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03 Jan 2019 description

Le HCR, l’Agence des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés, est préoccupé par la sécurité des personnes vulnérables originaires de Syrie, du Yémen et de Palestine qui seraient bloquées à la frontière avec le Niger, au sud de l’Algérie.

Le HCR a reçu des informations selon lesquelles le groupe, composé d’environ 120 Syriens, Palestiniens et Yéménites, avait été détenu au centre de Tamanrasset dans le sud de l’Algérie, avant d’être conduit vers une zone proche du poste-frontière de Guezzam, le 26 décembre dernier.

03 Jan 2019 description

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UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is concerned about the safety of vulnerable individuals from Syria, Yemen and Palestine who are reportedly stranded at Algeria’s southern border with Niger.

UNHCR received information that the group, comprising some 120 Syrian, Palestinian and Yemeni individuals, were detained at the Tamanrasset Centre in southern Algeria before being taken to an area near the Guezzam border post on 26 December.

20 Dec 2018 description


L’Algérie est devenue depuis une vingtaine d’années un pays de passage ou de destination finale pour de nombreux ressortissants d’États d’Afrique centrale et occidentale à la recherche d’emplois dans toute une série de secteurs, essentiellement dans le bâtiment et l’agriculture.

20 Dec 2018 description


Over the past two decades Algeria has become a country of transit or final destination of many nationals from West and Central Africa looking for employment opportunities in a variety of sectors, mainly construction and agriculture.

16 Dec 2018 description

In Numbers

  • 2,112 mt of food assistance distributed

  • 2,238 kcal/person/day provided through the general food basket

  • US$ 2.5 m six months (December-May 2018) net funding requirements

  • 125,000 people assisted in November 2018

Operational Context

26 Nov 2018 description

In Numbers

2349,424 mt of food assistance distributed

2,225 kcal/person/day provided through the general food basket

US$ 5.5 m six months (December 2018 – May 2019) net funding requirements

125,000 people assisted in October 2018

Operational Updates

30 Oct 2018 description

Operational Updates

• In September, as part of the General Food Assistance, WFP distributed 125,000 rations consisting of 8 kg wheat flour, 2 kg rice, 1 kg pasta, 2 kg yellow split peas, 1kg CSB, 1kg sugar, 1litre of fortified vegetable oil. The ration was complemented with 1 kg of gofio (roasted maize meal), which is part of an in-kind donation from the Spanish region of Gran Canaria. The food basket reached a daily energy intake of 2,208 kcal/person, higher than the planned 2,100 kcal per day due to the inclusion of an additional commodity.

12 Oct 2018 description

Humanitarian activists on Thursday expressed outrage at the embezzlement by Polisario leaders of humanitarian aids sent to Tindouf camps populations in southwestern Algeria.

Speaking before the 4th Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, Eric Cameron, president of the Norwegian NGO "World Action for Refugees", lamented the inaction surrounding the Tindouf camps, noting that parties have failed in their responsibility to help these people by not seeking a political solution.

28 Sep 2018 description

NOTE: The following is by way of informational response to media interest concerning the Tindouf camps in Algeria

26 Sep 2018 description

Una delegación de personal técnico de la Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID) visitó la semana pasada los campos de refugiados saharauis en Tinduf para conocer de primera mano su situación

La misión llevó a cabo una valoración de posibles nuevos ámbitos de actuación más allá de los estrictamente humanitarios

24 Sep 2018 description

In Numbers
- 2,264 mt of food assistance distributed
- 2,228 kcal/person/day provided through the food basket
- US$ 5.3 m six months (September 2018 - February 2019) net funding requirements
- 125,000 people assisted in August 2018

Operational Context

17 Sep 2018 description

On 23 August 2018, the Algerian Ministry of Health (MoH) announced an outbreak of cholera in northern parts of the country, in and around the capital province Algiers. From 7 August to 6 September, 217 cases with cholera-like symptoms have been hospitalized, two of the patients died (CFR: 0.9%). Cases have been reported from seven provinces (Wilayas). Of these, 83 have been confirmed as Vibrio cholerae serogroup O1 Ogawa at the Institut Pasteur Algiers. More than half of the confirmed cases have been registered in Blida Province, followed by Algiers, Tipaza, Bouira, Médéa and Ain Defla.

27 Aug 2018 description
  • The Ministry of Health officially declared a cholera outbreak affecting central Algeria on 23 August. Five health districts are now affected: Blida, Tipaza, Alger, Bouira and Medea. Out of 138 suspected cases, 46 were confirmed and two people died. Case fatality rate is at 4.3%.

  • Laboratory testing excluded a contamination of the public water network. The health authorities have taken all necessary measures and consider the outbreak under control.

23 Aug 2018 description

In Numbers

1,762,314 mt of food assistance distributed

1,753 kcal/person/day provided through the food basket

US$ 5.2 m six months (August 2018 - January 2019) net funding requirements

125,000 people assisted in July 2018

Operational Updates

14 Aug 2018 description


Around 174 000 refugees (UNHCR) 90 000 vulnerable refugees targeted by the EU humanitarian assistance

5 camps in the south-west of the Algerian desert

Total EU humanitarian funding: €240 million since 1993


03 Aug 2018 description

Algiers – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) delegations in Algeria were invited to participate as observers in visits to the transit centres of Zéralda (Algiers) and Tamanrasset (South of Algeria). This mission observed the conditions under which a group of 297 Nigerien nationals was transferred from the cities Algiers to Tamanrasset. This return convoy was organized by the Algerian authorities from 28 June to 3 July 2018.

30 Jul 2018 description
report Small Arms Survey


In March 2011, Algeria opposed the Arab League’s request for a Western military intervention against the Qaddafi regime in Libya. The anarchy and arms proliferation that resulted from the ensuing war were a shock to Algeria’s own national security.

27 Jul 2018 description
report UN News Service

À Genève, le Comité des droits de l’homme a affiché jeudi son inquiétude face aux allégations d’arrestations collectives de migrants, de demandeurs d’asile et de réfugiés.

Ces personnes auraient fait l’objet « de détentions administratives et d’expulsions collectives, et ce sans aucune procédure ».

24 Jul 2018 description

In Numbers

125,000 General food rations distributed

2,270 kcal per ration per day reached in June

13,736 boys and girls received products to treat and prevent malnutrition

USD 4.3 m six-month (July-December 2018)
WFP net funding requirements

125,000 people assisted in June 2018

Operational Updates