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17 May 2008 description

Last Monday 12th May saw a devastating earthquake strike Sichuan province in China. Measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale, the quake has left almost 30,000 dead, 150,000 injured and millions missing. Landslides and the risk of flooding threaten the work of rescue crews who are still frantically trying to retrieve survivors out from collapsed buildings.

30 Jun 2007 description

About Muslim Hands

Muslim Hands - United for the Needy is an international relief and development organisation, established in 1993 with the objective of providing relief from poverty, sickness and the provision of education on a non-discriminatory basis.

We work both directly and with partners in 35 of the world's poorest countries.

27 Sep 2006 description

A personal account of Muslim Hands' Aid Mission to Lebanon

by Othman Moqbel

Tlonger than we had expected. Despite the he journey to Saida, from Amman took much ceasefire, the normally five hour long journey was extended to over 16 hours. Unable to cross the Jordanian Lebanese border at Al Masna due to heavy Israeli bombing, we were forced to travel via Tartus in Syria, crossing over into north Lebanon along a small rural road and then driving along the coastal highway to our destination Saida (Sidon).

24 Aug 2006 description

There are two huge humanitarian crises looming in Lebanon and Gaza. The fact that the current conflict has seen more children than soldiers killed in Lebanon shows the true horror of this war and the blatant disregard for civilian life. The number of dead, injured and homeless in that country continues to rise daily with no prospect of a lasting peace in sight. Meanwhile, Israeli offensives continue apace in Gaza with daily civilian deaths and human suffering on an unimaginable scale, all barely reported by the media as events in Lebanon dominate.

24 Jan 2005 description

Muslim Hands is the only overseas charity that has gained access to help the victims of the tsunami in both the Andaman and Nicobar islands in India. We have provided food and medical aid in temporary camps to the displaced people of the area.

31 Dec 2004 description

"Millions of people severely affected by the most devastating 'tsunami' are desperately waiting for food and clean water on Indian ocean shores. The survivors facing hunger and thirst are now on the brink of epidemic" said one of our sources in Indonesia'.

Muslim Hands has allocated =A3500,000 for the emergency and sent teams to Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka to distribute the food and medical supplies.