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15 Sep 2017 description
report EastAfrican

In Summary
- In the recent outbreak, some 349 people have been treated for the plague, the health ministry said.
- Pneumonic plague is a contagious bacterial disease characterised by fever and delirium and sometimes lung infections. It can be fatal if left untreated within 24 hours.
- Plagues in the country are attributed to multiple factors including rats fleeing forest fires, poor hygiene and inadequate healthcare.

At least five people have died of pneumonic plague in Madagascar, public health officials said Friday.

13 Sep 2017 description
report Medair

Having a baby can be a stressful event in the life of any woman. Worrying when it will happen, if the baby will be healthy, and how much pain it will cause are typical concerns most women can relate to. Having a baby in the midst of a cyclone? Now that is another story.

On 7 March 2017 at 11:00 am, Jolita, 26, gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Tania in one of Medair’s cyclone shelters in Madagascar during Cyclone Enawo, which struck the northeast coast of Madagascar that day with Category 4 force.

06 Sep 2017 description
report The Guardian

Half the country’s children are so chronically malnourished they grow up stunted – too small for their age – damaging their bodies and their minds

05 Sep 2017 description


The year 20 16 has still been one of slow recovery from the five-year political crisis (2009-20 14). The country's holding ofthe COMESA's Heads of State Summit in October 20 17, and the International Summit of Ia Francophonie in November 20 16 have been unanimously saluted as successes that have put Madagascar back on the map.

31 Aug 2017 description

An early lean season in October expected for Southern Madagascar


  • Cassava and sweet potato harvests in Southern Madagascar are underway with near normal production. Poor household stocks will likely last until October 2017. Farmers in Boeny are harvesting their third season of rice, the Jeby rice, and production is expected to be better than the main season.

23 Aug 2017 description


• The rainfall season was favorable for agriculture between December 2016 and June 2017 over most parts of the Grand Sud.

• Due to the combination of better rainfall and comprehensive response activities, the humanitarian improved significantly compared to 2016.

15 Aug 2017 description

Matrice de suivi des déplacements

L'OIM Madagascar a mis en œuvre son programme de matrice de suivi des déplacements (DTM-Displacement Tracking Matrix en anglais) afin de mieux comprendre les déplacements de population engendrés par la sécheresse et fournir des informations essentielles aux acteurs gouvernementaux et humanitaires sur le sujet.

07 Aug 2017 description


  • Due to improved harvests, FEWS NET projects Minimal levels of food insecurity in Southern Africa through January 2018, with pockets of Stressed or Crisis levels in some countries

  • Relief actors provide targeted assistance to vulnerable populations to facilitate continued recovery

  • USAID/OFDA provides approximately $26 million in new funding to support cyclone- and drought-affected populations in the region


05 Aug 2017 description
report World Bank


  • La Banque mondiale soutient les efforts du pays pour accélérer la réforme foncière à travers deux projets soutenant la sécurité alimentaire, la protection sociale, la croissance agricole, et la sécurisation foncière.

  • Le gouvernement malgache prévoit la sécurisation de 500 000 parcelles auprès de 180 communes.

  • La commune rurale d’Andriambilany pilote une réforme foncière. Après avoir identifié 17 000 parcelles non titrées, la commune a délivré 2 800 certificats fonciers en l’espace de deux mois.

05 Aug 2017 description
report World Bank


  • The World Bank is supporting Madagascar’s efforts to accelerate land reform through two projects promoting food security, social protection, agricultural growth, and secure land tenure.

  • The Government of Madagascar is planning to regularize land tenure for 500,000 parcels of land in 180 communes.

  • The rural commune of Andriambilany is piloting land tenure reform. Having identified 17,000 parcels of land without a title, the commune issued 2,800 land certificates within a two-month period.

04 Aug 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • Final results of UNICEF-led nutrition SMART surveys in the Grand Sud show Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) prevalence classified as “high” (>10%) in three districts according to WHO standards. The most recent Integrated Phase Classification for Acute Malnutrition exercise (IPC AM, July 2017) classified these same districts in “serious” acute malnutrition phase 3.

01 Aug 2017 description

Cassava harvest started early in Southern Madagascar and production is near normal

Key Messages:

31 Jul 2017 description

Analyse IPC menée du 3 au 10 juillet 2017 pour le Grand Sud de Madagascar

  • Les districts de Bekily, Beloha et Amboasary Atsimo sont classifiés en « IPC phase sérieuse » pour la période de mars à mai 2017 ; ils risqueront d’y rester jusqu’en septembre 2017 à l’exception de Bekily. Des actions y seront nécessaires pour réduire urgemment les niveaux élevés de malnutrition enregistrés dans ces zones.

31 Jul 2017 description


  • Districts in emergency phase despite humanitarian actions (IPC Phase 3 !): Betioky,
    Ampanihy, Tsihombe, Beloha, Amboasary Sud; four communes in the district of Taolagnaro (Ranopiso, Analapatsy, Andranobory, Ankariera) and the commune of Beheloka in Tuléar II

  • Districts in crisis phase (IPC Phase 3): Vangaindrano, Farafanagana, Vohipeno

  • Districts in crisis phase despite humanitarian actions (IPC Phase 2!): Ambovombe and Bekily.

24 Jul 2017 description

This report presents qualitative research conducted by the IOM in Madagascar in December 2016 to assess the effect of drought on migration in the Grand Sud; whether there has been an increase in outmigration during the current humanitarian crisis (since 2013); and the key sectors of intervention that affect migration in the Grand Sud, and in turn, how migration affects these sectors.

19 Jul 2017 description
report World Bank
  1. The work presented in this brief report, estimates the losses related to Cyclone Enawo to be over USD 400 million, corresponding to about 4% of annual GDP. With this amount of losses, the Government of Madagascar is likely to need increased post-disaster financing from development partners to cover some of its reconstruction and recovery needs.

14 Jul 2017 description

Madagascar produit 80% de la production mondiale de vanille. Le district d’Antalaha, situé dans le nord-est du pays, fait partie des zones de hautes productions de cette précieuse orchidée. 4 mois après le passage du cyclone Enawo, la ville peuplée d’environ 132 000 habitants essaie de remettre le développement local sur les rails et réduire l’extrême pauvreté.

11 Jul 2017 description

Malagasy authorities must act swiftly to reverse the country’s human rights downward spiral including by urgently investigating allegations that the security forces have burned down villages and committed extrajudicial executions, said Amnesty International today ahead of the UN Human Rights Committee’s review of the country.

“Madagascar’s human rights record is on a sharp decline as a result of the blatant disregard for the rule of law,” said Deprose Muchena, Amnesty International’s Regional Director for Southern Africa.