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07 Sep 1998 description

Afghanistan's fundamentalist islamic Taliban militia has warned that it will shed blood to repel any invasion by Iran.

A spokesman for Afghanistan's regime in Kabul told a Pakistan-based Afghan news agency the Taliban had sent fighter aircraft to the borders with Iran to check any Iranian adventurism.

07 Sep 1998 description

PARIS, Sept 7 (Reuters) - A French newspaper said on Monday hundreds of Tutsi villagers had been massacred in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and a Rwandan official warned that a repeat of the 1994 genocide may be in the offing.

07 Sep 1998 description

The United States is joining the huge aid drive in Bangladesh, to help over 31-million people hit by the country's worst-ever floods.

Bangladesh's foreign ministry says U-S military transport planes will be used to make relief air-drops later this week.

More than two-thirds of Bangladesh are under water.

62 new deaths from drowning and snake bites have been reported, with the official toll standing at 702.

An abnormally-long monsoon season has caused heavy downpours both inside Bangladesh and upstream in the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers.

07 Sep 1998 description

By Scott Hillis

BEIJING, Sept 7 (Reuters) - Chinese President Jiang Zemin is urging the country to get down to the task of rebuilding as floods that have wreaked havoc for weeks start to retreat, state media said on Monday.

Jiang also called on flood workers to be vigilant against the outbreak of disease and to ensure children in flood-hit areas were going to school as normal, the People's Daily reported.

"On the basis of consolidating the results of the anti-flood struggle, we must shift the focus of our work organising and helping flood victims resume production and …

07 Sep 1998 description

In Afghanistan ... anti-Taliban forces have staged a heavy pre-dawn attack and broke through the Islamic militia's defence line.

Taliban and independent sources said forces of ex-defence minister Ahmad Shah Masood captured a strategic hilltop north of the capital, Kabul after a fierce fighting.

Masood's forces partially took Taliban frontline positions.

Taliban soldiers launched a counter attack and recaptured some lost ground but failed to retake a hilltop which overlooks the main highway and surrounding frontline positions.

07 Sep 1998 description
report IRIN

Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Integrated Regional Information Network for Central and Eastern Africa
Tel: +254 2 622147
Fax: +254 2 622129

07 Sep 1998 description

By Anna Richardson

LUANDA, Sept 7 (Reuters) - A new negotiating team to represent a breakaway faction of the UNITA rebel movement is expected to be unveiled on Monday, according to a senior UNITA dissident trying to restart Angola's stalled peace talks.

The man who will head the new team, Eugenio Manuvakola, was appointed on Sunday.

"We held a meeting and decided unanimously to appoint Eugenio Manuvakola head of our delegation to the Joint Commission," Jorge Valentim, a top UNITA figure heading a bid to sideline veteran UNITA boss Jonas Savimbi, told National …

07 Sep 1998 description

By Sayed Salahuddin

KABUL, Sep 7 (Reuters) - Afghanistan's Taleban militia lost a strategic hilltop post just north of the capital Kabul on Monday to fighters loyal to opposition commander Ahmad Shah Masood, the purist Islamic militia said.

Taleban fighters said Masood's men captured a key hilltop in the Hussien Kot area some 20 km (12 miles) north of the capital in a fierce overnight offensive towards Kabul. At least 25 militia fighters were wounded in the battle, sources said.

The hilltop overlooks the so-called Old Road leading from Kabul.

07 Sep 1998 description

KABUL, Sept 7 (Reuters) - Afghanistan's purist Islamic Taleban militia clashed with fighters loyal to opposition commander Ahmad Shah Masood north of the capital Kabul on Monday, residents said.

The fighting erupted late on Sunday night on the so-called new road, which lies some 40 km (25 miles) north of Kabul and links the city to the north of the country.

The area is a stretch of flat ground circled by mountains close to Kabul airport, which is used for military and civilian traffic.

Taleban planes flew over Kabul several times to bomb Masood's position.

07 Sep 1998 description

GOMA, Congo, Sept 7 (Reuters) - Congo rebels fighting to oust President Laurent Kabila said on Monday the government had bombed two rebel-held towns in the east of the country on Sunday ahead of talks aimed at resolving the conflict.
Earnest Wamba dia Wamba, political leader of the rebels, told Reuters on Monday that the government or its allies had dropped bombs on Kalemie and Lubutu from a base in the town of Kindu.

07 Sep 1998 description

By Biswajyoti Das

GUWAHATI, India, Sept 7 (Reuters) - Swollen rivers around India rose further on Monday, posing new threats to millions of people as well as crops and wildlife, officials said.

Flooding in the tea- and oil-rich northeastern state of Assam has forced more than 3.6 million people to seek shelter in nearly 400 government relief camps, the officials said.

A dozen people, including four children, were drowned and washed away in the state on Sunday, raising the death toll there due to floods and landslides to 200 in the past four months.

Fresh flood deaths were also …

06 Sep 1998 description


06 Sep 1998 description
report World Vision

Food, medicine distributed in Dhaka Slum

05 Sep 1998 description

The World Food Programme announced that a five-truck convoy which was delivering food aid to 9,000 internally displaced people in Rwanda's Ruhengeri prefecture hit a landmine yesterday morning, killing a passenger and wounding the driver.