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08 Dec 2006 description

Hebron, 08.12.2006 - TIPH is currently sponsoring education and training for kindergarten teachers in the Tariq ibn Ziad and Old City areas of Hebron.

The over 90 hours of training includes techniques for teaching kids mathematics and writing in kindergarten; how to use music in education; how to plan teaching and different teaching skills and means.

For TIPH it is important to sponsor these kinds of initiatives, since good and confident teachers are always needed, especially in areas where kids are subject to much uncertainty and a hard environment.

25 Apr 2005 description

The Temporary International Presence in the City of Hebron (TIPH) and the Palestinian Police Forces (PPF) celebrated yesterday the official handover of new radio communication equipment to the PPF, donated by the TIPH.

07 Dec 2004 description

Wednesday, 8th December at 10:00 a.m., the Temporary International Presence in the city of Hebron (the TIPH) will officially hand over protective clothing to the Hebron Fire Brigade.

The hand-over ceremony will take place in front of the Hebron Fire Brigade's head quarters (located in the Hebron Municipality Building). The ceremony will be attended by TIPH Head of Mission, Tryggve Tellefsen, and the Head of Hebron Fire Brigade, Nizar Abdullah Al-Jabari.

The Hebron Fire Brigade fights approximately 300 fires per year in both Palestinian and Israeli residential areas.

12 May 2004 description

On 2 May the community relations department of the TIPH handed over four Braille machines to the Charitable Association for the Blind. Braille machines are writing machines for blind print. At the moment the Association has about 50 children from the Hebron district at their school, and they also have a kindergarden. Before the handover of the new machines, the school only had six machines, three of them rented. The pupils immediately started using the machines, which were all in good order. They will ease the work of the teachers, since more pupils can be taught at the same time.

04 Apr 2004 description

On 30 March an inauguration ceremony took place at the Hebron Nursing College, where a new nursing skills laboratory was opened. The laboratory has been funded by an USD 11,000 donation from the TIPH, and will be of great value for the training of nurses.

16 Mar 2004 description

More than 200 Palestinian girls attend the Al-Fayha School in H2-area. The school was built around 80 years ago and has a big yard. However, until recently there was no place for the girls to sit down during their breaks, except for the ground. Therefore, during March 2004 the TIPH is funding the construction of stone benches in the school yard.

14 Mar 2004 description

Six mornings a week, the Tareq Ibn Ziyad area in Hebron is crowded with children on their way to school. Around 800 of them, boys aged five to fifteen, attend the Tareq Ibn Ziyad School. Like many other schools in the H2-area, the Tareq Ibn Ziyad School is poorly equipped, and very little maintenance has been done since the beginning of the first intifada more than fifteen years ago. Many of the 800 children come from poor homes, they are marked by the often tense and seemingly hopeless situation in Hebron.

29 Jan 2004 description

On 21 January, around 130 women from the H2 area in Hebron met in the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions. The occasion for the gathering was that the TIPH was distributing blankets to the needy now that the winter is approaching.

29 Jan 2004 description

Located in the northern part of Hebron, in the basement of the Shaheen Mosque, is Al-Amal Society for the Deaf. In this private school, 14 teachers provide education for 85 children from the Hebron area, both boys and girls.
In January 2004, the TIPH Community Relations department received an application from Al-Amal Society for the Deaf outlining the need for new laboratory and sports equipment for the school, and asking for TIPH support to obtain these pieces of equipment.

07 Aug 2003 description

During the last two weeks 30 new TIPH observers, from the six member countries ( Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Turkey and Switzerland) arrived in Hebron.

15 Jul 2003 description

The neighborhood committee in H2 area asked TIPH for some medical help.

13 Jun 2003 description

The TIPH has taken up its patrol activity during night time in the city of Hebron again. Due to the security situation, the TIPH cancelled the night patrols and reduced its staff last spring. The TIPH has now re-evaluated the security situation and the need for patrols during the night. In order to increase the TIPH's general presence in Hebron, it was decided during the Capitals Meeting on 11 June between the TIPH member states and the TIPH to increase the numbers of mission members by approximately 8 observers.

21 Mar 2003 description

The Temporary International Presence in Hebron, TIPH, pursues carrying out its tasks in the city. TIPH has no intention to leave the area.
TIPH is evaluating the latest developments in Iraq on a frequent basis, but as up till this moment there are no reasons not to perform our duties as normal says TIPH Head of Mission Jan Kristensen.

For further information please contact: Ib Knutsen <spio@tiph.org>

26 Feb 2003 description

An estimated half-metre of snow has fallen in Hebron the last two days. The snowfall, which is rare in Hebron, has closed all major roads. TIPH activities have been reduced to road inspection.

12 Feb 2003 description

Fourteen TIPH observers participated in distributing food to Palestinian families in celebration of the Eid al-Adha feast in Hebron. The observers concentrated their efforts in the Tareq Ibn Ziyad area and close to the Kiryat Arba settlement. Many people came to greet the TIPH members underway, even though the area was under curfew.

14 Jan 2003 description

The TIPH distributed pencils, drawing books and reading material to a primary school for girls in H2 today.

09 Jan 2003 description

The TIPH website has been overhauled. The primary target of the update was to make information on TIPH and Hebron more accessible. This has hopefully been achieved with a fresher layout, sorting text mass more logically and adding new pictures.
We appreciate feedback on the new site. If you feel there is any information missing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For further information please contact: Ib Knutsen (spio@tiph.org), TIPH spokesperson

16 Nov 2002 description

TIPH conveys its condolences to the IDF and the families of the victims in Fridays shooting attack in Hebron.

25 Oct 2002 description

Yesterday, the Mohammed Ali Mohtaseb Hospital in the H2 area of Hebron inaugurated their new facilities for premature born children and their mothers. This was done at a ceremony at the hospital held by the Temporary International Presence in the City of Hebron (TIPH) and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS). The ceremony was held in the memory of the two TIPH members, Catherine Berruex and Turtug Cengiz Toytunc, that were killed 26 March 2002. The new hospital equipment was donated by the TIPH.

14 Oct 2002 description

TIPH delivered a paper at a workshop on international involvement on 29 and 30 September 2002. The workshop was hosted by the Economic Cooperation Foundation and attended by experts from missions around the world, academics and the IDF.