Mission, a combined effort of Singapore International Foundation's Humanitarian Relief Programme (HRP), Singapore Health Services, National Health Group, Perdaus and the Singapore Red Cross Society will send its second team to Spin Boldak, Afghanistan. The 8-member team will perform medical relief work for two weeks. The team will depart on Emirates EK69 at 2.20am on Saturday, 23 March 2002.

09 Mar 2002 description

Singapore, 9 March 2002 -- Singapore International Foundation's Humanitarian Relief Programme (HRP) will send a 6-member humanitarian relief team to carry out medical relief work in Spin Boldak, Afghanistan this Sunday. This is the first of four teams to be sent. They will each carry out medical relief work for two weeks. The team will depart on Emirates EK69 at 2.20am.

07 Feb 2002 description

Singapore, 7 February 2002 -- Singapore International Foundation's Humanitarian Relief Programme (HRP) in partnership with Mercy Relief (Perdaus), Singapore Red Cross Society and Singapore Health Services will be mounting a Singapore humanitarian relief mission to Afghanistan in late February 2002. Representing the combined efforts of various groups in Singapore, the SINGAPORE AFGHAN REFUGEE RELIEF MISSION is expected to last minimum two months.

09 Jan 2002 description

Mission to assess scope of Singaporeans' possible contribution to Afghanistan refugee relief effort

20 Dec 2001 description

In response to floods disaster in Vietnam, a volunteer medical relief team supported by SIF treated more then 3800 flood victims from 9-20 Dec 2001 in the Dong Thap province. The disaster was Vietnam's second worst in 40 years - last year being the worst. This year's floods left 353 people dead. Nearly 70 per cent of the victims are children. 356,700 houses, homes to 1.78 million people, had been inundated in 10 flood-hit provinces. Homes have been destroyed, and more seriously, the water supply in the region has been badly contaminated.

08 Dec 2001 description

Singapore, 8 December 2001 - In response to the floods disaster in Vietnam, a 9-member volunteer medical relief team will be heading for the Thanh Binh District of Southern Vietnam on Sunday, 9 December 2001 on a 12-day relief mission. Starting in September 2001, Vietnam has been inundated by floods. This disaster is the second worst in 40 years - last year being the worst. It is the third year in a row that Vietnam has been hit by killer floods.

22 Aug 2001 description

In July 2001, heavy rains and high tides caused the worst flooding in 50 years in Orissa, Eastern India. More then nine million people were affected by the floods. By early August, more than 100,000 people were ill with gastro-intestinal infections and malaria. In response, SIF supported a team of volunteer doctors and nurses from the National Health Group who went to the aid of the flood victims, offering them cruical medical treatment. They brought with them almost a tonne of medical supplies.

14 Feb 2001 description

On the morning of 26 January 2001, a massive earthquake struck India's Gujarat state. Tens of thousands of people were killed and injured. A huge international relief operation got underway almost immediately. In Singapore, SIF responded through a 13-member team of volunteer doctors, nurses and environmental health officers to Gujarat. The mission was named "Operation Tabibi Rahat" which means medical relief in the Gujarati language.