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01 Jan 1996 description

This study presents information and lessons on community recovery processes following disasters. Its main objectives are to study cases where societal disruption has been caused by serious environmental pollution, and to exchange information and lessons concerning the community recovery process following such disasters.

01 Jan 1996 description

Dealing primarily with large-scale refugee situations, this handbook aims to provide UNHCR and NGO field staff with a practical protection tool relating to voluntary repatriation and promote consistency in international refugee protection and in the practice of agencies working in this area.

In addition to outlining a wide variety of practical approaches to protection issues in voluntary repatriation operations to provide ideas and tools, the following main issues are discussed:

- UNHCR's mandate for voluntary repatriation

01 Jan 1996 description

These guidelines provide an outline of basic contraceptive logistics management principles and procedures for use by program managers in camps for refugees or displaced persons.

The guide seeks to help program managers design and implement a simple contraceptive logistics system in refugee camps where family planning programs are just beginning and can improve the system in a camp where family planning programs are underway.

01 Jan 1996 description
report BRIDGE

This report examines how gender relations are affected in the four phases of an armed conflict and which strategies can be pursued to enhance women's bargaining power in decision-making processes in conflict and peace negotiations. It offers the following chapters:

- Understanding conflict
- Towards a gender analysis of conflict
- Gender dimensions of conflict
- Conflict and interventions

01 Jan 1996 description
report UN Children's Fund

The 1997 State of the World's Children report examines the issue of child labour, urging an immediate end to hazardous and exploitative child labour and advocating for urgent support for education as the best means of combating the problem.

Arguing for the United Nations to take the lead in mobilising the widest possible coalition of partners among governments, communities, NGOs, employers and trade unions, the report provides specific recommendations for all actors in tackling the problem.

01 Jan 1996 description

The State of World Population 1996 report examines the causes of urban growth and the implications of expanding urbanization. For this purpose, it includes the following chapters:

- The urban potential
- Conditions of life in urban areas
- Urban population dynamics
- Sources of city growth
- Urban-rural links: Transactions and transformation
- Policies, strategies and issues for improving cities

31 Dec 1995 description

This document is a collection of fact-sheets on environmental sanitation. The fact-sheets cover four major areas:

- Planning
- Water supply
- Sanitation
- Hygiene education.

The document is intended for those dealing with the difficult task of identifying priorities and promoting and implementing programmes in environmental sanitation at the country level.

To read the fact-sheets click here

31 Dec 1995 description
report Food for the Hungry

Food for the Hungry International (FHI) operates programs in Rwanda, and in Uvira and Goma, Zaire. The programs focus primarily on the care, protection, and support of unaccompanied children through efforts linked to foster care, family tracing and reunification, and the support of particularly vulnerable family including widows and the elderly. At all program sites and regionally, FHI coordinates closely with other NGOs who work with unaccompanied children and with UNHCR and UNICEF unaccompanied children units.