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18 Sep 2018 description

GUAYNABO, Puerto Rico – FEMA has awarded the Puerto Rico Emergency Management Agency, Electric Power Authority and the Municipality of Rio Grande $49.3 million to cover Hurricane Maria-related expenses.

The grants approved are distributed as follows:

18 Sep 2018 description

MAUNABO, Puerto Rico – Throughout Puerto Rico, voluntary organizations are addressing the disaster-related unmet needs of survivors of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

More than 100 local and national voluntary organizations are helping Hurricane María survivors by cleaning and repairing damaged homes so they are safe and sanitary, and providing additional services to storm survivors to assist with their recovery.

17 Sep 2018 description

BAYAMÓN, Puerto Rico – Hurricane María survivor Francisco Diffut remembered what crossed his mind when he saw 20 volunteers standing outside the remnants of his home.

"They said more were coming but I thought that wasn’t true," he said. "Then a van full of people appeared. When I saw all those other people arrive, I was so stunned I just cried."

16 Sep 2018 description
report Direct Relief

Since Hurricane Maria made landfall, Direct Relief has delivered $70 million worth of medicines and supplies. The organization has also supported solar and infrastructure improvements to numerous local health centers.

By Lara Cooper, Tony Morain

It’s been nearly a year since Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc across the Caribbean, where brutal Category 4 winds whipped across the region, causing immense destruction and claiming thousands of lives.

14 Sep 2018 description
  • Amnesty International has corroborated satellite imagery showing that stockpiles of $22 million worth of potentially vitally needed water were left on tarmac

  • Amnesty International Secretary General Kumi Naidoo to visit Puerto Rico on the first anniversary of Hurricane Maria

Amnesty International is demanding that the Puerto Rican and US federal authorities initiate an independent investigation into the authorities' response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, which cost 2,975 lives.

12 Sep 2018 description
report NetHope

By Marena Brinkhurst, Community Team Program Manager, Mapbox, and John Crowley, Director of Information Management and Crisis Informatics, NetHope

As humanitarian operations have become more complex, they require ever more powerful tools to coordinate dozens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of NGOs and government agencies on the core mission: helping people in need. Information can make or break a response operation. It needs to be accurate, up-to-date, and in a form that makes it easy for decision makers to see what is happening, where, and to whom.

11 Sep 2018 description

Hurricane response crews from the U.S. Geological Survey are installing storm-tide sensors at key locations in Puerto Rico from Cabo Rojo to Naguabo in advance of Hurricane Isaac. Under a mission assignment from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the USGS plans to deploy about 20 sensors along the island’s coast

06 Sep 2018 description

Release Number: 269

“We’ll be here until the job is complete.” -- Federal Coordinating Officer Michael Byrne

GUAYNABO, Puerto Rico – One year after hurricanes Irma and María devastated Puerto Rico, FEMA, its federal partners and the Government of Puerto Rico are undertaking one of the largest post-disaster reconstruction and humanitarian efforts in U.S. history.

02 Sep 2018 description

Release date: August 30, 2018
Release Number: 265

GUAYNABO, Puerto Rico – The disaster recovery center in Patillas will cease operations at 3 p.m. Friday, Aug. 31.

Biblioteca Electrónica Luis M. Gastón
#35 Calle Muñoz Rivera (PR-181)
Patillas, Puerto Rico 00723

Disaster recovery centers are operated jointly by FEMA and the government of Puerto Rico. Many of the same services at disaster recovery centers are also available by calling the FEMA helpline.

02 Sep 2018 description

Release date: August 28, 2018
Release Number: 262

GUAYNABO, Puerto Rico – FEMA awarded $20.5 million in Public Assistance funds to Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority. The grant funds contracted security services that provide 24-hour protection at generators supporting critical water service facilities around the island.

To date, FEMA Public Assistance has obligated more than $3.4 billion in total funding to the Government of Puerto Rico and municipalities.

30 Aug 2018 description

By Jeanette Elsworth

30 August 2018, GENEVA – According to reports, Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Rosselló, has said that the island could have been better prepared for Hurricane Maria, which hit almost one year ago.

Mr Rosselló made the comments to journalists following the announcement that the official death toll had been revised from 64 to 2,975 following efforts by activists and journalists to demonstrate that the impact had been far greater than originally anticipated.

29 Aug 2018 description

This study assesses excess total mortality due to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, adjusting for demographic variables and seasonality; evaluates the implementation of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for mortality reporting in disasters; and assesses crisis and mortality communication plans and actions by the Puerto Rico government. It makes recommendations for improved policy and practice in mortality surveillance and crisis and mortality communications in disasters.

29 Aug 2018 description
report El País

El informe encargado a la Universidad George Washington por el gobierno de la isla desnuda la irrealidad de la cifra de 64 víctimas mortales sostenida por la propia administración

26 Aug 2018 description
report Direct Relief

The organizations are testing drone flights and the coordinated processes needed to provide medical supplies by drone in a temperature-controlled environment with real-time monitoring.

By Tony Morain

Direct Relief, Merck, AT&T, Softbox and Volans-i this week are piloting a test of emergency medical supply deliveries using drones to model an innovative approach to disaster response.

15 Aug 2018 description

San Juan, Puerto Rico (August 15, 2018) – Following the catastrophic devastation of Hurricane Maria, Save the Children is teaming up with Puerto Rico’s Department of Education and Rocky Mountain Institute of Boulder, Colorado to support 12 schools that were greatly impacted during last year’s historic hurricane season. Save the Children will focus efforts on helping the schools and their communities become more resilient in the event of a future natural disaster and strengthening social and emotional learning for the entire school populations.

12 Aug 2018 description
report Direct Relief

Facebook team joins Direct Relief in Puerto Rico to learn how technology shaped Hurricane Maria response.

By Bryn Blanks

Facebook is one of the first places people turn after an emergency to let their loved ones know they are safe and to gain insight into how communities were impacted.

Direct Relief witnessed these activities first-hand after Hurricane Maria. With limited energy and phone signal, individuals were connecting with loved ones and offering support.

09 Aug 2018 description
report El País

En un documento oficial se estima un volumen de defunciones vinculables a los efectos del fenómeno meteorológico que multiplica por 22 la cifra que venía ofreciendo el gobierno

Parapetado casi un año tras una cifra inverosímil por baja, el Gobierno de Puerto Rico ha comenzado a reconocer públicamente el volumen real de muertes vinculables a los efectos del huracán María. Hasta la fecha el número oficial es 64, pero en un documento reciente se estima en más de 1.427.