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25 Sep 2017 description

Un estudio realizado por el Consejo Nacional de Inmigración de Brasil indica el perfil sociodemográfico y laboral de los venezolanos en Roraima.

22 Sep 2017 description

Washington D.C. / Santiago de Chile – La Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH) y la Oficina Regional para América del Sur del Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para los Derechos Humanos (ACNUDH) expresan su preocupación ante información recibida sobre una posible masacre de indígenas en aislamiento voluntario conocidos como “flecheiros”, cerca del alto curso del río Jandiatuba, en el territorio indígena Vale do Javari, ubicado en el extremo oeste del estado de Amazonas.

02 Sep 2017 description

Nielmar de Oliveira reports from Agência Brasil

The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ) launched a new stage in the fight against dengue fever in Rio de Janeiro by releasing specimens of the mosquito Aedes aegypti with the bacterium Wolbachia for the first time on large scale.

The bacterium reduces the proliferation and efficiency of the mosquito—which also transmits Zika virus and chikungunya. The initiative comes as part of a project entitled Eliminate Dengue: Our Challenge – Brazil, which aims to gradually expand the area wheren mosquitoes are released in the city.

18 Aug 2017 description

El gobierno de Río de Janeiro planea crear hasta el final del año el programa “Río con los brazos abiertos”, dirigido a ayudar a los refugiados e inmigrantes a tener acceso a documentación básica, educación y al mercado laboral.

12 Aug 2017 description

Since the beginning of 2017 Brazil has experienced the greatest outbreak of jungle yellow fever in decades. The highest incidence of cases occurred during the months of January to April, coinciding with the rainy season of Southeastern Brazil.

03 Aug 2017 description

Situation summary in the Americas

From epidemiological week (EW) 1 of 2016 to EW 30 of 2017, Brazil, the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Suriname have reported suspected and confirmed yellow fever cases.

Since the last Yellow fever Epidemiological Update published by the Pan American Health Organization, Regional Office of the World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), only Bolivia has reported cases and no changes in the number of reported cases have been reported in the other countries.

21 Jul 2017 description
report Salvation Army

The Salvation Army in South America is responding after severe flooding hit communities in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, with the Uruguay River – some of which marks the borders between the countries – rising up to 14 metres and breaching its banks in many places.

In Brazil, more than 1,600 people were affected in the municipality of Uruguaiana. The last severe flood was in 1982, so people are not used to dealing with this situation.

14 Jul 2017 description
report The Guardian

Two months after government say Zika emergency at an end, water shortages and weak health system trigger fears of fresh outbreak

Weaknesses in the public health system risk another Zika epidemic in Brazil, according to a report published two months after the government declared the mosquito-borne virus was no longer an emergency.

12 Jul 2017 description

This DREF operations update seeks to provide an update of the implementation of activities so far whilst at the same time seeking a 1-month extension to finalize community-level activities and home visits in the target intervention areas delayed due to administrative procedures. The new operation end date is 19 August 2017.

A. Situation Analysis

A.1 Description of the disaster

11 Jul 2017 description

Desde la semana epidemiológica (SE) 1 y hasta la SE 26 de 2017, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, el Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia, Perú y Suriname han notificado casos sospechosos y confirmados de fiebre amarilla.
A continuación, la actualización sobre la situación en Brasil, el Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia, Ecuador y Perú. No se reportan cambios en el número de casos notificados por los otros países.

10 Jul 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


• UNICEF is now implementing Care and Support activity for families affected by Congenital ZIKV Syndrome in Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil and Belize. To date 556 families across the region have benefited from non-clinical care and support interventions.

22 Jun 2017 description

Vinícius Lisboa reports from Agência Brasil

The city of Rio de Janeiro remains watchful for more heavy rains in a few districts this morning (Jun 21). In Tijuca, northern Rio, Maracanã river once again overflowed its banks.

Last night, the most severe storm was reported in 20 years for June—247 millimeters in 24 hours, according to official data.

21 Jun 2017 description

The number of refugee applications from Venezuelans to Brazil has more than quadrupled in the last two years, going from 829 in 2015 to 3,971 in January–May 2017. World Refugee Day is observed this Tuesday (June 20).

14 Jun 2017 description

A. Situation Analysis

In the north-eastern region of Brazil, the rainy season starts in May and extends through July.
Atmospheric conditions continued to be unstable from 21 to 31 May 2017, which was increased on 27 and 28 May. A combination of low- and high-level winds, originating in the Atlantic Ocean, brought significant rainfall.

30 May 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • UNICEF is working with partners to directly provide nonclinical care and support to 68 families with babies affected by Zika Congenital Syndrome in the Dominican Republic, and over 350 in Brazil.

  • Ministries of Health in the region such as in Honduras and Guatemala are reporting increased numbers of cases of Congenital ZIKV Syndrome. As a result of this UNICEF is working with partners to improve surveillance and detection mechanisms both for ZIKV and its consequences.

30 May 2017 description

After the heavy rains in the southern portion of the Zona da Mata Sul and part of the Agreste semi-arid region of the Northeast-Brazilian state of Pernambuco, rainstorm-stricken municipalities have initiated recovery procedures and are assessing the damages, which range from stranded communities to destroyed homes, shops, and public buildings. Based on an updated government report, 44,800 people have been displaced.

Pernambuco State Governor Paulo Câmara will visit Brasilia on Tuesday (May 30) for cabinet meetings to obtain federal aid to repair the damages caused by rain.