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17 Jan 2019 description


• Humanitarian partners assisted about 1 million people displaced by conflict in Al Hudaydah Governorate in the last six months. Partners are preparing to assist about 342,000 people who are projected to return to Al Hudaydah City if the situation improves.

• The assisted displaced people include 127,644 in Hajjah Governorate where about 140,000 displaced people have been registered since June 2018.

17 Jan 2019 description

Kinshasa, 17 January 2019 – Since the end of December 2018, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has been running an emergency medical response to provide primary healthcare and to support secondary healthcare for people affected by last December’s eruption of violence in Mai-Ndombe Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

17 Jan 2019 description

Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs İsmail Çataklı flew to Yemen for a bilateral meeting with Yemeni Prime Minister Muin Abdulmelik to discuss the humanitarian situation in the country where internal disputes still continue.

Deputy Minister Çataklı stated that Turkey has always given great value to Yemen during the meeting that took place at the Meaşık Palace in Aden.

17 Jan 2019 description

Natural Disasters Update: Drought IDP Overview:
Following verification, profiling and mapping by DRC, NRC, UNHCR and IOM in designated settlements and on-going response so far; following is the updated figure of the displaced families in 10 settlements;
• 29,489 families verified through profiling by site management agencies in 10 settlements

17 Jan 2019 description
report IHH

In the Arsal region in northeastern Lebanon, the camps where Syrian refugees were sheltered were completely covered by snow. Calls for help are rising from the area where the deaths by exposure can occur.

Arsal, the highest region of Lebanon with 2 thousand altitude, is the place where Syrian refugees densely live. People are having a hard time because of heavy snow and cold. The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) launched an immediate aid efforts for the refugee camp with a population of 35,000.

Food, blanket and diesel are urgently needed

17 Jan 2019 description


In mid December intercommunal clashes between people of Banunu and Batende ethnicities in Yumbi territory (Mai-Ndombe) left almost 900 people dead and some 465 houses and buildings destroyed. Around 24,000 people fled to neighbouring Congo-Brazzaville. The new refugee influx places additional pressure on the 10,000 members of the host community already in need of humanitarian assistance. The renewed violence is believed to be related to tensions surrounding the recent election process.

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17 Jan 2019 description

Lebanon started feeling the effects of a heavy storm on Sunday 6 January 2019. Heavy rain, high winds and colder temperatures were reported all over Lebanon. Some regions were affected by either flooding, strong winds, erosion or snowfall. This situation reports highlights the impact of the storm on Syrian refugees, the response that followed and preperations for the upcoming storm on Sunday 13 January

17 Jan 2019 description

2. Assessment Finding and Recommendation in brief:

Be very concise and provide # of affected people, information about damages, priority needs, and recommended assistance (Who, When, How should be assisted, by which Organization).

17 Jan 2019 description

Key Figures
- 5,159: Total incidents January to November

November developments

17 Jan 2019 description


  • 10 per cent more structures demolished in 2018 than in 2017.

  • 56 donor-funded structures demolished in 2018, marking a 46 per cent decline compared to 2017.

  • A newly-built school dismantled and seized in a Hebron community.


17 Jan 2019 description

In early January, Lebanon was hit by the Norma storm, causing heavy rains and snowfall, creating difficulties for Syrian refugees. Unprecedented flooding has affected more than 50,000 refugees living in tents, in some 850 informal settlements across Lebanon.

17 Jan 2019 description

Nearly 36 million children in Ethiopia are poor and lack access to basic social services, a new report reveals

An estimated 36 million of a total population of 41 million children under the age of 18 in Ethiopia are multi-dimensionally poor, meaning they are deprived of basic goods and services in at least three dimensions, says a new report released today by the Central Statistical Agency and UNICEF.

17 Jan 2019 description

During the month of December 2018, 3,637 persons from South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi arrived in Uganda, with the majority from DRC. The humanitarian situation remains unpredictable in South Sudan and the DRC.

Refugees from South Sudan continue to report fleeing primarily out of fear of attack by fighters from either side of the conflict inside the country, while those from DRC report inter-ethnic clashes and fear of post-election violence.

17 Jan 2019 description

Situation Overview

17 Jan 2019 description
report Concern Worldwide

Clare Ahern

In the space of just two weeks, storms ‘Norma’ and ‘Miriam’ have brought torrential rain, freezing winds and snow to Lebanon, leaving Syrian refugee settlements under flood water. Concern has been providing vital support to vulnerable families.

Harshest winter in years