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13 May 2019 description


  • At least 128,200 people had been reached with food assistance in Ibo (9,458 people), Macomia (84,390 people), Pemba (1,430 people) and Quissanga (32,928 people) districts as of 12 May 2019.

  • Over 516,000 doses of the Oral Cholera Vaccine arrived in Pemba on 12 May. There have now been 149 reported cholera cases in Pemba (120 cases), Metuge (19) and Mecufi (10).

  • The number of displaced people sheltering in accommodation centres had reduced to 3,130 people in eight sites as of 12 May.

09 May 2019 description


• In Mozambique, nearly 45,400 houses have either been partially destroyed (27,203) or totally (18,179) in Cabo Delgado and Nampula provinces, as of 7 May. In addition, some 1,316 houses are flooded in Cabo Delgado, according to the Government.

• In Comoros, an estimated 185,900 people are in need of immediate multi-sectoral assistance.

• The death toll following the impact of Tropical Cyclone Kenneth stands at 50 people as of 8 May, including 43 deaths in Mozambique and 7 in Comoros.


09 May 2019 description


  • The number of people affected by Cyclone Kenneth had risen to nearly 250,000 people as of 6 May, including 217,122 people in Cabo Delgado and 32,862 people in Nampula, according to the Government.

  • More than 37,400 people have been reached with food assistance since Cyclone Kenneth made landfall on 25 April.

  • Accessibility by road remains compromised due to the destruction of infrastructure in multiple locations. However, the road from Macomia to Chai is now open.

06 May 2019 description


• Cholera cases continue to rise, with some 64 cases reported in Pemba (57) and Mecufi (7), 45 of whom had been discharged, as of 0700hrs 5 May.

• Nearly 41,700 school-age children were reportedly affected by cyclone Kenneth, with 477 classrooms destroyed or damaged, according to the Government.

• More than 37,400 people have been reached with food assistance in the most-affected districts of Ibo, Macomia and Quissanga, according to WFP.


04 May 2019 description


• A cholera outbreak has been confirmed, with 14 cases reported in the provincial capital, Pemba, and Mecufi district, as of 3 May.

• A total of 43,367 houses had been recorded as damaged or destroyed in Cabo Delgado (38,067 houses) and Nampula provinces (5,291 houses), including 17,164 totally destroyed and 26,203 partially destroyed by 3 May.

• At least 18,169 displaced people are sheltering in accommodation centres in Cabo Delgado (17,856 people) and Nampula (313 people).


03 May 2019 description


• More than 27,000 people have been reached with food assistance since Cyclone Kenneth made landfall on 25 April 2019.

• International deliveries of shelter supplies began to arrive in Pemba on 1 May 2019; more flights are scheduled in the days ahead.

• The number of people affected by Tropical Cyclone Kenneth has risen to more than 384,800, with an estimated 185,000 people affected in Comoros and at least 199,836 affected in Mozambique.

01 May 2019 description


• Four days after Tropical Cyclone Kenneth made landfall, northern Mozambique continues to experience heavy rains, increasing needs and impacting aid operations.

• More than 234,500 people have been affected by the impact of Cyclone Kenneth in the Comoros (45,000) and Mozambique (189,561 people), as of 30 April, according to the respective Governments.

30 Apr 2019 description


  • Tropical Cyclone Kenneth made landfall on 25 April, becoming the second Cyclone to hit Mozambique in six weeks.

  • At least 38 people have died in Mozambique and at least 4 in the Comoros, following the landfall of Tropical Cyclone Kenneth, according to government reports.

  • The Government of the Comoros has requested international assistance.

  • The Emergency Relief Coordinator has allocated US$10 million from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) for Mozambique and $3 million for the Comoros.

28 Apr 2019 description


  • At least nine people have died – five in Mozambique and four in the Comoros - and more have been injured, following the passage of Tropical Cyclone Kenneth.

  • In Mozambique, Ibo, Macomia and Quissanga districts were hardest-hit by the cyclone’s path.

  • Heavy rains that began overnight from 27 to 28 April led to flash and riverine floods in Pemba and surrounding areas in Mozambique, including Mieze.

26 Apr 2019 description


• Tropical Cyclone Kenneth has now “stalled” over Cabo Delgado province of northern Mozambique, where it is expected to bring heavy rains in the coming days.

• In Mozambique, one death has been reported and more than 18,000 people are sheltering in accommodation centres, according to preliminary Government figures.

• In the Comoros, three fatalities have been reported on Grande Comore Island, at least 20 people are injured and 1,000 displaced.


25 Apr 2019 description


• Tropical Cyclone Kenneth made landfall between the districts of Macomia and Mocimboa da Praia, in Cabo Delgado Province of Mozambique, on the evening of 25 April.

• Prior to making landfall in Mozambique, Tropical Cyclone Kenneth passed through the Comoros, hitting the northern Ngazidja Island and reportedly causing three deaths and extensive damage to houses.

• Humanitarian organisations have deployed teams in both locations to respond and carry out rapid assessments.


24 Apr 2019 description


  • On 23 April, a tropical storm north of Madagascar began to strengthen and was named Tropical Cyclone Kenneth.

  • The Cyclone is expected to impact Comoros on 24 April and make landfall in Mozambique on 25 April.

  • Heavy rainfall and winds are expected in Comoros, Mozambique and Tanzania.

  • There is significant risk of flash and river flooding where heavy rainfall occurs. Winds are likely to be strong enough to cause destruction.