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22 Jun 2018 description


• A total of 25 new arrivals were reported, a two fold increase of entries compared to the previous week. Once again, no exits were reported.

• The majority of the new arrivals cited lack of food as their reason for displacement (75%) while others cited rejoining their family (25%).

• The majority of new arrivals came from Ethiopia (57%) while the remaining came from Belet xaawo(13%), Xudur (13%) and Garbaharey district (14%).

22 Jun 2018 description


• A total of 164 new arrivals were recorded this week, a slight increase compared to last week, and 11 exits were recorded, a slight decrease compared to last week.

• The majority of the new arrivals cited insecurity (50%), food scarcity (33%), health (10%) and education (7%) as their reasons for displacement.

22 Jun 2018 description

Friday, 22 June 2018 – A three-day workshop organized by African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) to foster strong working relationship between police officers and community members has concluded in Baidoa, the administrative capital of South West state.

The workshop, which commenced on Tuesday, sought to enhance collaboration between the police and local residents through community policing to help promote peace and security in neighbourhoods.

21 Jun 2018 description

20 June 2018, Mogadishu. The Italian Government has this week contributed 2.4 million Euro to Somalia under a United Nations (UN) Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) agreement. The funding will support national governance and youth employment programmes which are led by the Somali Government with the support of the United Nations, as well as a UN supported programme which builds the capacity of the Government to deliver aid to Somali people.

21 Jun 2018 description

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea announced today an additional USD$2 million to fund polio outbreak response and surveillance activities in the Horn of Africa.

21 June 2018 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea announced today an additional USD$2 million to fund polio outbreak response and surveillance activities in the Horn of Africa. This commitment makes Korea the first country to support outbreak response efforts in the region, critical to protecting global progress toward ending polio.

21 Jun 2018 description


• PV2-VDPV and PV3-VDPV isolated from AFPs, contacts and Community samples collected from Lower Jubba,
Hiran and Middle Shabelle regions of Central and South Zones

• Discussion on progress with team to conduct detail investigation and active search of in these areas

• 459 contact samples and 263 community samples from healthy children collected

• A total of 125 community samples were collected from 5 inaccessible districts in Middle and Lower Shaballe regions

21 Jun 2018 description
report European Union

Two-thirds of all refugees come from just five countries – Somalia, Myanmar, South Sudan, Afghanistan and Syria. EU NAVFOR joins the United Nations Refugee Agency in recognising World Refugee Day, to commemorate the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees.

Since the start of Operation Atalanta in 2008, EU NAVFOR has protected over 1.7 million tonnes of World Food Programme (WFP) aid shipments that have supported Somali refugees. Protecting vulnerable vessels in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden is one of our key mandated tasks.

21 Jun 2018 description
report World Vision

Key Messages

• Humanitarian situation:
The combined effect of the flash flooding and the Tropical Storm ‘Sagar’ that occurred in central, southern and northeastern regions of Somalia has affected an estimated 830,000 people, of which nearly 290,000 have been temporarily displaced. The flooding has destroyed farmlands, infrastructure and roads, and disrupted livelihoods in the worst-hit areas.

20 Jun 2018 description

New arrivals

UNHCR has received 6,520 Yemeni refugees in Somalia since the breakout of the conflict in Yemen in 2015, out of which 137 arrived in April (534 in 2018) by boat to the ports of Berbera and Bossaso.


Yemeni refugees are registered in UNHCR’s ProGres database by UNHCR or government counterparts to record and verify persons of concern. Registration also serves as a tool to determine the needs and protection assistance required for persons of concern.

20 Jun 2018 description

During the month of April the main driver that has impacted the operation’s context was flash and riverine floods.
The flash and riverine floods affected around 427,000 persons and left 199,000 displaced in southern and central part of the country.
The monitoring agencies predict that the Gu rains will continue and possible causing flash and riverine floods.

Major developments

Early Gu rains caused floods

20 Jun 2018 description

Updates on achievements

UNHCR together with governmental counterparts and partners assist and coordinate repatriation of Somali refugees. Since the beginning of the voluntary return programme in December 2014, 81,677 Somali refugees were supported to repatriate from eight countries of asylum (4,940 this year). Each Somali family receive the enhanced return package that supports returnees in restarting their lives and restoring their livelihoods after return.

Protection and return management

20 Jun 2018 description
report Tearfund, Oxfam

*by Sini Maria Heikkila, Humanitarian Policy Officer Tearfund and *

Denis Kongere, Regional Drought Policy and Campaigns Manager, Oxfam

20 Jun 2018 description

To counter outside interference, Somalia must focus on building unity and strengthening its internal structures.


The involvement of Middle East actors in Somalia, namely the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Turkey, has reached fever pitch recently, underscored both by external and internal dynamics.