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13 Aug 2018 description

The favourable weather conditions brought about by the Gu rains (April-June) have had a relatively positive impact on livestock conditions, water, pasture availability in Somalia. This, combined with a large-scale humanitarian assistance, have improved the food security situation in Somalia, breaking the downward trend which has emerged during the last two years. The gains are, however, still fragile.

09 Aug 2018 description

The latest projection indicates an improving food security situation in areas that were affected by the 2016-2017 drought, due to the above-average Gu rainy season (April-June) supported by large-scale humanitarian assistance. However, humanitarian needs remain critical with an estimated 5.4 million people in need of assistance. Most areas of the country are currently in Stress (IPC Phase 2), with some in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) – mainly internally displaced person (IDPs) with limited access to tenable livelihoods.

06 Aug 2018 description

Flooding in southern and central areas of the country, a cyclone in the north, the escalation of regional conflicts, particularly in the disputed Sool region, a significant upsurge in the displacement crisis and continued evictions compounded the humanitarian situation in the first half of the year. Major diseases such as acute watery diarrhoea (AWD), began to decrease due to WASH and Health sector control measures; while malaria is on the increase.


05 Jul 2018 description

Food security has improved significantly in many of the areas worst-affected by the 2016/17 drought, thanks to large-scale humanitarian assistance and improvement in seasonal performance1. Some 2.6 million people are now estimated to be internally displaced. Nearly 2,700 households are displaced following the armed standoff between the Somaliland and Puntland in Tukaraq, Sool region.


11 Jun 2018 description

The humanitarian situation in Somalia remains challenging in 2018. After a prolonged drought in 2016 and 2017, the above-average Gu rains have had devastating impact in some parts of the country. Flash floods and riverine flooding has been reported in several areas, including the Banadir region, Hirshabelle, Jubaland, Galmuduug, and the South West states. Evictions of IDPs are on the rise, while the benefits of the rainy season are yet to translate into a significantly improved food security situation across the country.

11 Jun 2018 description

Famine was averted in Somalia in 2017, thanks to the rapid mobilisation of resources and scaled-up response. By the end of 2017, donors had collectively contributed or pledged $1.32 billion, channelled either through the projects included in the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) or projects outside of the HRP.

07 Jun 2018 description

The tropical Cyclone Sagar landed in northern of Somalia on 21 May, causing devastation, death and displacement, delivering an entire year’s worth of rain in a matter of hours and affecting thousands of people. In addition, continued flash and river flooding in the southern and central areas of the country has compounded the already fragile humanitarian situation due to drought, conflict and marginalization.

10 May 2018 description
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The heavy Gu rains in the Juba and Shabelle basins in Somalia and neighboring Ethiopia continued to cause flash and riverine flooding affecting thousands of people in several areas. Flooding is compounding an already fragile humanitarian situation with an estimated 5.4 million people in need of assistance due to drought and conflict. Humanitarian actors are working to scale-up the assistance, but the available funding is insufficient.